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Profile image by Alex Garcia (Pen and inks) and David Stepp (Colors)

One of the novel technologies on Earth-Two is the ability to shrink human beings down to microscopic size without compromising its physical integrity.  Shrinking technology is accomplish in two common ways.  The first is a radiation based approach, apply radiant energy in the form of a light or a ray beam.  The second is chemical, ingesting a formula that alters the body's ability to control it's size.

The advantages of small size are many.  It is a powerful mechanism of eluding detection, facilitating theft or espionage.  It allows exploration of small places and can be used to deliver medicines to site inaccessible to traditional medicine.  If mass can be retained at small size, it allows the affected individual to present a very small target while acting with full force and leverage of their intact size.

While the precise details of how shrinking technology works have not been worked out fully, several potential mechanisms have been postulated.

  1. Atomic Compression/Reduction: Some stories suggest that shrinking rays work by compressing the atoms or molecules of the target object or organism, reducing the space between them. This compression results in a decrease in overall size.

  2. Quantum Manipulation: The idea of manipulating quantum states or utilizing advanced quantum physics is sometimes used to explain shrinking rays. The technology could exploit quantum principles to alter the spatial relationships between particles.

  3. Subspace Contraction: In some sci-fi narratives, shrinking rays are said to contract the target object or being into a subspace dimension, a space that exists outside our normal three dimensions. This allows the object to occupy less physical space in our dimension.

  4. Miniaturization of Space: Another concept involves shrinking the space an object occupies while maintaining its mass. This might involve folding or compressing the spatial dimensions of the object without changing its mass.

    Which of these modalities explains the basis of various forms of  shrinking technology on Earth-Two is unknown.

    The best known application of shrinking technology used on Earth-Two was by Darrell Dane and his mentor colleague, Dr. Roberts.  The two developed a formula that when consumed, allowed Dane to shrink to the size of a human doll. It initially altered his mind, presaging the telekinetic powers he later developed but once he stabilized, he found that he retained his human size strength or more at his diminutive size.  He resolve to use these new abilities to fight crime and in his first case, rescued his fiancee and Roberts daughter Martha from kidnappers (Feature Comics #27).  He later developed the costumed identity of Doll Man and became one of Uncle Sam's recruit  to form a team of Freedom Fighters on Earth-X, where he moved permanently in 1942.

Use of Shrinking Technology



Character Shrunk



Adventure Comics #62



The Light develops a diminishing ray to shrink his adversaries, including Starman and Doris Lee

Starman Archives Vol. 1

Adventure Comics #67



Dr. Doombie uses an Elixir of Size to alter the size of himself as well as Sandman and Dian Belmont


All-American Comics #54


Dr. Mid-Nite

Dr. Mid-Nite inherits a shrink ray that he uses to miniaturize himself and save a shot detective


Unpublished Superman story discovered in art files



Luthor manages to shrink Superman using an energy-based technology but the incompleteness of the story means full details are not known.


Green Lantern #22


Green Lantern

Green Lantern follows a clue into a world of microscopic lifeforms that is facing starvation


Wonder Woman #31


Wonder Woman

A criminal scientist creates a shrinking chemical that can aerosolized to reduce people to tiny size

Golden Age Wonder Woman Omnibus #4

Detective Comics #148


Batman and Robin

Professor Zero uses a shrinking ray to reduce the Dynamics Duo to tiny size

Batman Archives #7, Batman Omnibus Vol. 6 HC

Adventure Comics #200



The military uses a shrinking ray  to reduce Aquaman to microscope size to fight Virus X