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Personal information

Real Name:  Norda Cantrell

Residence: Los Angeles
Occupation:  Adventurer
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): All-Star Squadron #25

Character History

Norda Cantrell was born in the remote reached of Greenland in the realm of Feithera, a hidden land of avian humanoids hidden in the country’s Arctic reaches. Feithera was discovered by Hawkman in 1946 after an errant plane caught glimpse of it’s inhabitants.  Hawkman warned the ruler Worla of game hunters coming to make sport of the Feitherans and prevented Trata, a political rival of Worla from using the hunters to overthrow Worla’s government.  These actions endeared Hawkman to the avian leader and he was invited to serve as a connection to the outside world (Flash Comics #71).

Over several visits, Hawkman convinced Worla to allow an anthropologist colleague – Dr. Fred  Cantrell – to visit Feithera and study it’s culture.  Cantrell became romantically involved with Worla’s daughter Osoro and the two were wed in Feithera.  In the 1960’s, they had a son they named Norda who has his father’s face and his mother’s wings and whom Hawkman and Hawkgirl accepted as godparents.  Norda grew up in royal surrounding in Feithera with frequent visits from his godparents and their son, Hector Hall.  Hector was too young to fly himself and Norda’s play in the skies drove a wedge between the two boys.  Eventually Norda grew to manhood and longed to know his father’s world.  He left Feithera and visit the Halls on Christmas, 1983 happening upon the heir of other JSA members Al Rothstein, Lyta Trevor and Hector Hall.  They convince him to join their effort to adopt heroic identities and join the Justice Society.  Norda agrees and takes the name Northwind.  The younger heroes are denied entry to the elder group and ultimately form their own group, Infinity Inc. (Infinity Inc. #1).

Northwind participated extensively with Infinity Inc for next few years.  He traveled back in time to confront the Ultra-Humanite in the 1940’s (All-Star Squadron #25-26, Annual #2) and then again confronted their parents and mentors when the same villain drowned them in Koehaha, the Stream of Ruthlessness in the 1980’s (Infinity Inc. #4-10).  Additional casework involved joining Infinity Inc.’s confrontations with Chroma (Infinity Inc. #14-15) and Mr. Bones’ group, Helix (Infinity Inc. #16-18).  Northwind made no effort to cultivate a secret identity and when Infinity Inc. held a press conference in which members revealed their true identities, Norda revealed that his father was Fred Cantrell (Infinity Inc. #12).

No longer after the founding of Infinity Inc., the multiverse found itself consumed with the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Northwind was an active participant, including the last team-up between the JLA and JSA officially recorded (Infinity Inc. #19, Justice League of America #244).  As the forces unleashed during Crisis caused geologic havoc across Earth-Two, the city of Feithera was threatened with destruction by the collapse of the mountain range it called home.  The Feitherans had reconciled themselves to their own impending demise and resolved to face it calmly until Northwind returned with Jade, Brain Wave Jr. and Solomon Grundy in tow.  Along with his father, Norda helped convince the Feitherans that the future was to move and rebuild rather than embrace destruction. While Jade and Grundy held back an impending glacier, Feithera was evacuated.  Once clear, the city was destroyed and Northwind returned with his Infinitor colleagues to face the Crisis (Infinity Inc. #23).

The activities of Northwind on Earth-Two following Crisis are unknown.  When contact was re-established in the early 21st century, he and many other members of Infinity Inc. were full-fledged members of the Justice Society (Justice Society of America Annual #1).  His current fate on Earth-Two is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Northwind is gifted with usable wings that allow him to fly at considerable height and speed.  He is extremely agile and maneuverable, a mix of his inherent abilities and hours of practice with his mentor, Hawkman.  While his level of strength has not been precisely defined, it is as minimum at the upper end of human abilities if not frankly superhuman.  He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, especially when using his flight to his advantage.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Northwind's weakness are not exactly known but he is not invulnerable and does require oxygen.  He likely ages at a slower rate than human due to his Feitherian ancestry but is not incredibly long-lived. 

Multiversity Villains


    Northwind's history in this timeline is thought to be largely similar to that of Earth-Two.  After the Crisis, Northwind remained with Infinity Inc until he was recalled by his Grandfather Worla to learn of a terrible curse that would befall the Hall family, that ultimately would involved their son Hector Hall, the Silver Scarab (Infinity Inc #37).  The curse came to fruition with Hath-set, reborn as the woman Helena Astar, seduced Hall who bore a curse that he child of Khufu and Shay-era would have in any lifetime.  Hall was then possessed by the entity the Silver Scarab who attempted to destroy the world with the Eye of Ra.  Infinity Inc, largely with Northwind's aide and the death of Hector Hall, defeated Astar and the Scarab (Infinity Inc #43-44).

Northwind then disappeared for years but when he emerged later, he and the Feitherans had evolved into a much more birdlike beings, savage and unable to speak.   Norda joined fellow Infinitors in helping Black Adam achieve regime change in Kahndaq, his ancestral homeland and in return, the Feitherans were allowed to relocated there.  Northwind remained an active member of Black Adam's inner circle (JSA #56-58).




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