Jimmy "Minute-Man" Martin

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Personal information

Real Name:  James  "Jimmy" Martin

Residence:  Cosmos City, New York
Occupation:  Student
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Adventure Comics #53 (August 1940)

Character History

Jimmy Martin was born in the mid-to-late 1920's in suburban New York.  He lived with his mother and brother, until the older brother found employment in a local factory exploiting child labor. The older brother Billy succumbed to relentless labor in the factory but the owner, Tareff, has is declared heart failure.  Being the 12th child to suddenly die of heart failure attracts the attention of Hourman, who visits Billy's family.  There, younger brother Jimmy fills in the hero about conditions inside the factory and his suspicions about the fate of his brother,  Hourman investigates, ultimately coercing Tareff to sign over his factory and leave town.  Impressed by Jimmy's amateur radio operations, Hourman suggested that his network of ham radio operators form a club to assist him fight crime, to which Jimmy quickly agrees.  The group becomes known as the Minute-Men of America (Adventure Comics #53).

The group is immediately successful with hundreds of members around the nation.  Jimmy becomes "Captain Martin" or alternatively, Minute-Man.  Initially, Jimmy acts as a coordinator and occasionally gets involved in direct case work.  Examples include rescuing fellow member Rodney Morvan when he is kidnapped by criminals targeting his banker parents (Adventure Comics #54), thwarting criminals who exploit a kids leadership day (Adventure Comics #55) and defeated a gang of kids impresonating them (Adventure Comics #60).

Over time, Hourman's case work became more dangerous with rise of villains like Dr. Togg, Dr. Darkk and Dr, Iker.   Jimmy and the Minute-Men still server as look-out and co-betweens but rarely entered the fray with the monsters and robots these criminal deployed.  Jimmy craved a larger piece of the action and in 1942, convinced Hourman to let him join him as a costumed sidekick.  The two tangled with defeated Professor Q, with the criminal falling to his apparent death (Adventure Comics #73).  Almost immediately thereafter. Jimmy's mother took him and left town with telling Hourman, leaving Thorndyke Thompkins in charge of the Minute Men (Adventure Comics #74).  The ultimate fate of Jimmy Martin on Earth-Two has not been revealed.

Powers and Abilities

Jimmy Martin was an ordinary human in his mid-teens when he first became active with the Minute-Men.  His physical capabilities were normal for someone of his age and physique and he had no supranormal powers.  He was an excellent radio technician and organizer, leading the activities of the Minute Men extensively between 1940 and 1942.  Whether he was exposed to Miraclo or Hourman's purple ray when he took on his costumed identity is not clear.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Without the benefits of miraclo, Jimmy Martin was an ordinary human with no special powers at all.

Multiversity Villains


Prime Earth

In the Prime Earth continuity, Jimmy Martin adopted the code-name Tick-Tock and his disappearance was actually due to being kidnapped out of the time by the Childminder (Stargirl and the Lost Children LS).  His full history and current activities are unknown.


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