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Personal information

Real Name:  Tom Dalton

Residence: Mobile, depending on job site
Occupation: Adventurer, lineman, electrician
First Appearance (Golden Age): Smash Comics #13
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): All-Star Squadron #31 (May 1984)

Character History

Nothing is known of Tom Dalton, prior to his appearance in 1940, a point by which he had already developed his powers and his identity as Magn0.  The first known case involved a a high-tech ocean liner he spotted while working on lines near the dock as Tom Dalton.  Feigning fatigue, he slipped off to assume his identity as Magno and boarded the ship.  When he did he was assault by ruffians disguised as sailors and allowed himself to be overcome to locate the real crew.  He was rewarded when he was dumped into a garbage hold along with them, to be flushed out to sea once the ship was successfully hijacked. Breaking free, Magno quickly finds the motors controlling the hold's door and shatters them, freeing the crew.  The ruffians turn out to be foreign agents, hijacking the ship for the Axis.  Realizing their plans are foiled, a waiting U-Boat attempts to destroy the liner to prevent it's use,  Magno intercepts the torpedo it fires and turns it back on them, destroying the U-Boat and everyone on it (Smash Comics #13).

Dalton's profession has a traveling lineman led Magno on a series of cases along the East coast.  In some case, he encountered bizarre science such as paralyzer ray (Smash Comics #14) or a scientist who transformed men into monsters (Smash Comics #18),  He also resolved ordinary crimes such as clearing a man of murder charges (Smash Comics #15) or breaking up a gang war (Smash Comics #20).  His last recorded solo case occurred in the spring of 1941 when he was drawn into a series of bizarre murders of prominent archeologists.  The victims had unearthed what was believed to be an artifact of considerable power in the Egyptian desert but fearing it's use for evil, had tattooed 1/5th of the map to it's location into each of their hands.  4 of the 5 were murdered by a megalamaniac and their hands removed.  The last, living in Keystone, removed his own hand and destroyed, leading to his kidnapping and torture.  Magno finds them, rescues the archeologist and destroy the hands after disposing on the villain.  Whether the artifact was ever found again is unknown (Smash Comics #21)

The following year, Magno drew the attention of Uncle Sam, the embodied Spirit of America who had learned of Earth-X, a world where Nazi forces were gaining the upper hand.  Capturing the imagination of the impressionable young hero, Uncle Sam invited Magno to join his first team of Freedom Fights attempting to turn the tide against Earth-X's Axis forces.  Magno agree and with several other recruits, prevented a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.   In the second wave of attack, however, the heroes were ambushed and all except Hourman and Uncle Sam were believed killed (All-Star Squadron #31).  Whether that was true or not has never been full determined .

Powers and Abilities

The origins of Magno's power have never been revealed and the exact parameters of his abilities are unknown.  The included limited flight, enhanced strength and speed, a measure of invulnerability and empowerment of his body through an unknown form of electromagnetic energy.  There was evidently a role for the metal bands Magno wore on his forearms in his powers but whether they were the source of them or acted as amplifier is unclear.  Whether the full range of his abilities have been revealed is likewise unknown.

Weaknesses and Limitations

As his upper limits are unknown, likewise are the lower limit and vulnerabilities associated with Magno's powers.  He could be rendered unconscious with a sufficient force if caught unawares and his presumed death on Earth-X suggests he could be killed with overwhelming firepower.  The exact nature of these limitations are unrevealed.

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In the Post-Crisis timeline, Magno  was also involved in a battle lead by Uncle Sam and other “Freedom Fighters” but is still thought to have died.  This has never been fully confirmed and every other member of the team made it out so there may be an unwritten story about Magno yet.

Golden Age Appearances of Magno