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Profile image by Alex Garcia (Pen and inks) and David Stepp (Colors)

Personal information

Real Name:  Jennie-Lynn Hayden

Residence: Franklin, Wisconsin, later Los Angeles
Occupation:  Adventurer
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): All-Star Squadron #25 (September 1983)

Character History

Jennie-Lynn Hayden's first memories are being  the daughter of Julian and Myrna Hayden in Franklin, Wisconsin outside the city of Milwaukee.   Jennie-Lyn had a pleasant and uneventful childhood,  Her only unique charactertist was a green, star-shaped birthmark in the palm of her left hand.  One day as she turned 18, she was in the shower and noticed her entire arm had turned green.  When she looked in the mirror, she was green entirely.  She screamed and attracted her parents who revealed to her that she had been adopted and that she had a twin brother.   One night she slipped out and mentally reached out to her twin, who responded and revealed his own powers, of absolute darkness..  Together they trained to hone their abilities and while her brother Todd took the name Obsidian, she adopted the code-name Jade.  They speculated that Green Lantern of the JSA and set out to make contact (Infinity Inc #4).

The two traveled to the headquarters of the JSA and arrived shortly after the departure of a group of other children and godchildren who had petitioned for JSA membership.  They confronted Green Lantern about their relationship obliquely and then left to follow the others.  En route, the group was ensnared by the Ultra-Humanite, who pulled them back in time to the 1940's.  There they battled the All-Star Squadron under the villain's sway until their minds were cleared and they helped turn the tide, even after the arrival of the Secret Society of Super-Villains from the 1980's (All-Star Squadron #25-26, Annual #2).

Returning to the 20th century, Infinity Inc. is almost immediately involved in a battle with the Justice Society, who have been drowned in the "Stream of Ruthlessness" by the Ultra-Humanite.  Jade, Obsidian and Starman battled Green Lantern above the atmosphere as the former broadcaster turns his ire on communication satellite and manage to rout but not defeat him.  They then joined the rest of the Infinitors in an assault on the Colorado hideout of the Ultra-Humanite, eventually defeating the villain (Infinity Inc. #5-10).  In a last act of vengeance, the Humanite revealed the secret identity of the Silver Scarab as the son of Carter (Hawkman) Hall to the press, prompting the rest of the Infinitors to also share the true identities.  During the press conference where this occured, the Harlequin, Green Lantern's adversary from the 1940's, appears and taunts Jade and Obsidian about their true parentage (Infinity Inc #12).

After the news conference, Jade joined some of her comrades for a vacation on remote Tashmi Island.  Unknown to them, botanical scientist Rose Canton was the subconscious alter-ego of the Thorn, a super-criminal who battled the Flash in the 1940's.  The presence of the heroes cause the Thorn identity to surface and tho the heroes managed to repel her, she submerged herself again into Rose and followed her back to the United States (Infinity Inc #13).  Six months later, the Thorn returned and as she threatened the lives of Jade and Obsidian, Rose re-emerged and revealed herself as the former lover of Alan Scott who had conceived the twins after a brief marriage in the early 1960's.  Realizing she had no control of the Thorn, Rose killed herself to likewise kill the Thorn and spare her children.  The aftermath revealed the full true parentage of Jade and Obsidian (Infinity Inc Annual #1).

Afterwards, Earth-Two was engaged in the Crisis on Infinite Earths and Jade was intensely involved.  She intervened to help rescue Feitheria during a Crisis-induced shift in glacier movements and developed a relationship with Henry (Brainwave Jr) King.  She was present at the final battle with the Monitor but when the multiverse was re-formed, Earth-Two was seperated and her timeline lost.  It is known in the early 21st century she is a full member of the Justice Society and her father is believed to be dead (Justice Society of America Annual #1). .  Her full history on Earth-Two remains unrecorded.

Powers and Abilities

Jade's power derive from epigenetic alterations in her father's DNA based down genetically via birth.  As a result, the characteristics of the Starheart were embedded in her body, allowing her to project malleable energy constructs from a birthmark on her hand much the same way her father did with his ring.  She could use the energy to create forms, project concussive force or defy gravity allowing flight, even when the energy was also use to carry others.  In addition, she was an average hand-to-hand combatant and possessed training as an actress. The full range of her abilities has not been defined.

Weaknesses and Limitations

As the Starheart was the source of her powers, her energy constructs share the same weakness to wood that her father's did.  Aside from her energy powers, she was essentially mortal and could be injured as such.

Multiversity Villains


Prior Earth-0

In the timeline that emerged post-Crisis, the history of Jade is  thought to be largely intact.  She remains a member of Infinity Inc until it disbands in the late 1980's and  thereafter becomes more involved in the Green Lantern Corps and develops a relationship with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.  The leave Earth for a time (Green Lantern Comics #138) but a few years later their relationship frays and she returns to Earth and pursues other activities (Green Lantern #177).

She eventually joins the Outsiders, becoming their leader (Outsiders #20-32).  When Alexander Luthor Jr. of Earth-Three precipitates the Infinite Crisis, she joins Donna Troy and a group of other heroes, getting involved in the Rann-Thanagar War where she is killed in action (Rann-Thanagar War: Infinite Crisis Special #1).

Some years later, the universal assault of Neron raises the dead and Jade joins them as a Black Lantern (Blackest Night LS),  She is eventually returned to the grave but resurrected intact during the Brightest Day (Brightest Day #0).


The resurrected Jade returns to her career as a heroic adventurer and joins the Justice League.  She is a member in good standing at the Flashpoint event at which point her history in  this timeline becomes hidden and her later activities remain unknown.


The history of the Jade of Earth-22 is thought to be largely similar to her Earth-0 counterpart.  By the early to mid 21st century, she is a more mature member of the super-hero community and when Superman comes out of retirement and re-forms the Justice League, she and her father are prominent members.  She and her fellow League members created a meta-human prison in Kansas and when it is breached, joins her fellow heroes to contain it.  When the United Nation drops a nuclear bomb on the site, she uses her powers to create a shield, saving herself and a small number of other individuals.  She and the other survivors then attempt to find a place for themselves in the new world order created by these events (Kingdom Come LS).




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