Hourman II

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Personal information

Real Name: Richard Tyler

Residence: New York City
Occupation:  Adventurer, Artist
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Infinity Inc. #20 (November 1985)

Character History

Rick Tyler was born in the late 1960's on Earth-Two, the son of chemical industry magnate Rex Tyler and actress Wendi Harris Tyler.  The Tylershad become acquainted during a case in 1965 involving the Psycho=Pirate and Tyler's heroic alter-ergo, Hourman.  They wed shortly thereafter and Rick was the first (and evidently only) son.

Rick's relationship was his father was tumultuous with the senior Tyler viewing his son as impetuous and irresponsible and the younger Tyler viewing his father as absentee and over-bearing for someone so consumed by his responsibilities outside of the family.  The mid-1980's found Rick vagabonding around Europe, returning home in July of 1985.  His first encounter with individuals that would unknowingly shape his future occurred on a lunch visit between he, his father and one of his father's colleagues, Dr. Charles McNider, also known as Dr. Mid-Nite.  Along with McNider were a childhood friend of Rick's Albert Rothstein now operating as the adventurer Nuklon and McNider's protegee Beth Chapel.  Rex Tyler spent most of their meal arguing that Rick should attend medical school, oblivious Rick's obvious disinterest. 

As their conversation deteriorated, the hospital  cafeteria was shaken by a powerful earthquake.  As Rex Tyler sprang into action, he dropped a miraclo pill which Tyler quickly snapped out.  Hourman advised his son to avoid the false euphoria afforded by miraclo but cries for help caused him to abandon his argument to help those trapped in fires started by the quake.   With the assistance from his colleague Dr. Mid-Nite, most of the patients were rescued before the realized that Dr. Chapel remained behind.  With Nuklon and Hourman dealing with the structural damage of the collapsing hospital, Rick popped the miraclo and sprang into action.  He ultimately rescues Dr. Chapel, but not before she is rendered permanently blind.  Rick is energized and inspired by his experience and decides to pursue the Hourman legacy, to which father strenuously objects (Infinity Inc. #20).

The original Hourman's objections become moot when he, the Justice Society and Infinity Inc. are caught up in the Crisis on Infinite Earths and Rick dons an original Hourman costume to become a hero of the same name.  Racing to South Carolina where Beth Chapel is recovering, he is witness to a shadow demon attack the reveals or embues that Chapel has the same ocular "handicap" as Charles McNider - blind in daylight but superlative vision in darkness.  With Tyler's encouragement, she also adopts an alter-ego as the new Dr. Midnight (Infinity Inc #21).  The two headed back to Los Angeles but before they could escape, they were waylaid but a time-tossed troop of Civil War soldiers and a monstrous reptile (Infinity Inc #22).

While the second Hourman was largely on the periphery of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, he became a regular member during the interim period of instability before the timeline of Earth-Two was largely lost.  His later activities on Earth-Two have yet to be recorded.

Powers and Abilities

Similar to his father, the second Hourman has augmented super-human abilities upon taking a dose of miraclo, a bioactive compound of the elder Tyler's design.  When active, miraclo confers super-strength, super-speed and resistance to impact and piercing injury.  These effects last roughly an hour before the drug is metabolized and a refractory period exists before cells can be stimulated with miraclo again.  The upper limits of miraclo's effects in the junior Tyler have not been fully established in the Earth-Two timeline. That said, even without the miraclo, Rick Tyler is a young adult in prime health and excellent athletic condition.

Weaknesses and Limitations

The primary limitation of Hourman's abilities is the time limit of miraclo's effects.  Once worn off, Tyler is a normal human with typical vulnerabilities. 

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The backstory of Rick Tyler and his assumption of the role of Hourman is thought to be largely similar to the history of the Earth-Two Tyler.  As the Crisis closed and the final post-Crisis world emerged,  Rex Tyler joined the JSA to fend off Ragnarok, leaving his wife and son behind (Last Days of the Justice Society Special, Infinity Inc #30). Shortly thereafter, Infinity Inc teamed up with the Global Guardians to engage a second-generation Injustice Society headed by the Wizard,  In the final battle, Hourman - distraught by his father's loss and unfamiliar with his new abilities, impales the Wizard, killing him (Infinity Inc #34-36).  Taking a life pushes Hourman further into despair and while he remains a member of the group, his participation is less enthusiastic.

A few years after his disappearance, Rex Tyler returns and assume the role of the senior Hourman, reuniting with his son.  At this time, he learns the Miraclo as given the younger Tyler leukemia and with the help of Johnny Chamber's mental discipline techniques, father and son learn to tap into their powers without drugs (Justice Society of America Vol 2 #8-9).  Their reunion was short-lived as the elder Hourman was murdered by Extant with the Justice Society ambushed him at the TimePoint, a stable place in the timeline (Zero Hour #3). 

Hourman II by Alex Ross

Orphaned again, the second Hourman suffered a second loss when Beth Chapel was murdered by Eclipso (Eclipso #13).  Tyler eventually fell in with the android Hourman from the 853rd century, who befriended and cured Tyler's cancer as well as allowing him one hour of total time to perioducally visit the time point and talk to hiss father right before Extant slays him (Hourman #8-9,19).

Cured and in control of his powers once more, Hourman joins the latest iteration of the Justice Society (JLA/JSA Secret Files #1). Remaining an active members, he eventually becomes romantically involved with Jesse Chambers, daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty who is also a JSA member under the names Jesse Quick then Liberty Belle.  The two eventually wed and have a son, Johnny Tyler (Justice League of America Vol. 2 #60).

After the Flashpoint event, contact with this timeline was lost and the later activities of the Tyler family are unknown.


The Rick Tyler of this timeline is also the son of Rex Tyler, a brilliant chemist with no recorded history as a costumed adventurer.   Rick eventually uses Miraclo to develop the identity of Hourman and while operating outside of formal allegiances, eventually becomes a member of the Wonders of the World, a counterpart to the Justice Society in this timeline (Earth-2: Society #6).


The history of Rick Tyler in this timeline is thought to largely resemble the history of the Post-Crisis Rick Tyler.  By the early 21st century, Tyler - as Hourman - is a senior member of the superhero community as well as the Justice League.  He participates in the apocalyptic battle at the Gulag in Kansas and dies when the UN orders a nuclear strike on the battling heroes.  (Kingdom Come LS).  His legacy in this timeline is unrevealed.




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