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Profile image by Alex Garcia (Pen and inks) and David Stepp (Colors)

Personal information

Real Name:  Hippolyta Trevor

Residence: Los Angeles
Occupation:  Adventurer, College Student
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Wonder Woman #300 (February 1983)

Character History

Hippolyta Trevor was born in the 1960's on Earth-Two, the daughter of Princess Diana Trevor of Paradise Island and General Steve Trevor of the United States Army.  The Trevors had become acquainted during World War II when Trevor's rescue by young Princess Diana resulted in her coming to the U.S. and adopting the role of Wonder Woman.  The Trevors  wed sometime around 1960 when she revealed her identity  to the world and he retired from active duty.  The two set up household outside of Washington, D.C. where they gave birth to their sole daughter, Hippolyta (or Lyta).

Lyta, by all accounts, had a charmed childhood.  Inheriting her mother's gifts to at least some degree, she grew up the child of celebrity parents in the US and spending summers as the heir of royalty on Paradise Island. At some point, she began to demonstrate abilities similar to her mothers - super strength and speed, resistance to injury and the ability to leap considerable distances if not fly.  Some of these abilities had manifest by the time she was a teen-ager when she encountered the Wonder Woman of Earth-One during a visit to Earth-Two  (Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #300).

After high school, Lyta enrolled at Georgetown University in her hometown of DC but later considered her father's alma mater at the University of Southern California before settling on enrolling at the University of California - Los Angeles. There she met Hector Hall, son of Hawkman,  during an earthquake in which she leaped forward to brace a collapsing wall. The  two later met up with Albert Rothstein, godson of the Atom.  While on their Christmas break, the three are visited by Norda, godson of Hawkman from the land of Feitheria.  The quartet hatch a plant to develop new costumed identities and petition to join the Justice Society.   The barge into a meeting of the group and are quickly engaged in combat and then rebuffed (Infinty Inc).

While the young heroes salve their bruised egos,they are contacted by the Star-Spangled Kid who, along with Power Girl and the Huntress, is sympathetic to their cause.  They propose a new team - Infinity Inc. - but before the can finalize their plans, they are lured into the past by the Ultra-Humanite as part of his plan to collaborate with his previous self against the All-Star Squadron (Infinity Inc #2, All-Star Squadron #25-26, Annual #2). On their return, the battle the monstrous Solomon Grundy before settling into their new home (Infinty Inc #3).

In the meantime, their parents are lured to Colorado by the Ultra-Humanite, where they are drowned in Koehaha, the Stream of Ruthlessness, a body of water laced with psychoactive substances that deaden the conscience and remove the inhibitions of those who fall victim to its waters (Infinity Inc #3).  After being found dead, the JSAers are resurrected and go on a rampage, exercising their darkest ambitions or indulging their worst grievances.  Each member of Infinity Inc is forced to battle their parents or mentors until the Ultra-Humanite's ally, the Brain Wave, turns on him when he sees that his son has joined with Infinity Inc as Brainwave Jr.  While the elder Brain Wave is killed in battle, he distracts and weakens the Humanite enough that Brainwave Jr, who inherits his fathers powers, is able to overwhelm the villain and leave him in a sufficiently diminished state to be carted off to prison (Infinity Inc #5-10).

For the next couple of years, Trevor is a stalwart member of Infinity Inc.  She deepens her relationship with Hector Hall and matures in this use of her powers as the group batttes Chroma, Helix and the Thorn before the events of Crisis on Infinite Earth.  As the skies turned red, Fury and her compatriots defended Earth-Two until the end and that timeline is seperated from view.  A second window opened in the early 21st century in which Fury was now a member of the Justice Society but her final fate on that world is unknown (Justice Society of America Annual #1).

Powers and Abilities

Fury has power and abilities similar to Amazon mother including super-strength, super-speed, enhanced stamina and resistance to injury.  She has been trained in Amazon sports and combat techniques by mentors with centuries of experience on Paradise Island and has the benefit of the fame and wealth of her parents, Steve and Diana (Wonder Woman) Trevor.  The full extent and limits of her powers has not been fully defined.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Fury's limitations appear to be largely a matter of scale.   For example, she is resistance to injury but probably not totally invulnerable.  She is unlikely to survive without oxygen or to fully withstand the vacuum of space.  The exact parameters of these limitations are unknown.

Multiversity Villains


In the timeline that emerged post-Crisis, the history of Lyta Trevor is radically altered by the absence of Princess Diana in the 1940's.  In  this timeline she is the daughter of Helen Kosmatos, the original 1940's Fury.  At some point, Helena abandoned her daughter, who was adopted by Joan Dale - the heroine known as Miss America - and her husband, Admiral Derek Trevor.   The wealthy Trevor owned an island  - Trevor Island- close to Themyscira and ultimately Lyta was trained by Hippolyta in the ways of the Amazons.

Around the turn of the century, she adopted the nom du guerre as Fury and her history - minus her connection to Wonder Woman - is  thought to be largely similar to Earth-Two counter part in terms of her relationships with Infinity Inc.  She eventually was betrothed to Hector Hall but her joy was short-lived as Hector was possessed by the Scarab entity, an act facilitated by his family's ancestral adversary Hath-Set.  He was ultimately forced into battle with Infinity Inc and slain (Infinity Inc #43-44), leaving Lyta bereft.

Fury Multiverse

hector Hall's soul was pulled into the Dreaming, where he replaced Garret Sanford as the Sandman (Infinity Inc. #49-50) and haunted Lyta's dreams. He was eventually disconnected from this role and Lyta left Infinity Inc as it disbanded and returned to her parents. She bore a son named Daniel Hall, who was eventually reclaimed by the Dreaming as the heir of Morpheus.  She was entangled with her husband and son in the affairs of the dream for some time (Sandman Vol 2 57-72) before eventually being returned to Earth.

The liberated spirit of Hector Hall was returned the land of the living and became the new Doctor Fate (JSA Vol. 1 #2-4).  He eventually reconnected with his wife who is consigned to the Amulet of Fate until a final battle with Mordru, in which she and Hall die a mortal death and return to the realm of the Dreaming (JSA #80).

The final fate of her soul and  that of her family remain unrevealed.




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