Doctor Midnight

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Personal information

Real Name: Bethany Chapel

Residence: Los Angeles
Occupation:  Adventurer, Physician
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Infinity Inc. #19 (November 1985)

Character History

Elizabeth Chapel was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina in the late 1950's, the daughter of a Christian pastor and his wife.  She ultimately chose to go to medical school. specializing in surgery.  During her education, she made the acquaintance of Dr. Charles McNider and entered residency at UCLA when McNider was part of the faculty.  He considered her his most talented trainee, a brilliant surgeon and exceptional intellect.

She first encountered Infinity Inc in 1985 during the early days of the Crisis on Infinite Earths when they brought in their team member Jade who has been injured in contact with Mister Bones cyanide-laced flesh.  Chapel treats Jade and stabilizes her while she remains in-patient (Infinity Inc #19).  The next day, she meets Rick Tyler, the son of Rex Tyler over lunch with the two of them and her mentor Dr. McNider.   As lunch concludes, the hospital experiences an earthquake, severely damaging the structure and starting several large fires. 

The assembled Infinitors and JSA member spring into action, rescuing most of the patients.  As the fire worsens, Rick realizes that that Chapel is still trying to recover patients deeper in the hospital and pops a miraclo to go after her.  He finds her in a recovery suit pushing patients out on gurneys.  As the last of the patient is rolled out, the oxygen tanks in the room explode consuming the room in an inferno.  Tyler rushes in and saves her but she is badly injured.  A surgical team repairs the worst of injuries but Chapel is left blinded (Infinity Inc #20).

After her release from the hospital, she returns to Orangeburg to recover with her family.  While she does, the Crisis worsens and the JSA and Infinity Inc vanish shortly after the wedding of Alan Scott.  Tyler - having adopted the identity of the new Hourman - travels to South Carolina to meet with Chapel.  While he is there, she and her family are attacked by shadow demons and in the darkness of the ensuing battle, she realizes she - like the original Dr. Mid-Nite - can see in the dark.  After repelling the attack, Hourman convinces her to join him as a new hero, Dr. Midnight (Infinity Inc #21).

As the two head back to Los Angeles, they are waylaid by time-tossed civil war soldier and a prehistoric reptile which they ultimately vanquish (Infinity Inc #22).  When they finally arrive in LA, the Crisis is largely concluded and the timeline is in flux with elements of many worlds before Earth-Two continuity disappears.  What became of Dr. Midnight is this timeline is not fully recorded but she is known to be active as a member of the Justice Society in the early 21st century (Justice Society of America Annual #1).  Her final fate on Earth-Two remains unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Doctor Midnight possessed the ability to see normal in absolute darkness, allowing her to operate more effectively at night and in artificial darkness caused by devices such as her blackout bombs.  The bombs are more advanced versions of those used by Dr. Mid-Nite , her predecessor and mentor.  She is a skilled physician with high degree of surgical skill and an impressive breadth of general medical knowledge.  Finally, she is human female in peak physical condition with above average hand-to-hand combat skills, a high degree of personal agility and excellent marksmanship.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Dr, Midnight's primary weakness is that she is physically blind in normal light without goggles that mimic darkness for her.  If they are removed, she cannot see at all in daylight.  She has not super-human powers so once vulnerable, could be killed or injured as any mortal human.

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The history of Dr. Midnight in the post-Crisis timeline is thought to be largely similar to her Earth-Two counterpart.  In the two years following Crisis, Chapel remains active as Dr. Midnight, serving Infinity Inc as a regular member and team medic.  She develops a relationship with Hourman that continues after the group disbands following a catastrophic battle with Injustice Unlimited (Infinity Inc #53).

The activities of Dr. Midnight for the next few years are poorly documented. In 1993, Dr. Midnight and her follow Infinitor Wildcat were recruited by Amanda Waller to launch as assault on Eclipso in the Central American nation of Parador along with several other metahumans such as Commander Steel and the Creeper.  The demon was prepared however and systemically wiped out the entire team, murdering Dr. Midnight along with the rest (Eclipso #11-14).  She was later memorialized in the superhero cemetery Valhalla.




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