Brainwave Jr.

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Profile image by Alex Garcia (Pen and inks) and David Stepp (Colors)

Personal information

Real Name:  Henry King Jr.

Residence: Los Angeles
Occupation:  Student, adventurer
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): All-Star Squadron #24 (August 1983)

Character History

Henry King Jr. was likely born within 2-3 years before or after 1960, the son of mutant criminal and megalamonic Henry (Brain Wave) Sr. and former teen age adventurer Merry (Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks) Pemberton King. The circumstances of his parents meeting and marriage and his earliest days are largely unrevealed.  It is known that he was kept largely ignorant of his parents famous lives as a child and whatever the elder King's failings, he was loved by his son whose relationship with was complicated.

Henry King Jr. first came to the public attention in 1984 when he barged into a meeting of the Justice Society in the aftermath of the encounter with their children and god-children, the future Infinity Inc.  The JSA battled King who appeared as his father but the battle was inconclusive as King escaped (Infinity Inc. #1-2).  From there, he followed the young heroes into the past to confront the Ultra-Humanite and his Secret Society of Super-Villains, including his father, the original Brain Wave.  Defeating the Ultra-Humanite in 1942 sent his father back to Limbo and the young heroes back to the 1980's (All-Star Squadron #24-26, Annual #2).

Back in the normal time, the young heroes formed their own second generation team under the leadership of the Star-Spangled Kid known as Infinity Inc and moved to Los Angeles.  King became a member using the moniker Brainwave Jr. Shortly thereafter, the were again besieged by the Ultra-Humanite, the current one  this time.  He had used the waters of Koehaha, the Stream of Ruthlessness is Colorado to convert several JSA members into criminals.  As the deranged heroes battled the Infinitors, Brain Wave Jr and Star-Spangled Kid confronted  the mastermind himself.  As the Ultra-Humanite prepared to rain death in the form of an avalanche, the original Brain Wave reached out from Limbo and pulled the two heroes to safety in that gray realm.  When the JSA returned to the Ultra-Humanite's lair, the Infinitors followed and defeating their mentors, were in turn subject to mind blasts by the Ultra-Humanite.  Before the criminal could complete his revenge, the combined powers of the two Kings and the Star-Spangled Kid open a rift into Limbo and pulled all the combatants within.  The enraged Humanite engaged in mental battle with Brain Wave but when the senior villain was distracted by a fear of injury to his son, he was mortally wounded by his adversary.   Before dying, he telepathically transferred much of his mental powers to his son and King Jr, then turned and re-engaged  the Ultra-Humanite.  Recognizing the superior powers of two mutant minds combined, the Humanite fell in terror before being reduced to a vastly unpowered mind trapped in the body of ape.  King Jr. would then left to mourn a father with whom he would never fully reconcile (Infinity Inc #5-10).

Afterward, Infinity Inc went public and at the first press conference, Brainwave Jr.s links to his criminal father were pounced on by the assembled press.  Enraged, the young hero temporary lost control of his powers and fled for several months (Infinite Inc #12).  As the Crisis on Infinite Earths began to unfold, he returned to the team, joining Jade as she traveled north to help save Feitheria.  En route, they consumated a budding relationship that had been in the offing for some time.  Brain Wave was an active combatant against the Anti-Monitors Shadow Demons and remained a member of Infinity Inc until the view of Earth-Two closed (Infinity Inc #21-29).  He was seen briefly as a member of the larger Justice Society when the Power Girl of Earth-0 crossed over to that timeline (Justice Society of America Vol. 3 #20) but his later history and ultimate fate in this timeline are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Henry King Jr, like his father, had vast mental powers that are incompletely defined.  Known examples include telepathy (both mind-reading and projection of thoughts), the creation of illusions and the ability to project mental force.  While his abilities were greatly augmented by the transfer of knowledge and disciplines from his dying father, the full extent of his powers has not been determined.  Like his mother, he is an exception athlete and above average hand-to-hand combatant.

Weaknesses and Limitations

While the limitations of Brainwave Jrs. mental powers are not known, his physical form is thought to be subject to human standard limitations including a normal rate of aging and vulnerability to normal injury once you are past his potent mental defenses.

Multiversity Villains


Prior Earth-0

The history of Henry King in the post-Crisis Timeline is thought to be large similar to his Earth-Two history.  After the Crisis, he remained a member of Infinity Inc until it's dissolution in the late 1980's (Infinity Inc #53).  Unknown to his teammates, King had developed a growth in his brain, causing him to become erratic an adopt an identity more similar to his father, even forming his own criminal team, the Legion of Doom (Extreme Justice #14-18).  Around the turn of the century, he became part of a group working with Black Adam to restore his rule in Khandaq.  When an attempt was made to defeat him via lobotomy, the Atom discovered that he was actually being controlled by the worm-like villain, Mister Mind (JSA #56-58).  Defeating the alien villain free King, who was returned to the custody of his mother, who had survived in this timeline (Hawkman Vol 4 #25).  His eventual fate in  this timeline has not been revealed.

Earth 2

In this alternate timeline, Henry King is an inmate at Arkham Base and a notorious telepathic criminal who tangled with the Wonders of the World, a version of  the Justice Society (Earth-2: World's End #8).




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