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Personal information

Real Name:  Charles Bullock

Residence:  Gotham City
Occupation: Student, assistant typist
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Adventure Comics #464 (August 1979)

Character History

Little is known of the life of Charles Bullock prior to growing up in a poor section of Gotham City.  First knowledge of him came as a teenager on the streets of the city who encounters Ted Grant outside the Gotham site of Grant's Gym, long since closed up since Grant shuttered the business to reside full time at the headquarters of the Justice Society in his identity as Wildcat.  The young Bullock asked Grant about the fate of the gym but left disappointed when the elder hero claimed it was gone for good.  As they part, Grant hears cries for help and races to the scene as Wildcat.  Finding a victim accosted by a gang of muggers, Wildcat wades in.  As the melee becomes intense, young Bullock leaps into the fray, allowing the older hero to gain the upper hand and defeat the attackers.  Inspired by Bullock's enthusiasm, Wildcat retires from the JSA to re-open his gym and start training the next generation of heroes (Adventure Comics #464).

Several years later, Bullock is seen as a prodigy who has entered law school at an early age.  He is a young intern with Brooklyn Law and returns to Gotham City to work at the consumer protection firm of Cranston, Grayson and Wayne (Wonder Woman #281).  He was present at the firm when senior partner Alan Cranston was targeted by organized crime boss Edgar Stenville, including doing data collection for the case when he is attacked along with Helena Wayne by Stenville's henchman, Karnage.  Karnage makes short work of Bullock, inspiring the young man to approach criminals differently (Wonder Woman #282-287,289).

A few weeks later, Bullock happens to be at a local grocer when some thugs with the local protection racket come to shake down the owner.  Bullock manages to repel them but the shopkeeper reminisces about a time when Batman kept such crimes at bay.  Inspired, Bullock adopts a Batman-themed identity as Blackwing.  The following evening, he appeared in his new uniform when the men, agents of a criminal known as the Boa, emerged again, this time in Chinatown.   The Boa's men quickly overpower Blackwing and take him hostage as the Huntress arrives. The Huntress puts a tracker on the car to track the gang.

Back at the Boa's hideout, the criminals plan to execute Blackwing before making a grand move but the arrival of the Huntress disrupts their plans.  When the Boa leaves one his pet snakes to devour the Huntress, Blackwing, who had been feigning unconsciousness the whole time, kills the serpent and shares that he had been recording events the entire time.  The Huntress gives his intel to the police when she delivers the Boa and his gang a short-time later (Wonder Woman #297-299).

The later activities of Blackwing on Earth-Two are unrecorded.

Powers and Abilities

Blackwing is a young athletic human who has been trained by Ted (Wildcat) Grant.  He is young (early 20's at most), physically strong and agile.  He appears well equipped, tho the source of his equipment is not clear,

Weaknesses and Limitations

Without his equipment,  Bullock was an ordinary human with no special powers at all.

Multiversity Villains


No version of Charlie Bullock is known to exist outside the Earth-Two timeline.


Issue #


Reprinted in:

Adventure #464

1st Appearance

Justice Society TPB Vol. 2, Showcase Presents All-Star Comics Vol. 1, All-Star Comics: Only Legends Live Forever

Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #281-284

Joins the Cranston law firm as an intern

The Huntress: Dark Knight’s Daughter TPB, Huntress: Origins TPB

Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #285-287,289-290


The Huntress: Dark Knight’s Daughter TPB, Huntress: Origins TPB

Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #296-299

Adopts the Blackwing identity