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The Tarantula

Personal information


Residence: New York City but likely mobile
Occupation:  Professional Criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age): All-American Comics #88 (August 1947)

Character History

The history of the criminal known as the Tarantula is largely unknown.  He first came to public attention in 1947 when a minion of his named Logger stumbled onto the home of the blind Dr. Charles McNider.  Emerging from shower with his towel around his head, McNider looked liked Dr. Mid-Nite.  Logger was so intrigued by the idea that he was caught up staring in the window.  McNider saw him and called out, revealing that he could in fact see.  Logger threw his gun and known McNider out then hauled him back to the Tarantula's base.   Logger shared his theory but the Tarantula was skeptical.  He decided to announce his intent to break into the evidence room at the Paul Street police station and free the friendly Ramey gang.  If Dr. Mid-Nite shows up with McNider bound back at the hideout, the McNider was not Dr. Mid-Nite.   If he didn't, the Mid-Nite's identity would be compromised.

Prior to their arrival, the Tarantula dropped sleeping gas bombs into the ventilation so that when they strolled into the police station, everyone was unconscious.  As  they were prying open a safe, Dr. Mid-Nite rushed in and began to thrash the Tarantula's men.  As Dr. Mid-Nite began to gain the upper hand, the police began to revive, capturing the Tarantula's gang while Tarantula himself fled to see if McNider was still under wraps.  Arriving back to the base, he finds Logger and McNider still bound.  He says this means McNider can't be Mid-Nite and announces his departure for their next hideout - The Rex Roadhouse.  He left without realize that Logger was in fact out cold and had been fooled with some rope tricks and ventriloquism.

As the Tarantula arrived at the Roadhouse, he was astonished to see Dr. Mid-Nite waiting for him.  The two engage in intense fisticuffs with Tarantula gaining the upper hand and preparing to execute Mid-Nite with a revolver.  A handful of poker chips flung in his face blocked the Tarantula's aims, allowing Mid-Nite to land a knockout blow and summon the authorities.  Racing back to the original hideaway, he brought Logger out of a hypnotic trance in which he had left him as the police arrive, convincing the criminals they had been wrong all along and Dr. Mid-Nite's identity (All-American #88).

The full history of the Tarantula remains unrevealed and his final fate on Earth-Two is unknown.

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Powers and Abilities

The Tarantula was excellent physical specimen and formidable combatant in peak human condition.  He was an accomplished gang leader with an extensive network of henchmen and multiple locales from which to operate.  The full extent of his operations is unknown.

Weaknesses and Limitations

The Tarantula had no super-human abilities and confronted with sufficient force, could be defeated as a normal man.

Multiversity Villains


No evidence of the existence of the Tarantula has been documented on any Earth but Earth-Two.





Reprinted in

All-American Comics #88

1st appearance, vs. Doctor Mid-Nite

100-Page Super Spectacular #DC-20