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The Spinner

Personal information

Unrevealed, "Swami Ymar"

Residence: Mobile
Occupation: Professional Criminal 
First Appearance (Golden Age): None
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Batman #129 (February 1960)

Character History

  While the existence of the Spinner is known on Earth-Two (Brave and the Bold #182), the details of his history are largely unknown.  They are suspected, however, to largely mirror his Earth-One counterpart.


Spinner Cho Resize

Powers and Abilities

The Spinner possesses a wide armamentarium of  weapons and devices based on centrifugal motion. This include a suit of armor with spinning blades all over it, buzz saw guns, destructive giant tops and other such devices.  The origins and creator of these devices are unknown.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Without his equipment, the Spinner was an average middle-aged man with no special powers or abilities.

Multiversity Villains


Little is known of the activities of the criminal known as the Spinner prior to his appearance in Gotham City in 1960.  In February of that year, he and his gang were committing a series of crimes based on spinning objects and Batman was already aware of his activities.  The Dynamic Duo dedicated an evening patrol to location of the Spinner and succeeded at finding him at the Kool Fan company stealing  the payroll.  The heroes engage, fending off the Spinner's barrage of buzz saw weapons behind a large fan.  With the heroes under siege villains make a break for it, using a kaleidoscope fan to blind their pursuers and cover their escape.

That evening, Kathy Kane (secretly Batwoman) is following a lead of her own, trying to expose a crooked swami who she believes is scamming elderly socialites by "finding" things for them.  She was confounded when he seems to succeed but charges almost nothing for the effort.  The following day, the Spinner and his gang rob the Gotham Drill Company, making off with the payroll.  Arriving as they are in flight, Batman and Robin are delayed when the Spinner releases a giant top from his van, requiring the heroes to use the Batmobile to nudge it into Gotham Bay

When the Swami convenes his evening services, a police informant asks him to use his powers to help find the Spinner.  He identifies the hideout as an old mill and the police soon notify the Caped Crusaders. When the heroes arrive at the mill, they spot Batwoman climbing in the window and when they bust in, the find her tied to the blade of a giant fan by the Spinner and his men.  Liberating her, the three defeat and confront the Spinner, unmasking him as "Peanuts" Gilson.  Gilson reveals he is not the real Spinner but the original had offering to train him and left him there in a version of his costume.  Realizing it was trap, Batman directed everyone to flee and shortly thereafter the mill explodes.  The Spinner wanted Gilson to be found dead in his costume and throw the law off his tracks.

Realizing that the Swami could only have known about the mill for one reason, the police and heroes race to his shop and there find him, the Spinner's costume and the stolen loot.  After confessing his schemes, he was taken to prison.  His later activities are not recorded.