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The Parrot

Personal information

Name: Unknown
Occupation: Actor/Impersonator, Professional Criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age): Detective Comics #131 (January 1948)

Character History

Nothing is known of the criminal known as the Parrot until he appeared in New York in 1947. Appearing at amateur night at the Star Theatre, the Parrot – in an appropriately designed costume – wowed the crowd by his ability to perfectly mimic any sound.   While popular for his talent, the Parrot had more serious aspiration in theatre but was re-buffed as an imitator, not an actor.  Frustrated by his lack of success, the Parrot resolved to turn to crime.

His first act, wearing his distinctive Parrot costume, was to imitate the voice of a local theatre manager who had rejected him, tell a cashier to leave a safe unlock as he was about to make a deposit.  Instead, the Parrot robbed the safe but not before the manager returned and caught him.   The manager’s cries for help reached Air Wave who rushed into the theatre to provide aid.  Seeing the Parrot, Air Wave attacked but his rebuffed by steel rods hidden in the Parrot’s wing.  As he goes to escape, he imitates a woman’s voice and misdirects Air Wave, coming up behind him to push him over a railing onto the performance below. 

Grabbing a trapeze, Air Wave saves himself and giving pursuit, hears the Parrot say he will take flight.  Air Wave rushes out and sees the Parrot’s spread wings.  Diving after him,  Air Wave realizes he has been fooled again as it is only the Parrot’s costume that has taken flight and that the criminal is now behind him.  As the Parrot gains the upper hand, Air Wave himself deploys the misdirection trick, broadcast the sounds of oncoming police.  This is enough to distract the Parrot until Air Wave can overcome and leave him captured for the arriving deputies (Detective Comics #141).

Air Wave vanished from Earth-Two a few months after this case and the Parrot’s further criminal activities, if any, are unrecorded.

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Powers and Abilities

The Parrot was a talented vocal mimic who could quickly duplicate any vocal sound he heard.  His skills may have included the ability to mimic other sounds but this is not clear.  He was a fair to average physical combatant and had minimal acting skills

Weaknesses and Limitations

The Parrot had no superhuman abilities and could be cornered and overwhelmed with human-level physical force.

Multiversity Villains


No version of The Parrot has been verified to exist in any timeline but Earth-Two.





Reprinted in

Detective Comics #131

1st appearance ,  vs. Air Wave