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Mister Nitro

Personal information


Residence: New York City but likely mobile
Occupation:  Professional Criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age): All-American Comics #66 (June 1945)

Character History

Nothing is known of the history of the criminal known as Mister Nitro prior to his entry into a hospital in New York City in June of 1945.  Carrying a spherical black bomb, he threatened to the destroy the hospital unless his demands were heard and met.  Fearing an explosion, the assembled doctors, including Charles McNider, listened as a man describing himself as Mister Nitro the Walking Bomb explained that he had injected himself with nitroglycerin for years, making a chronic risk for explosion. An abnormally large man, his potential for explosion was thought considerable and when he demand all the funds held at the hospital, he was accommodated and left with bags of cash.  As he left, he tossed the bomb was revealed to be a prop.  When the police arrived, they were cautioned not to engage Mister Nitro as an explosion of that much nitroglycerin would create a horrific blast.

From then on, Mister Nitro went on an impressive spree as his reputation spread across the city. He lifted gems from a jewelry store and emptied an armored car of cash in front of a bank.  He sat down at a restaurant and demanded the menu for free.  As he left, Dr. Mid-Nite began to approach but was restrained by the police fearing an explosion.  When Dr. Mid-Nite insisted that he be able to try, Mister Nitro pulls out a container of nitroglycerin and tossed them for explosive effect.  Defeated, the police and Dr, Mid-Nite retreated as Mr. Nitro declared that he would rob a nearby hospital to replenish his stocks.

After stopping off at a construction side to gather more ammo, Mister Nitro barged into the same hospital he had visited previously.  This time he demanded that doctors actually conduct an infusion, maximizing the amount of nitroglycerin in his system,  As the doctors were prepping him, Dr. Mid-Nite rushed in with what appeared to be a box of TNT and challenged Mister Nitro to a fight.  Horrified house staff watching and Mid-Nite directly engaged Nitro, ultimately causing him to fall out a window where a dump truck full of cotton previously arranged by him awaited.  With Nitro unable to get a footing, he was quickly wrapped up and carried back into the hospital.  There he was placed in a sweatbox where the constant caused the nitroglycerin in his body to evaporate, rending  him helpless and ready for jail (All-American Comics #66).

Whether Mister Nitro ever returned is unknown.

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Powers and Abilities

Mister Nitro was a physically imposing specimen, approaching 7 feet in height and likely 350+ lbs.  He claimed to have enormous explosive potential due to the nitro present in his cells, though this is never verified. His ability to tolerate such extensive doses of nitroglycerin was nonetheless unusual and may have portended some latent abilities.  Unencumbered by morals or inhibitions, Mister Nitro acted decisively and without fear.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Whether or not Mister Nitro had extra-normal abilities is not known.  Even if had those he claimed, by his own admission the first major use of them would have been suicidal. It also appears that Mister Nitro was mentally unbalanced to pursue such a potentially self-destructive strategy.  Once the nitro was leeched out of him, he was a normal (although still very large) human male.

Multiversity Villains


A version of Mister Nitro exists in this time as a member of the Nuclear Legion but any similarity to the Earth-Two version is unrevealed (Battle for Bludhaven #1-6).





Reprinted in

All-American Comics #66

1st appearance, vs. Doctor Mid-Nite