WANTED: Earth-Two's Most Dangerous Super-Villains


Personal information

Jake Simmons

Residence: Mobile
Occupation: Professional Criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age): All-Star Squadron#21 (May 1983)

Character History

 Little is known of the life of Jake Simmons prior to 1942 when on the U.S. Most Wanted List for murder. In the spring of that year, he was fleeing the police in northern Arizona when the plane he was flying was caught in a storm.  Struck by multiple bolts of lightning, the plane's engine failed and crashed into the side of a volcanic crater.  Believing their quarry dead and fearful of the storm, the police broke off the pursuit. Unknown to them, the crater was service as a base of operations for the Ultra-Humanite, who has carved out the depths with the help of a heretofore race of Sub-Men.  Seeking to build herself a team of ruthless henchmen, the Ultra-Humanite heard the crash and pulled Simmons from the wreckage, barely alive.  Using advanced scientific techniques, Simmon's body was charged like a battery, likely preconditioned by the lightning strikes that crashed his plane.  Equipped with a new uniform, Simmons assumed the identity of Deathbolt.

Deathbolt's first encounter with superman law enforcement occurred when he and the Ultra-Humanite invaded Superman's Fortress of Solitude, hidden in the mountains outside of Metropolis.  There he held his own against the combined power of Superman and Green Lantern until the reason that invaded - The Powerstone - was found and given to the Ultra-Humanite.  With the arrival of Cyclotron bearing the Hammer of Thor shortly thereafter, the three staged a strategic retreat taking Firebrand as a hostage, Superman for purposes of vengeance and Robotman as a possible vessel for the Ultra-Humanite with them. 

Deathbolt was an eager ally of the Ultra-Humanite.  While his partners Cyclotron and later arrived Amazing Man were men of conscience, Deathbolt eagerly engaged in any level of sociopathic behavior required, up to electrocuting the entire race of Sub-Men once the Ultra-Humanite felt they had outlived their usefulness.   Their plans became more complicated when the Ultra-Humanite was contacted by his future self, sending the Secret Society of Super-Villains into the past with Earth-Two's second generation team, Infinity Inc., in hot pursuit.  In the final confrontation, Deathbolt struggled with Infinitor Fury until they were both unconscious.  Cyclotron seemingly destroyed himself and the Ultra-Humanite and Deathbolt was presumably taken to prison (All-Star Squadron #21-26, Annual #2).

The activities of Deathbolt beyond  these events are incompletely understood.  He was seen participating in a mission from Harbinger during the Crisis on Infinite Earths (All-Star-Star Squadron #53, Crisis on Infinite Earths #6), the nature of which is not clear.  Whether he survived the Crisis on in the latter half of the 20th Century on Earth-Two is unrevealed.

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Powers and Abilities

Deathbolt's primary ability was to generate electrical fields.  Manifestations of this include generating electric bolts of lightning and electromagnetic fields that could repel even Kryptonian levels of force and magical forms of energy.  A ruthless murderer, Deadbolt was unencumbered by reticence on any of his actions, allowing him to act decisively and without mercy.  He also possessed at least some ability as a pilot allowing him to fly an airplane but not at a level of mastery that would have allowed him to dodge the storm that eventually led to his acquisition of super-powers. 

Weaknesses and Limitations

Deathbolt's limitations are not precisely defined, tho he could be overwhelmed with superior force by individuals who could withstand his electric bursts.  He was also brutal and not the most intelligent of adversaries.

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Prior Earth-0

 The origins of Deathbolt are thought to be largely similar to his Earth-Two counterpart, though key details would change was several characters, notably Superman, did not exist in this timeline in the 1940's. He remained a henchman for the Ultra-Humanite and battled the Young All-Stars (Young All-Stars #12-15).  He may have survived into the late 20th century or inspired an inheritor when he confronted Ted Knight and was dispatched by the Starman of the 853rd Century (Starman #1,000,000).




Reprinted in

All-Star Squadron #21-24

Origin and 1st appearance, with the Ultra-Humanite, vs. the All-Star Squadron


All-Star Squadron #25-26

with the Ultra-Humanite, vs. the All-Star Squadron and Infinity Inc.

Infinity Inc: The Generations Saga Vol. 1

All-Star Squadron Annual #2

with the Ultra-Humanite, vs. the All-Star Squadron and Infinity Inc.

Infinity Inc: The Generations Saga Vol. 1

All-Star Squadron #53

Sent on mission by Harbinger

Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Edition #1

Crisis on Infinite Earths #6

On Earth-Two mission with Degaton and Star Sapphire

Crisis On Infinite Earths TPB, Crisis On Infinite Earths HC, Absolute Crisis On Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths #10

Villain War

Crisis On Infinite Earths TPB, Crisis On Infinite Earths HC, Absolute Crisis On Infinite Earths