The Art of the Comics Archives

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The illustration of this site fuses published works under Fair Use principles and de novo art where published work is unavailable or does not fit the consistent presentation of the site.  A full art index is forthcoming.  Major contributors of original art include:


Alejandro Garcia is a Spanish artist with a detailed style reminiscent of George Perez or Steve Sadowski.  He has provided extensive profile art in black and white with colors by me. His Facebook page has his art gallery and contact info:

Chris Kohler provides high quality block and white reproductions of cover art from even the most detailed artists.   His work on this site is colored by myself. His gallery and contact info can be found here:

Greg Fox has a distinct Silver Age style reminiscent of Dave Cockrum and Murphy Anderson.  He has provide profile art and group shots for nearly two dozen characters.  His pencil and inks are colored by me.  His gallery and biographical material is here:

The Brothers Fraim evoke a late Golden Age style - Mortimer, Boring, Infantino, Toth - that provided several cover and splash page recreations, which are then colored by me.  Their galleries and contact info are here:

Phil Cho is a digital artist contributing profile images.  The lines and colors are his.  An extensive selection of his commission work is found here:

Evoking a style reminiscent of the late Darwyn Cooke, Mike Belcher provides art panels in several of the Golden Age biographies.  More on his art can be found here:

MC Wyman is an artist with an extensive body of work with Marvel Comics.  He has provided group illustrations on the Injustice Society page (pencil and Ink) which are  then colored by me. 

In addition to these original art works and inclusion of covers and panels from published works, restored panels/covers are also included in some pages.  These are derived from either copies of DC’s Showcase Presents or from the extensive black and white production of DC Comics in Australia which can be purchased online via eBay.  An searchable web site of these comics can be found here: