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Doris Lee

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Doris Lee


Residence: Outlying areas of Washington DC
Occupation: Debutante and socialite
First Appearance (Golden Age): Adventure Comics #61


Nothing is known of the early life of Doris Lee prior to her involvement with Ted Knight in 1941.  She was involved with him in the Spring of that year when, on a visit to Gotham City, she and he were witness to Batman and Robin capturing criminals at a charity ball they attended.  Knight, already infatuated with the emergence of costumed vigilantes like the Green Lantern, was inspired by them to take up the identity of Starman.  To protect Doris, he kept her ignorant of his activities and adopted a phony persona of a timid hypochondriac much to Doris' dismay (All-Star Squadron #41).

Knight and Lee likely met in Federal City, an urban sub-city of Washington DC similar to Crystal City on Earth-Prime.  Knight had business in Washington, New York, Gotham City and other locales and Lee lived at least part of the time with her uncle, Woodley Allen of the FBI.  It was Allen that Starman first made contact with when he began his heroic career, gaining access to critical intel and legitimizing his role as an agent of the law.  The curious Doris also had access to Allen and somewhat infatuated with Starman, she used that access to get involved in the heroes casework.  This brought her into contact with criminals such as the Mist (Adventure Comics #67) and the Light (Adventure Comics #62). 

In early 1943, Brain Wave had managed to capture the Justice Society members other  than Wonder Woman.  To rescue them, Wonder Woman seized on the idea of mobilizing the girlfriends of the male JSAers and Doris joined wearing Starman's uniform.  Whether Doris had learned Knight was Starman, learned at that moment or simply thought she was associated with Starman through her uncle is unknown.  Wonder Woman led them to Brain Wave's retreat and with the JSA freed,  Brain Wave was defeated when he fell from a high window and was thought dead (All-Star Comics #15). 

Only a few more reports of Doris Lee's activities after this are available, the last being in December of 1943 (Adventure Comics #89).  Her later activities are unknown.  It is known that Ted Knight eventually married, losing his wife to cancer in the 1960's though  whether of not this is Doris Lee is unknown (revealed in America vs. the Justice Society #3).  The full life story of Doris Lee remains to be told.


Prior Earth-0

The history of Doris Lee's early life is thought to be largely similar to the Doris Lee of Earth-Two's.  In  this timeline, Doris learned of Knight's role as Starman in 1951 (Starman Vol. #2 #79), though she had briefly known in 1943 when she joined the battle against Brain Wave.  Her memories of this adventure were later removed magically by Dr. Fate and the Spectre (revealed in Starman Vol. 2 #69).

It is known that her father owned L&D Industries and in the early 1950's, became involved with the Mist.  When Doris, having discovered Starman's identity, discovered her father's crimes, she threatened to contact Starman to defeat the Mist.  In retaliation, the Mist murdered her (revealed in Starman Secret Files and Origins #1 and detailed in Starman Vol. 2 #79). 

Starman later met and married Doris Adele Drew and had two sons.  Whether similar events occured on Earth-Two are unknown.


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