Source Material of the Comics Archives

The written substance of the Comics Archives is essentially a summary of my notes dating back to my entry into comics collecting in the 1970’s.  While the Archives serves as a highly focused referenced, I have derived benefit from the works of others across the internet and in publications across 60 years of cultural academics.  Major sources are listed below for your own further study.

Much of my work comes from my own extensive collection of Earth-Two-centric comics and the acquisition of DC’s extensive catalog of relevant reprints include their Archives and Omnibus series.   The single best resource currently available is a subscription to DC Universe Infinite, DC’s online comics repository.  A large chunk of DC’s Golden Age material can read online and ~90% of all Silver Age appearances of these characters are already loaded in.

If you are a serious reader, the subscription reduces the prices of reading these comics to pennies each and the contents completely overlap with Comixology.  Comixology allows books to be purchased individually and links to available books are provided with each character.

Another major physical resource is the Comics Collection Library at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI.   An extensive collection of comics on microfilm exist here and can be read for free if you are with driving distance of the facility.  Their online catalog also has some information from books that they have copies of and it can be found here:

Specific physical references use for this site include the following:

The All-Star Companion Vol. #1-4 – Edited by Roy Thomas, published by TwoMorrows Publishing

The All-Star Comics Index - from the Independent Comics Group, Lou Mougin – Editor

The All-Star Comics Revue – Edited and published by Craig Delich

The Amazing World of DC Comics #5 - DC Comics 1976

The Amazing World of DC Comics #7 - DC Comics, 1976

The Amazing World of DC Comics #11 - DC Comics, 1976

The Amazing World of DC Comics #16 - DC Comics, 1977

Black Canary Index - Amazing Heroes #90, 1986

The Collector's Guide: The First Heroic Age - Jerry G. Bails, 1969

The 1997 Comics Values Annual - by Alex Malloy

The Encyclopedia of Super-Heroes Volume 1: Batman - Micheal L. Fleisher, 1975

The Encyclopedia of Super-Heroes Volume 2: Wonder Woman - Micheal L. Fleisher, 1976

"The First One Hundred Issues" - Bob Rozakis, Green Lantern #100

The Great Comic Book Heroes - Jules Feiffer

The Great Superman Book- Micheal L. Fleisher, 1978

"The Justice Society of America Index" - pg 48-52, Amazing Heroes #3, 1981

Howard Keltner's Index to Golden Age Comic Books - published by Jerry G. Bails, 1976

The Illustrated History of Super-Hero Comics of the Golden Age - Mike Benton

The Official Index to the Crisis on Infinite Earths - from the Independent Comics Group, Murray Ward - Editor

The Official Index to Hawkman - from the Independent Comics Group, Murray Ward - Editor

The Official Index to the Justice League of America - from the Independent Comics Group, Murray Ward - Editor

Overstreet's Comic Book Price Guide (1994-1996 editions) - Robert M. Overstreet

"Secrets Behind All-Star Comics; More Than You May Want To Know" - Jerry Bails, The Comic Book Price Guide, 1974.

"Secrets Behind All-Star Comics; The Case of the Invisible Heroes" - Jerry Bails

Superman from the 30's to the 70's - Compilation, Intro by E. Nelson Bridwell

Who's Who: The Definitive Directory to the DC Universe - from DC Comics 1985-1986.

World Encyclopedia of Comics - Maurice van Horn 1976

In the 25 years of the existence of the Comics Archives, other online databases have emerged and have been a resource of value to the summaries presented here.  These include:

The DC Database, a Fandom site

The DCU Guide, a source of extensive chronologies