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Personal information


Residence: Unknown
Occupation: Presumed alien/other-dimensional being
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Infinity Inc #14 (May 1985)

Character History

Little is known of the being as Chroma  until he appeared in Los Angeles in the mid-1980's at an open air rock concert being attended by scores of people, including several members of Infinity Inc.  Descending from the skies, he absorbed all the energy from nearby electronics and seized the microphone beginning a mournful dirge about the impending destruction of Earth.  The wordless tune enthralls the crowd including the Infinitors but Obsidian is unmoved and stalks toward the colorful being.  Absorbing all the colored light that Chroma directed at him, Obsidian wades in close and renders Chroma unconscious with a strong blow to the jaw.  The Infinitors then collect the fallen alien and depart.

Dropping of Chroma at a nearby hospital, the Infinitors find every TV in the country apparently tuned into Chroma's performance of the previous night.  While Chroma evidently lay comatose, the world dissolved into discord about the fate of Chroma with most who had heard his song fallen under his sway.  When he awakened, the Infinitors were summoned to his room as the crowd outside the hospital began to riot.  While many of the Infinitors fell under his swap, Obsidian remain adamant that Chroma was a threat but eventually after engaging the heroes in a brief battle, Chroma left the hospital, announcing that his actions had been an experiment on a lesser species and that he would return in one million years with a new song to see how Earth had progressed.  He then dissolved into dust.

Further actions of Chroma on Earth-Two are unrevealed.
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Powers and Abilities

The nature of Chroma's powers are unrevealed.  He claims to be an alien being of indeterminate morphology and gender who manipulates extensively energy forces in the form of colored light.  The forces absorbed other forms of energy, presumably into Chroma and can be unleashed as force or burst of chromatic energy.  Chroma appears to have considerable powers of suggestion, manifest in wordless song that convinced listeners of his righteousness and superiority.  Whether these are truly inherent or the result of artificial devices is unknown.  Whether Chroma is an actual being, as opposed to a projection from afar, is also unknown.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Chroma's limitations are not well-defined.  He appears vulnerable to Obsdian's powers of absolute darkness and would likely be easily opposed by similar agents such as the Shadw, the Cloud or the Shadow Thief.   Once in physical proximity, he can be subdued by physical force, tho he has claimed such is part of his elaborate ruses.  Whether this is true or not is undetermined.

Multiversity Villains


Prior Earth-0

Chroma is thought to have a largely similar history in this timeline as his Earth-Two counterpart.  He is eventually found and killed by Gog, who claimed him a fraudulent God although an individual who touched Chroma's corpse was rendered deaf, blind and white of hair. Where he had been when Gog found him is unknown (Justice Society of America Vol. 3 #10-11).

Prime Earth

Chroma is thought to have a largely similar history in this timeline as his Earth-Two counterpart and re-appears following the creation of Prime Earth as a distinct timeline rather than the supposed million-year absence.  He is again forced to flee by Obsidian (Infinite Frontier Secret Files #3)



Reprinted in

Infinity Inc. #14

First appearance and origin, vs. Infinity Inc

 DC Through the ‘80’s: The Experiments

Infinity Inc. #15

Vs. Infinity Inc.