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Evil Star

Personal information

Name: Guy Pompton

 Residence: Mobile but largely Hollywood California
 Occupation: Professional Criminal
 First Appearance (Golden Age): All-Star Comics #44 (December 1948)

Character History

Little is known of the life of Guy Pompton prior to his life as the owner of Ace Movie Rental Agency, providing props and services to film studios around Hollywood.

In 1948, a  mysterious figure invaded the home of movie producer Fred T, Fanum and offered half a script to a new feature entitled "A Thief in the Night".   Reading the script, about a  crime lord over all the rackets in Hollywood, Farnum was astounded and immediately proposed to launch filming, even tho he lacked the full script.  Shortly after he started, he began to receive threatening messages from someone known as "Evil Star" insisting he halt production.  As the  threat's mounted, Fanum resorted to marquee ads begging the aide of the Justice Society, who traveled to Stellar Studios in Hollywood to investigate.

Discussing the case with Fanum, the JSA became convinced that the threats were due to the accuracy of the script and that it would expose an actual underworld figure coordinating criminal activity across Hollywood.  The JSA resolved to investigate the threats and in varying degrees, took to the sets where sabotage was likely to happen.  The first foray occurred at Lake Arrowhead where a scene was being filmed.  There Dr. Mid-Nite and the Flash disguised themselves as extras and when the set was invaded by Evil Star and his men, they quickly revealed themselves and thrashed the crimelord's henchmen.  Evil Star got the upper hand however, using a smoke can to blind them to henchmen could recover and take them prisoner.

Shortly there after, Hawkman and Wonder Woman visit an Amusement Park near Venice Beach, where a comedy sequence is being filmed.  The set is attacked by henchmen disguised as Keystone cops who intended to bomb the park.  As the two heroes capture them, they claim no knowledge of Evil Star's identity until the villain himself appears.   As the two JSAers give chase, Evil Star ducks behind a glass window that the heroes crash into, dazing them long enough to be captured.  Back at Stellar Studios, The Atom and Black Canary wait with Fanum, who is meeting with Pompton.  As Pompton leaves, the hear a racket in the developing room and rush into to find Evil Star absconding with the silver used in the development process.  The race after him but are quickly ambushed by his men and are likewise captured.

Green Lantern has been pursuing his own leads, attempting to trace the script back to it's source.  He comes upon a ghost town that the sole resident claims was supposed to be a second Hollywood.  Hearing a typewriter, he finds a man furiously typing away who becomes alarmed at the site of the hero.  Making excuses, the man - Harold Forbes, secretary to Guy Pompton - claims there is no conspiracy, that the script is just a script.  Hearing moving, Lantern sees Evil Star reveal himself and using recorded voices as a distraction, clubs and captures the hero.  He leaves the JSA in front of a knife-throwing device that will trigger on their slightest movement.  Tugging their bonds in precise unison, the heroes escape and rush back to find Fanum in another meeting with Pompton.  There they reveal their discovery of the Forbe's full script, naming Pompton as Evil Star.  Caught, Pompton dons his Evil Star mask and summons his minions, who are quickly subdued.  As he leaps to escape out a window, he captured in a net and carted off to the police.  The fate of his betrayer, Forbes, is unknown.

The activties of Evil Star after the 1940's is unrevealed.  Stellar Studios went under in the 1970's and was acquired by the Pemberton Fortune as a real estate investment and was eventually used as the headquarters for Infinity Inc.

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Powers and Abilities

Evil Star possessed no super powers but was a shrewd criminal strategize and through his connections in the motion picture industry,

Weaknesses and Limitations

Guy Pompton was a normal human of average physical abilities and no match for the JSA in direct combat.

Multiversity Villains


The history of Guy Pompton is thought to be essentially identical to his Earth-Two counterpart.




Reprinted in

All-Star Coimics #44

1st appearance, vs. the Justice Society

All-Star Comics Archives Vol. 10, Justice League of America #115