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The Crime Syndicate of America

Known Members of the Crime Syndicate of America of Earth-Three

Ultraman - Kryptonian who is empowered by Kryptonite rather than weakened be it. 

Owlman - No inherent super-powers but a super-genius intellect and knowledge of extensive scientific, technological and philosophical disciplines.

Super Woman - "Renegade Amazon" with a magic lasso, super-strength and super-speed.

Johnny Quick-  Super-Speedster with powers of unknown origin.  It appears his helm may be somehow linked as a "token of power" but the nature of this is unknown.

Power Ring -  Given a magical power ring by the Buddist Monk Volthoom, this ring-slinger is probably more analagous to an evil Alan Scott than an evil Hal Jordan, tho he physically resemebles the latter.

The origins of Earth-Three and how it diverged into an independent timeline is unclear.  The principle characteristics of Earth-Three are that probability favors outcomes that are generally considered unjust or occur in manner that requires compromise of an individual’s ethos.  Whether this aspect originate at the formation or whether a past event shifted probability in this timeline is known.  It is known that events were altered at least 500 years prior to the present time as evidenced by the discovery of Europe by an American Columbus, opposite of what occurs in most timelines.  Similarly, America became the dominant colonial power from which England sought independence in the 18th Century.  Role reversals are common such as having the assassin Abraham Lincoln murder President John Wilkes Booth. 
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Earth-Three is first known to have made contact with other worlds of the multiverse in the mid 1960’s when Ultra-Man, whose powers expand with each exposure to kryptonite, developed extra-dimensional   Avision.  In his first use, he observed the actions of the Justice League of Earth-One, where he was astonished to see them use their powers to advance just and the law, whereas Earth-Three was characterized by a dominance of evil intentions.  Sharing this news with his fellow members of the Crime Syndicate, the narcissistic super-humans were excited at the thought of genuine competition, as they had grown complacent with their virtual dominance over the non-superpowered law enforcement of Earth-Three.  Confident their lack of scruples would lead them to victory, they attacked Earth-One during the next meeting of the Justice League and lured them into battle.  Expecting the heroes to attack their counter parts (i.e. Superman vs. Ultraman), the produce misleading messages causing the Leaguers to encounter unexpected adversaries.  Despite this disadvantage, the heroes overcome the members of the Syndicate who say the word “Volthoom” upon realizing defeat is imminent.  The word activates a special vibration invented by Owlman that transports them to Earth-Three, where the heroes are quickly defeated.

Realizing that the Justice League was dominant on Earth-One and the Syndicate on Earth-Three, a true battle for supremacy would need a neutral playing field.  Again using his extradimensional vision, Ultraman targeted Earth-Two and leaving the League captive in their headquarters, departed to engage the Justice Society.  On Earth-Two, Dr. Fate had detected the probing eyes of Ultraman and made contact with the captured Justice League.  Informed of the Volthoom maneuver, the Society readied to battle the Syndicate.  Invading JSA headquarters, the Crime Syndicate is again defeated but has planted a different vibrational trap, drawing the Justice Society to defeat on Earth-Three.   Leaving the JSA in a trapped cage, the Syndicate and the Justice League travel to Earth-Two where, after an epic battle, the Syndicate is finally defeated.  In the ensuing discussion on where to put them, the Syndicate is alarmed at the prospect of imprisonment on either Earth-One or –Two, causing the JLA to realize something is wrong. Indeed, the trap containing the JSA is designed to unleash enormous energy destroy the two other Earths in the event the Syndicate was defeated.  The resolution – leaving the Crime Syndicate in a timeless bubble between worlds – is determined and the JLA defuses the trap containing the JSA.  The Syndicate is thought to be gone for good (Justice League of America Vol. 1 #29-30).


The Syndicate is thought to have been largely inactive for several years, trapped in limbo outside of the normal flow of time.  An image revealed in 1970 suggested an undisclosed encounter with a different roster of JLA and JSA members but the details of this case are unrevealed and may be apocryphal (Justice League of America #82).   The first documented case of escaping their prison occurred in 1978.  When the Injustice Society of the World sent the Wizard to Earth-One to recruit fresh blood, their return path inadvertently caused the Wizard to damage their prison globe and he sought to escape the temporal maelstrom between worlds.  As a result, the Secret Society was sent to Earth-Three rather than Earth-Two and Power Ring, Owlman and Superwoman escaped.   When the Society realized their error, the sought to finish the trip to Earth-Two but were attacked by the three Syndicate escapees. After a stalemated battle, the two camps retreated and with study, the Wizard realized he could finish the trip if he the helm of Johnny Quick, Power Ring’s ring and Superwoman’s magic lasso.  

After defeating the three syndicate members, the Secret Society is escaped, leaving Captain Comet alone on Earth-Three when the angry Syndicate members arrived.  They thrashed Comet and set off in pursuit of their artifacts.  Their efforts were stalled however when Power Ring, who had pulled his power battery out of storage to substitute for his ring, began to contaminate everyone around him as the battery was leaking toxic energies.  After defeating Superwoman and Johnny Quick and a number of mutated humans, Comet confronted Power Ring and defeated him, repairing the battery enough to cleanse the local populace and send the Syndicate members to their prison (Secret Society of Super-Villains #13-14).

      At this point, it seems the Syndicate members began to escape more often. In 1982, Owlamn and Superwoman are observed free on Earth-Three by the Adjudicator as he seeks female champions throughout the multiverse. (Wonder Woman #292). Ultraman had also escape at the some point since 1978 and encounters the Luthors of Earth-One and Earth-Two in their plot to defeat their respective Supermen.  The trio join forces but are undone by the arrival of a new hero, Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three, who turns the tide against them.  The defeated Ultraman is returned to the prison bubble in Limbo (DC Comics Presents Annual #1).

  Shortly after 1982, Per Degaton, traveling from 1947, was drawn to the prison bubble of the Crime Syndicate.  There he made a Faustian bargain with them, their freedom for their assistance in stealing a set of nuclear missiles from Cuba on Earth-Prime in 1962.  The theft resulting in a nuclear war between the United States and Soviet Union, ultimately destroying civilization on Earth-Prime.   As Degaton secretly anticipated, the Syndicate would attempt to steal the weapons for themselves and when they made their move, he send then to Earth-One, 1982 on the JLA Satellite.   The Crime Syndicate over-powered the JLA who had been waited for the JSA for their annual meeting and began a crime spree on Earth-One.  Seeking the JSA, the found an altered Earth-Two ruled by Degaton as he had used the nukes to conquer Earth-Two in 1942.  Traveling backing in time, the JLA, the JSA and the All-Star Squadron ultimately defeated Degaton and intercepting the Crime Syndicate on Earth-Prime in 1962, preventing the entire chain of events to begin with.  As the timeline corrected itself, the Crime Syndicate was returned to their prison bubble with no recollection of these event as they had functionally never happened (Justice League of America #207-207, All-Star Squadron #14-15). 

At some point after this, the Crime Syndicate fully escaped and was active on Earth-Three in 1984.  Whether they ever encountered their JSA counterparts as depicted below is simply speculative.  As the Crisis on Infinite Earth's began, Earth-Three was among the world's swept up in and ultimately destroyed.  Whether this is was the true Earth-Three or a simple replica is unknown and whether Earth-Three remains out there somewhere in some form is unrevealed (Crisis on Infinite Earths #1).

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In the timeline immediately followed after Crisis, no version of Earth-Three was accessible.  Instead a version of the Crime Syndicate evolved on an anti-matter version of Earth formed in the dimension of Qward.  This Crime Syndicate was markedly different from the Earth-Three version,  In this dimension, Ultra-Man is astronaut Clark Kent, experimented on by aliens and Superman is Lois Lane with Amazonian powers.  Owlman was an elder brother of Bruce Wayne, who became a nihilistic sociopath when he saw his brother and parents murdered.  They were first known when their version of Lex Luthor attempted to defeat them by breaching the dimensions between the normal and anti-matter universes.  While they engaged in pitched battle with the Justice League, they became convinced that idea from the new universe might infect Qwardian Earth and they retreated to defend it (JLA:Earth-2).  Their earth is later attacked by Qwardia force and severely damaged, resulting in greater control and eventually theft of other populations to re-populate it (JLA #108-114, Trinity #40-52).  Their current fate is unknown


After the 52, Flashpoint and Dark Metal events, several varingly unstable versions of Earth-3 have been created and seemingly destroyed.  These versions bear more similarity to the original Earth-Three versions and some details may be analagous, though origins vary.  Key components:

Ultra-Man is  a Kryptonian named Kal-Il who is empowered by Kryptonite.  He may be older than his peers, having assassinated JFK in 1963.  He has no secret identity.

Owlman is Thomas Wayne who is alternatively the survivor of his family murder or the cause of it.  He may or may not be the lover of Superwoman.

Superwoman may be Lois Lane or may be an Amazon from Demon Island named Donna Troy.

Power Ring is a cast of the Emerald Knights, the second of Earth employed by the autocratic overloads of Oa

Lex Luthor is either a freedom fighter organizing super-powered individuals or a megalomaniac himself stealing the power of Shazam.

Additional members that may or may not also be present on Earth-Three include Atomica, Grid, Sea King and Deathstorm

(The Crime Syndicate #1-6, Forever Evil #1-6).




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