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Power Girl

Kara Zor-L of Krypton/Karen Starr

Residence: Metropolis
Occupation: Software Specialist

First Appearance (Silver Age):All-Star Comics #58 (January/February 1976)


Character History

Power Girl was born Kara, daughter of the scientist Zor-L and his wife Allura, in the city of Kandor on Krypton. Kara was born roughly around the period of World War I on Earth, making her similar in chronological age to her cousin, Superman. Superman's father, Jor-L, confided to his brother his concerns about Krypton's geological instability and his plans for an escape ship. As the planet's days dwindled, it became clear to Zor-L that he and Allura would not survive Krypton's destruction, but a small ship sufficient to carry Kara to safety could still be built. Using Jor-L's plans, Zor-L constructed a ship similar to the ship that would carry the infant Kal-L, but designed to provide a much greater array of sensory stimulation. As Krypton exploded, the two ships were launched. Kal-L's ship took a more direct path to Earth, arriving while he was still an infant. Kara's ship took a more circuitous route, arriving 60 years later. During the course of the journey, Kara was held in a state of suspended animation in which her aging was dramatically slowed, so that she arrived on Earth as a young woman. Furthermore, her ship, the Symbioship, provided Kara's unconscious mind with a full Kryptonian education, simulating the life experiences of a child growing to maturity. Thus when Kara arrived on Earth, she already "experienced" the normal life events of a 20-year old Kryptonian (Showcase #97-98).


Shortly after her arrival on Earth, Kara was found by her cousin. Kal-L "adopted" Kara, taking her under his tutelage. Where Kara lived and how she conducted herself during this time has never been revealed, but in the late 1970s she joined with Robin (the former Boy Wonder) and the Star-Spangled Kid (himself dislocated in time) in forming the All-Star Super Squad and shortly thereafter becoming full members of the Justice Society of America (All-Star Comics #58-60). Power Girl was the contrary member of the group, constantly trying to distance herself from her perceived "overbearing" cousin. Superman himself made a point to be less active with the JSA, deferring to his younger cousin as his replacement.

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After joining the JSA, Power Girl made an effort to establish a life for herself outside of Superman and the JSA. In the course of doing so, she met a reporter named Andrew Vinson, who was determined to learn as much as possible about the fledgling heroine. Power Girl's high-profile public appearances attracted the attention of her Symbioship, which had bonded itself to Andrew Vinson's body. The ship had failed to terminate its programming of providing illusory experiences to Kara once she had landed on Earth. Power Girl defeated and destroyed the ship, freeing Vinson (Showcase #97-98). Vinson then offered to help Kara establish a secret identity and find gainful employment. Using a "memory teacher" provided by Wonder Woman, Power Girl developed expertise in computer software and Vinson obtained a "no questions asked" position at the Ultimate Computer Company (Showcase #99). Afterward, Power Girl and Vinson became lovers. When the Huntress, daughter of Batman, joined the JSA, she found a friend and confidante among the younger super-hero set on Earth-Two(Adventure Comics #461).


As Power Girl matured, she came into her own as one of Earth-2's most powerful heroes. She participated in several cases with Earth-1's Justice League of America (Justice League of America #147-148, #171-172, #183-185, #207-209; All-Star Squadron #14-15) and defeated the Brain Wave when he once captured the Flash and Green Lantern (Showcase #99). She was also a frequent ally of the Huntress on various cases (Wonder Woman vol. 1 #274-276). In the early 1980s, Power Girl briefly associated herself with Infinity Incorporated, assisting the group in defeating the JSA members who were made ruthless by "drowning" in Koehaha, the Stream of Ruthlessness (Infinity Inc. #3-10).


Power Girl joined with the JSA in defeating the minions of the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and stood by as the all of the Earth's histories were compressed into one. After the Crisis, Power Girl's history and relations were wiped from existence and supplanted with a new history. Although she apparently has had some connection with the JSA, Power Girl's current association with the Justice Society, post-Crisis and post-Zero Hour, remain unclear.

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Power and Abilities

Power Girl has powers similar to that of her cousin Superman. Like his, her powers are derived of her Kryptonian birth. They include flight, super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability to bullets and lesser projectiles, heat vision and x-ray vision.

Weakness and Limitations

Power Girl could be poisoned and ultimately slain by exposure to Kryptonite, a radioactive derivative of Krypton's explosion. She also displayed a heightened susceptibility to magic.

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 Post-Golden Age Appearances of the Power Girl of Earth-Two