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Black Barax

Personal information

Name: Unknown, possibly Barax

Residence: South Sea Islands, Earth 7532 AD
Occupation: Would be conqueror
First Appearance (Golden Age):
Sensation Comics #28 (April 1944) 

Character History

Black Barax was born sometime in the 75th or 76th century AD in potential future of Earth-Two.  It is unclear whether he is an actual denizen of Earth or of extraterrestrial origin. He first came to prominence in 7532 A.D., during a time in which a large planetary body has been pulled into Sol orbit in close proximity to Earth.   For over a century, the gravitational effects of this body had been fended off by a scientist known as The Coordinator, lest the pull of the new planet destabilize Earth and shake it apart.   Sun Tzu once said that some men would burn the world to rule over the ashes and Black Barax was one such man.    He kidnapped the Coordinator and threatened to kill him unless he was appointed ruler of all the world.

The pacifistic culture of the age had no real mechanism to confront Barax’s threat and a meeting of scientists in the metropolitan center of Kikago struck on the idea of pulling a heroic figure from the past.  Revering Mr. Terrific, they used a time-ray to snatch the hero from 1944.  Barax maintained a palatial headquarter in the Western (formerly the Pacific) ocean and soon found Mr. Terrific at his doorstep.  Assuming him to be a courier of victory, he was astonished when Terrific instead threatened him and began thrashing his guards and threatening Barax with swordplay.  Calculating that the gravitational forces plaguing Earth would destabilize it, Terrific threw dynamite into a nearby volcano.  Realizing that he would die unless Terrific allowed his escape, he agreed to release the Coordinator and flee Earth.  His palace was then consumed in the erupting volcanoes.

The final fate of the Earth-Two Black Barax is unrevealed.

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Powers and Abilities

Black Barax was a ruthless aspiring dictator who appeared to have considerable wealth and technology at his disposal, the origins of which are not clear.  He was, by his own estimation, an above-average physical specimen and master swordsman.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Black Barax had no obvious super-powers and was overwhelmed when aggressively engaged by Mr. Terrific, who also had no super-powers.

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Prior Earth-0

A version of Black Barax exists in this timeline but his full history is unknown.  He possesses time travel technology and traveled back to the 20th century to acquire tachyon technology from Tyler Industries, including traveling back to 1944, where he was thwarted by the 2003 version of the JSA, the 1944 version of the Freedom Fighters and Mr. Terrific (JSA #41-42).  Terrific did not appear to recognize Barax indicating that this incursion preceded a similar encounter as that on Earth-Two, that the Earth-Two version events never occurred or that this is an entirely different character entirely.  A similar character appeared in a dream of Sandy Hawkins which was either just a vision or evidence that the character had a broader experience that generally known (JSA #33).





Reprinted in

Sensation #28

1st appearance and origin,  vs. Mr. Terrific