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Personal information

Character History

Real Name: Unknown


Residence: Mobile 
Occupation: Conqueror, possible Lord of Chaos
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): All-Star Comics #61 (August 1976)

Little is known of the origins of the being known as Zanadu.  He was found encased in amber on a dig containing artifacts of the ancient land of Lemuria by archeologist Carter Hall and returned to the United States.  Zanadu later claimed to be the last survivor of the lost continent and had placed himself into the amber after absorbing the life forces of the populace.  Whether this is true or the ranting of madness is unconfirmed.

In 1976, Carter Hall had removed the amber cube containing Zanadu to the artifact room beneath his home.   He showed it to a colleague, Dr. Arthur Kliburn, who warned Hall that the being encased in the amber seemed evil.  In fact, Kliburn burned with greed at the recover of an actual being of Lemurian origin and return to the Hall residence that evening to steal the cube.  Instead, he found the amber melted and an awakened Zanadu, who promptly kills Kliburn.  The sounds of Kliburn's murder awakens Sheira Hall, who initially attempts to fend off the arcane being before attempting to flee.  She is captured instead and kept in stasis, believing he could use the reincarnated heroine as focus of emotional energy to increase his power.  Zanadu departs, leaving Kliburn's corpse and an after-imagine of himself and Shiera behind.

Returning home in his guise as Hawkman, Hall finds the aftermath of the Zanadu's escape and summons the Justice Society.  They track Zanadu to Tokyo, where he has been drawn to Japan's island nature as a reminiscent of Lemuria.  There he begins to paralyze and drain the life from the Japanese population until the Justice Society arrives and attacks it.  Standing atop a volcano, Zanadu fights Superman and Power Girl to a stand-still while WIldcat and Hawkman attempt to rescue the Japanese people.    Stymied, Zanadu takes Shiera and vanishes, reappearing over JSA headquarters.  The he is drawn into battle with Star-Spangled Kid and Hourman and initially proves unstoppable.  The presence of Zanadu awakens Dr. Fate, who had been mortally injured by Vulcan previously and was believed near death.  Zanadu frequently referred to himself as a "Chaos master". though whether his alliance with chaos is what roused the Lord of Order Nabu and restored Fate is not clear.

Once fully engaged and with the remaining JSA, Zanadu was effectively overpowered to lose control of Shiera, allowing her to be rescued.  As he prepared to unleash his full powers, Doctor Fate summons the reconstruction of his amber prison, returning Zanadu to the state in which he was found (All-Star Comics #61-63). 

Whether he survived or escaped is unrecorded.  Where the cube containing Zanadu was deposited, even if deceased, is unknown.

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Powers and Abilities

Zanadu was a being of unknown origins who was steeped in magical forces, the nature of which was likewise unknown.  He could emit enormous burst of thermal and concussive energies, travel enormous distances in the blink of an eye, manipulate matter in terms of forms and solidity and transport objects and people outside of the flow of time.  The full range of his powers is unknown.

Weaknesses and Limitations

As the nature of Zanadu's abilities are unknown, his limitations are likewise unknown.  It is suspected there are upper limited as revealed by his intention to use Shiera Hall as a focus for more power.  He could also be defeated by superior magical force, as demonstrated by his defeat at the hands of Dr. Fate.  Whether he has specific weaknesses is not clear.

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No version of Zanadu is known to exist outside the Earth-Two timeline.




Reprinted in

All-Star Comics #61-63

1st Appearance, vs. the Justice Society

Justice Society TPB Vol. 1, Showcase Presents All-Star Comics Vol. 1, All-Star Comics: Only Legends Live Forever