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The White Wizard

Personal information

Character History

Real Name: Unknown


Residence: Mobile 
Occupation: Criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age):Smash Comics #27 (Ocotber 1941)
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): None 

Nothing is known of the history of the criminal known as the White Wizard until his henchmen made an appearance in Metropolis in the Fall of 1941.  Two oddly attired men, known as Shock Guards, pursued scientists in the late evening, using tridents emitting electrical currents that stunned their targets.  Emerging from a scientific lecture, Dr. Thomas Bond and Kent Thurston are accosted by the men, leaving them both stunned.  Thurston recovers to see the men carrying off Dr. Bond and gives chase. 
As they disappear into an abandoned building, Thurston pauses to assume his identity as the Invisible Hood.  Quickly catching up, he sees them disappear into an elevator and after subduing some thugs at the entrance, follows them down.

When he emerges deep underground, he is surprised to see what appear to be a small city.  Seeing his quarry, he witnessed Dr. Bond brought before a tall lanky individual known as the White Wizard.  The Wizard reveals that  Bond is the fourth scientist he has captured and that he will put to work on the Wizard’s plan for conquest.  The Hood quickly intervenes but a blast from one the minions reveals his face despite his cloak and he is quickly subdued.

Taken captive, he is left with his cloak and when Bond escapes and subdues one of the men guarding the cell, the Invisible Hood subdues the other with a chokehold.  Free from his prison, the Invisible Hood catches the Wizard at dinner and as the scientists begin to overcome the Shock Guards, the Wizard triggers an auto-destruct process that will destroy his underground hideaway.  The Invisible Hood abandons his fight with the Wizard and leads the scientists to safety, just as the ground collapses in on the hidden lair.  The Wizard is seen driving away into the distance (Smash Comics #27).

Later that winter, the Wizard used the knowledge he had gained of the Invisible Hood’s true identity to break into his home and steal his Invisible Cloak.  Working feverishly for days, the Wizard identify the formula of the chemicals that gave the cloak its properties and duplicated it, creating a dozen of the cloaks for his men.  A crime wave covered the city shortly thereafter as invisible men robbed banks, thwarted the law and kidnapped scientists for the Wizard’s work force.  Thurston, unable to work as the Hood, still pursued the Wizard.

invisible hood vs the white wizard inks colors resize

Seeing a kidnapping, Thurston leapt onto the back of the getaway car and is taken to abandon boathouse along the waterfront.  Slipping in through a window, he sees the Wizard’s men doff their cloaks and gather to hear the Wizard’s plan.  Quickly grabbing a rope, Thurston swings into the mean scattering them and starting a fire from a broken lantern.  The Wizard panics and tries to save the cloaks but Thurston is too quick, tackling the Wizard and recovering his own, Putting the others to the flame, Thurston, now the Invisible Hood, returns to the fray but the Wizard leaps through a window and into a waiting boat, escaping across the water into the night (Smash Comics #30).

Shortly thereafter, the Invisible Hood traveled to Earth-X with the first iteration of the Freedom Fighters (revealed in All-Star Squadron #31-32).  Whether the White Wizard was ever captured is unrevealed.

Powers and Abilities

The White Wizard was a talented scientist and chemist, able to re-derive the invisibility formula for the cloak of the Invisible Hood and created electrical weapons for his Shock Guards.  He had amassed sufficient wealth to fund a small group of minions and create extensive lairs from himself.  The scope and origins of these resources are unknown.

Weaknesses and Limitations

The White Wizard was a middle-aged human with little physical combat acumen.  Cornered, he could be easily defeated.
Multiversity Villains


No version of the White Wizard have emerged in any continuity other than Earth-Two.




Reprinted in

Smash Comics #27

First Appearance , vs. the Invisible Hood

Smash Comics #30

vs. the Invisible Hood