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The Crimelord

Personal information

Character History

Real Name: Edgar Stenville


Residence: Gotham City
Occupation: Professional Criminal
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Wonder Woman #284 (October 1981)

Nothing is known about the early life of Edgar Stenville, the mob boss who eventually became known as the Crimelord.  He was known to be a racketeer of considerable influence among Gotham City's crime families and views by law enforcement even at the Federal level as largely untouchable and impossible to prosecute.  While likely known to Gotham's crime-busters for a long period, he caught their immediate attention when one his fraud rackets ensnared Arthur Cranston, head of Cranston, Grayson and Wayne, a law firm focused on consumer protection. By discrediting Cranston, Stenville hoped to clear a path for some of his more underhanded activities to proceed without the kind of obstacles Cranston's work provided.  When his fraud was uncovered by Robin and the Huntress, Cranston was cleared and the two paid a visit to Stenville, apprising them of their awareness and that further activities would require a more aggressive response (Wonder Woman #284).

Enraged at this, Stenville began to explore ways to combat his new-found attention from super-heroes.  He made contact with an unknown weapons agent and outfitted a criminal named Charles Karnaj, who took the code-name Karnage.  Karnage attacks the office of Cranston to avenge Stenville's previous defeat but is repelled by the Huntress (Wonder Woman #286-287). The willingness of the Huntress to defend Cranston and her frequently proximity to him allowed Stenville to deduce that Cranston partner Helena Wayne is likely the Huntress. 

Using his connections, Stenville had himself outfitted as an armored criminal codenamed Crimelord and kidnaps Helena Wayne.  After torturing her in her civilian identity, the Crimelord stuns her and departs.  As she regains consciousness, she finds he has left her uniform and her weapons available and her manacles unlocked.  Dressing as the Huntress, she explores his castle-like home, finding a key to the New Stratford Repertory Theatre, a small production company outside of Gotham that Alfred Beagle, former butler at Wayne Manor, has been spending his time.

Realizing that the Crimelord is already targeting  those close to her, she tracks the Crimelord down and engages him anew.  They battles across the castle, ultimately reaching the parapets where she is flung over the side and left hanging over the ramparts.  As the Crimelord reached over taunting her to be pulled up, the weight of his armor overbalanced him and plunged over the edge to the ground, presumably killed.  The Huntress pulled herself up and found comfort that her secret identity was no longer in danger (Wonder Woman #289-290).

Racing to the Theatre, she finds Stenville's men have captured Alfred and he unconscious and bound on the floor.  Making short work of them, she races her elderly mentor to the hospital where she learns that Stenville has had his men poison Alfred with a pill that will open at midnight.  Since Stenville is dead, there is no way to find a cure.  While the doctors race against the clock, the Huntress wraps up Stenville's operation.  When the hospital cannot find a cure, the Huntress herself plies her skills learned from the Batman and at the last possible moment, finds an antidote.  Alfred is saved and returns to his life none the worse for wear and the legacy of the Crimelord is believed to be ended (Wonder Woman #294-295).

Whether the Crimelord was truly dead and what became of his equipment if so has never been revealed.

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Powers and Abilities

As Stenville, the Crimelord was a high level organized criminal with a vast network of resources and supply chain fueling an empire of crime. As the Crimelord, he wore an exoskeleton styled after medieval armor that conferred enormous strength while protect him from serious injury.  He wielded large chains that carried an electrical charge, a mace that was rocket powered to act as a guided missle and series of swords and daggers.  The exact specifications of his equipment are not defined.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Without his weapons, the Crimelord was an ordinary mortal and could be wounded as such.  He was also notoriously overconfident, enough that he was defeated by his lack of facility with his own armor.  The limitations of his weapons are not known.

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No version of Stenville has been documented in other timeline other than Earth-Two.




Reprinted in

Wonder Woman #284, 286-87, 289-290

I: Crimelord, vs the Huntress

The Huntress:Dark Knight's Daughter, The Huntress: Origins