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The Boa

Personal information

Character History

Real Name: Unknown


Residence: Mobile 
Occupation: Professional Criminal
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Wonder Woman #298

Nothing is known of the criminal known as the Boa until he started a protection racket in Gotham City.  He first came to public attention in the early 1980's when his thugs, let by a man called "Toro" shook down a local shopkeeper known to legal intern Charles Bullock.  Catching them in the act, Bullock repelled the thugs but the shopkeeper's memories of Batman inspired Bullock to adopt a new identity - Blackwing - to replaced Gotham's deceased champion.

Evenings later, the Boa's men are shaking down a business owner in Chinatown when Blackwing appears.  Inexperienced at super-heroes, he was rendered unconscious by Toro and his gang as the Huntress arrived on the scene.  Eager to engage a new foe, the thugs are recalled to a meeting with the Boa and take Blackwing as a hostage. The Huntress slips a homing device on their vehicle and gives chase.

On the way there, Toro expresses rebellious thought about the scope of the Boa's operations.  Arriving, the find the criminal leader waiting with his large snakes, Roxanne and Rosemary.  They share that they have arranged a large meeting with merchants "needing protection" as the Boa has requested and brought a gift, the hero Blackwing.  The Boa decides to kill him on the spot and the Huntress breaks in and begins to thrash his henchmen.  The Boa unleashes Rosemary on the Huntress and as the large constrictor begins to wrap her in its coils, the Boa departs.

The snake gains the upper hand and the Huntress tries to yogi techniques to halt her breathing long enough to stop the squeeze.  Behind her, Blackwing picks up her knives that had been discarded by Toro and stabs Rosemary, killing her and freeing the Huntress.  He reveals that his defeat had been a feint to allow him to record the Boa's comments for use in a trial.

Following the homing device again, the Huntress finds the Boa and his men threatening the shop keeper whose plight had inspired Blackwing in the first place.  Listening in, the Huntress learns that the Boa's scheme is not really a protection racket but a scam to intimidate the merchants until they sell him their business, allowing him to become a real estate mogul.  Hearing enough, the Huntress breaks in and subdues Roxanne with a snake tranquilizer.  She then makes short work of the Boa and his men and have them wrapped up in time for the police to arrive (Wonder Woman #297-299).

Any further activities of The Boa are not recorded.

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Powers and Abilities

The Boa is a skilled criminal strategist and organizer.  In addition to his knowledge, he commands a gang of semi-loyal followers and two very large constrictors that attack on his command.  The nature of his relationship with the snakes is not clear though he claims to have extensive knowledge of herpetology.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Without access to snakes or henchmen, the Boa possessed no significant advantages and could be easily captured.

Multiversity Villains


No version of the Boa is known to exist outside of the Earth-Two timeline.




Reprinted in

Wonder Woman #297=299

I: The Boa, vs the Huntress