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The Blue Lama

Personal information

Character History

Real Name: Unknown


Residence: Mobile 
Occupation: Criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age):Sensation Comics #68
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): None 

Nothing is known of the being known as the Blue Lama prior to her appearance in 1947 when an agent of hers known as the Black Dagger was captured by Sargon the Sorcerer.  As the mage and his accomplice Maximillian O’Leary took the Dagger to his car in a private automobile, a message appeared on the windshield instructing Sargon to set him free or face the wrath of the Blue Lama.  Ignoring the warning, Sargon delivered the Dagger to the police and he and Max and suddenly whisked 10,000 miles way into the presence of the Blue Lama.  Finding himself bound in chains of black magic, he commands them to break but instead they become a large boa constrictor which he must wrestle manually into submission.  While he struggles, the Blue Lama clobbers him with a stone idol and leaves him unconscious and Max bound in the cave.  Having taken Sargon’s Ruby of Life, she rains fire and destruction on a nearby village as evidence of her power.  Feeling confident, she discards the Ruby only to have Sargon appear without warning and snatch it back.  Revealing that he had followed the snake out of the cave, Sargon and the Blue Lama engage in a mystical battle in which the sorceress turns herself into a lion, a condor and eventually a bolt of lightning that Sargon traps in a tree.  The tree then bursts into flame, leading Sargon to believe that the Blue Lama had been destroyed (Sensation Comics #68).

  Sargon soon learned the opposite however as a few weeks later when he and Max were on the way to the theatre in a cab, Max suddenly disappears to be replaced by the descendent of Sargon from the 30th century.  He claimed that while Sargon had defeated the Blue Lama, she had actually gone into the future and defeated him and thus he had traveled back in time to get his ancestor’s aide in fending her off.  Agreeing quickly, Sargon uses the Ruby of Life to fashion a lamppost into a time machine and they two mages take off for space.  Once they reach the interplanetary void, the new Sargon and the ship suddenly disappear.  The face of the Blue Lama appears, taunting Sargon that without the ability to touch anything, he is trapped in space while she conquers the Earth.  Leaving him, she begins a reign of terror sinking a major city into the sea. As she does, a meteor crashes nearby and Sargon is revealed, having hitched a ride on it back to Earth.  Again, a magic melee ensues as Sargon fends off his thugee minions and then the sorceress herself.  Concealing herself in a large rock, she crashes into Sargon, sending them both into the sea.  Sargon turns the stone into a school of fish but the Lama is nowhere to be seen.  Sargon tells Max if she has escaped, they will know soon enough (Sensation Comics #69).ng it, he causes it to take flight

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 Sargon’s prediction was prescient as a few weeks later, he and Max were riding the Subway with a man who made Max feel watched.  As they emerged from the Subway, Sargon found himself in a vast desert.  The face of the Blue Lama appeared in the clouds, taunting him.  As he engages her defenses, he is struck by an invisible object.   Dazed, he realizes the desert was an illusion and he has been struck by an unseen car as Max had been trying to warn him.  An ambulance picks up Sargon but as Max complains about the ride, he finds they are in flight to an underground hangar where the Blue Lama is hiding.  There they find the Lama with a number of captured humans she has hypnotized and paralyzed.  She sics them on Sargon but he converts them and they attack her instead.  She attempts to murder Max with a lightning bolt but quick action by Sargon turns Max into a lightning rod, reflecting the bolt back on her.  She disappeared in a flash of electricity, leaving not a trace (Sensation Comics #70)

True to form, the Lama was again not destroyed.  On evening several weeks later, Sargon is completely his stage act and summons Max to the stage only to see two versions of assistant appear.  The audience is entertained and Sargon plays along until he gets back stage and tries to figure out which is which.  Each Max presents Sargon with his lunch but when the sorcerer takes an orange from the fake Max, it becomes a doorknob and opens in a throne room where the Blue Lama is waiting.  The Lama binds Sargon and snatches away the Ruby of Life but because both she and Sargon were in contact with in it when she touched it, Sargon retains controls and frees himself.  They duel briefly but she disappears while Sargon dispatches the fake Max.  Returning to the stage for an encore, the audience sees two Sargons but the true one reveals that other to be the Blue Lama, who turns herself to flame to attack.  Sargon summons water to douse the flames and the Blue Lama is gone again (Sensation Comics #71).

Shortly thereafter, Sargon is awakened from a nightmare in which the Blue Lama has found him at a football game and from a dirigible, plans to bomb the stadium, killing everyone to get to her foe.  Sargon deflects that bombs back at her and the explosion awakens him in his bed.  Deciding to go for a walk to clear his head before he testifies against the Blue Lama’s gang, he steps right out the door into an army of Aztec warriors.  They march on a temple not of Aztec design adorned with images of the Blue Lama.  He realizes that this is a sacrificial altar and the warriors inform him that indeed, he is the sacrifice.  The strap him to a stone slab but by touching it, he causes it to take flight, evading the executioner’s knife.  As he flips the slab into the army, bowling over the warriors, he again awakens in his bed and realizes it is simply another nightmare.  Resolving to engage what is clearly a plan of the Lama, he again goes outside this time to quiet darkness.  He suddenly notices his cape is missing and the Lama appears, wrapping in a copy of his cape that she has enchanted.  She laughs as he claims he is dreaming and tells him the first two dreams were a ruse to lull him into false security and his current predicament was quiet real.  As she transports him to a replica of the temple from his dream, Sargon touches a nearby tree, bringing it to life to destroy the edifice.  More trees soon join in and as the Blue Lama finds herself surrounded, she transform into a tree herself and disappears into the forest, leaving Sargon alone again (Sensation Comics #72).

The last known recorded case of the Blue Lama occurred in early 1948. One afternoon while Sargon is playing the piano, he finds himself transported into a cavern with many duplicates of the Blue Lama. As he struggles to find the real one, the copies assemble into a giant version of the Blue Lama.  Sargon grows to match her size but hits his head on the roof the cavern and is rendered unconscious.  Awakened, he finds himself suspended from the ceiling unable to touch anything.  The Lama gloats of her plan to assassinate the President and replace him.  Sargon remembers that the last thing he touched was the piano, which he commands to fly into pieces and weaponized itself against his foes.   Despite the Lama’s intervention, her men are no match for Sargon’s magic and she leaves for Washington D.C. before he can escape.  Declaring that if she cannot rule the capitol, she will destroy it, she summons the waters of the Potomac into a mighty flood.  Sargon catches up to her and she summons beasts of the sea against him.  He grabs and grows a sea horse to escape and when the Lama turns her magic on him, he encases himself in a reflective ice ball that bounces her magic back at her.  She disappears again and Sargon is left on the beach, wondering if she is truly gone or simply transformed to escape him once again (Sensation Comics #74).

The later activities and final fate of the Blue Lama on Earth-Two is unrevealed.

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Powers and Abilities

The Blue Lama was capable of wielding a wide variety of magics including but not limited to projection of heat and force, shape-changing, transmogrification of both living and unliving matter, flight and inter-dimensional travel.  The full range and scope of her abilities are unknown and the origins of these powers is unknown.  She appears to originate in Southeast Asia and occasionally has Thugee disciples but it is unclear whether she originates there or simply copies the motive as part of her appearance.  Indeed, whether the Blue Lama is truly humanoid is likewise unknown.

Weaknesses and Limitations

As the precise nature of the Blue Lama's powers are unknown, the limitations of that power are also unknown.  In practice, she was most commonly defeated by superior magic or equally often, her own turned back on her when she miscalculated her adversaries.

Multiversity Villains


To date, no version of the Blue Lama has been revealed in any timeline but Earth-Two


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1st appearance, vs. Sargon

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Wanted: The World's Most Dangerous Super-Villains #6, Wanted: The World's Most Dangerous Super-Villains HC

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