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Personal information

Character History

Real Name: Unknown


Residence: Mobile 
Occupation: Axis agent, saboteur
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Wonder Woman #234 (August 1977)

Nothing is known of the Axis saboteur know as Armageddon prior to his appearance outside of Washington D.C. in 1943.  He was known to be the top Axis saboteur in the US but whether he was actually German or even European is not entirely clear.  While his activities had been monitored by Army Intelligence for some time, his first recorded encounter occurs when his agents had captured Major Steve Trevor and held him in a facility on the outskirts of the city.  Armageddon confronted Trevor and pronounced him a servant of the Reich before having his henchmen administer a beating and fling him in a cell. Rendered unconscious, Trevor eventually came to when a guard checked his cell and finding a metal briefcase left with him, based the guard with it and escaped.  Trevor did not realize that Armageddon had been observing him and his escape had been designed by his captors.

Making his way to Walter Reed hospital, he was examined by on staff physicians and Dr. Charles McNider.  While the staff cleared Trevor for duty, McNider noticed something on his arm and asked permission to investigate further. Armageddon had placed a spy among the hospital cleaning staff to prevent interference in their plans for Trevor and overhearing the doctor's plans, the spy attacks McNider in his lab that evening.  Not realizing the Dr. McNider was the hero known as Dr. Mid-Nite, the spy was caught be surprised by one of the heroes "Blackout Bomb" and  is blinded and defeated.  Interrogating him, McNider learned of Armageddon's location and left to track him down.

Meanwhile at the White House, Trevor is in a military conference with President Roosevelt when he suddenly becomes ill.  Fleeing to the men's room, he emerges a giant mutated humanoid called a muutorr and begins a rampage toward the President.  As the soldiers present are swatted aside, his aide Diana Prince changes into her identity as Wonder Woman and manages to drive him off as Dr. Mid-Nite located Armageddon.  The Nazi agent brags of his transformation of Trevor as Mid-Nite thrashes his men and quickly escapes.  Back in Washington. the Army has tracked down Trevor and thought Wonder Woman manages to calm him momentarily by recognizing her, he is shot by a tank that seemingly kills him,

armageddon inks colors resize

In reality, Trevor is only unconscious by the muutorr form is deteriorating rapidly.  Resolving to track down Armageddon for an anti-dote, Wonder Woman is thwarted by Army Intelligence who considered a rogue factor in the hunt for the saboteur.  Dr. Mid-Nite reveals himself to Wonder Woman and shares his knowledge of Armageddon's movements, allowing her to launch her on search.  Hearing a fire at the U.S. Treasury, she suspects sabotage and the work of Armageddon.  Arriving she finds him but he manages to split her bracelet, causing her to go berzerk and allow Armageddon to escape.  The Army is furious but Wonder Woman eventually regains control and leaves the scene.

Back in her role as Diana Prince, Wonder Woman remembers a clue from the scene and realizes that Armageddon is hiding on a yacht at the local marina.  Finding him, she learns that she has been set-up and captured to use as distraction as he sabotages an experimental rocket launch.  Wonder Woman managed to escape him and engage in battle once more but Armageddon had brought the antidote to Trevor's condition and faces with capturing the antidote or Armageddon, she allows the saboteur to escape, gloating that his true identity was his most important secret (Wonder Woman #234-236).   That identity and the final fate of Armageddon on Earth-Two have never been revealed.

Powers and Abilities

Armageddon was a skilled organizer and saboteur.  He appeared to a human male of elite physical capacity but whether he had super-human abilities is not been defined.  He either was or employed experts that were biologist skilled in mutagenic pharmacology so he could have in theory experimented on himself.  He wielded a large axe, the properties of which are not fully known.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Armageddon's weaknesses and limitations are not known as he was never known to be captured or directly defeated.  He was however, forced to flee by Wonder Woman on multiple occasions so presumably he had limits and knew what they were.

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Prior Earth-0

A version of Armageddon exists in this timeline and battle Hippolyta when she served as Wonder Woman during World War II in this time frame.  He captures Olympian weaponry which he refuses to return to Wonder Woman.  In returned, she reclaims by slicing off his arm.  (Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #185).  His identity and fate in this timeline and whether he is the counterpart of the Earth-Two version is unclear.




Reprinted in

Wonder Woman #234-236

1st Appearance, vs. Wonder Woman and Dr. Mid-Nite