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Personal information

Character History

Real Name: Aquarius


Residence: Mobile
Occupation: Extrastellar maniac
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Justice League of America #73 (August 1969)

The origins of the being known as Aquarius are lost in deep time, likely before the rise of life in the Universe of Earth-Two.   At some point in eons past, Aquarius became deranged and begin to manipulate dangerous forces in the universe.  A being known as a "living star", Aquarius was eventually captured and held before a Council of such beings for judgement.  Concluding he was too dangerous to be free with the abilities of his kind, he was reduced to a subsistence level of energy and cast out to drift across the universe.

In the spring of 1969, his essence drifted in range of Earth-Two, where he attracted the attention of amateur astronomer Ted Knight.   Knight decided to investigate as his alternate identity Starman.  As he gentle probed the abstract form of Aquarius, the stellar being absorbed the energy and amplified it.  Sensing aggression, Starman pressed harder but with each engagement Aquarius become stronger and more cohesive.  Realizing the Starman's cosmic rod was a mechanism by which to regain his stellar powers, Aquarius snatched it away and sent Starman hurtling to the ground below.  He crashed through a window right as Dinah and Larry Lance arrived.  When Dinah switched to identity as Black Canary to investigate, she was taken off guard by Larry who had fallen under Aquarius sway.  When he attacked, she repelled him, shaking him back to normalcy.  Realizing they were dealing with something powerful, She called in the JSA.

As they answered the call, the JSA encountered a world gone mad. Neon signs came to life and attacked Green Lantern while a child with super-strength delayed Dr. Mid-Nite.  Dr, Fate was the first to make contact with Aquarius but was repelled.  The assembled heroes engaged the conceited being with distracting conversation until the more powerful members of the Society - Superman and Wonder Woman - arrived on the scene.  The two attempted to overpower Aquarius but were themselves defeated.  Angered at their resistance, Aquarius unless his full stellar might and dispelled the entirety of Earth-Two into a different plane of existence.  The planet was tethered to its original place only by the continued survival of the Justice Society, who Dr. Fate had enclosed in a protective sphere.  Aquarius, depleted by his efforts, could not break Fate's spell and late arrival Red Tornado had seen enough to flee to Earth-One for reinforcements.

Busy with other work, the JLA stalled the Red Tornado for two weeks before hearing his concerns.  Ashamed at themselves for the delay, the immediately joined him in the journey back to Earth-Two to rescue their comrades.


They arrived as Aquarius was just recovering his full abilities and was attempting to break through Fate's shield.  The JLA there to engage Aquarius, Fate relaxed but Aquarius quickly seized mental control of them for and forced them to battle the Justice League while he departed to gather his wits.  The two teams battled fiercely, with the two Superman subduing each other and the remaining JSA contained.  Black Canary's opponent had been Green Arrow and to stop her without injury, Green Arrow had used a glue arrow to entangle her.  Green Lantern used his power ring to summon Aquarius back to their now assembled forced but to defend himself,  the living star flung a ball of injury at the assembled heroes.   Realizing that Black Canary could not evade it, her husband Larry Lance flung himself into the objects path and was killed.  His death snapped the JSA to their sense and with Aquarius again depleted, their memories tethering Earth-Two pulled it back into their plane of existence.

Aquarius flees and the JSA hold a funeral for Larry Lance.  As the ceremony concludes, Aquarius returns to taunt  the heroes and ridicule their mortal existence.  He challenges the heroes to catch him and flees across space, trapping them in a warp bubble in the process.  The two Green Lanterns escape and decide to risk themselves to lure Aquarius into a negative energy universe.  They begin to taunt and ridicule the vain being who gives chase to destroy them.  Opening a rift the flee into the negative universe with Aquarius blinding charging through behind them.  Too late, Aquarius realizes his error and when his massive positive energy comes into continue with opposing anti-matter of the negative realm, he is seemingly destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion (Justice League of America #73-74).

Whether he was truly destroyed and may one day return has not been revealed.

Powers and Abilities

Aquarius' race identified themselves as "living stars" and possessed enormous abilities to manipulate time, space and energy.  He could create and destroy matter, mental control other beings, repel enormous force directed against him and fully powered, was able to shift the entirety of Earth-Two out of mainstream existence.  The full limits of his abilities are not known, though it is unlikely even with regeneration from the cosmic rod that he could achieved his abilities before being diminished by his fellow beings.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Aquarius powers were considerably diminished when he was judged unfit but the Council of Stars.  In his reduced form, he could regain considerable power but was depending on a conduit to gather stellar energy, notably the Cosmic Rod.  This energy was finite and could be depleted over time, reducing him to a much lower level.  In addition to his physical limitations, Aquarius was mentally unstable and prone to fits of vanity and anger.  Sufficiently provoked, he could act pointedly against his own interest.  He could be neutralized by exposure to anti-matter as any positive matter being would be.

Multiversity Villains


Prior Earth-0

A version of Aquarius exists in this timeline and is thought to have essentially an identical history to his Earth-Two counterpart.


Justice League of America #73-74

First Appearance, vs. the Justice Society and Justice League

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 2 TPB, Justice League of America Archives #9, Showcase Presents: The Justice League of America #4, Justice League of America: The Silver Age Omnibus #2