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Alexander the Great

Personal information

Real Name: Unknown


Residence: Mobile 
Occupation: Professional criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age):Flash Comics #2 (February 1940)
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): All-Star Squadron Annual #3 (September 1984)

Character History

Nothing is known of the criminal known as Alexander the Great until his appearance in New York in 1940.  In February of that year, the city is shaken by violent earthquakes, toppling several buildings.  Shiera Saunders is caught in the quake and Hawkman quickly rescues her but can do little against the earthquake.  At home Shiera reveals that she has been in contact with the architect of the quakes, a man who calls himself Alexander the Great.  Alexander is a great physicist and seeks to engage Hawkman before using his fantastic inventions in a campaign of conquest.  The heroes are invited to dinner at Alexander’s elegant estate.

Arriving that evening, Alexander impressed his admiration of Hawkman and his knowledge that Carter Hall is indeed he.   Over their meal, Hall and Alexander verbally joust and Alexander offers Hall a bribe of $1,000,000 if he will not interfere and to reinforce his point, offers a tour of his lab. He demonstrates a machine that causes the weight of an object to increased enormously, such as the buildings he caused to collapse under their own weight.  Alexander reiterates his bribe but Hall offers no promises as he and Shiera leave.

On the road home, Carter askes the driver to pull over so he can sneak back to the laboratory and see if his nth metal resists the effects of Alexander’s equipment.  Slipping into the lab, he is able to pick up the objects Alexander had demonstrated on and tells himself that war is coming between and Alexander the Great.  He returns and tells Shiera of his findings and they outfit him for battle as Hawkman!

Returning to Alexander’s estate, Hawkman learns that the Alexander has claimed credit for the previous collapse of the skyscrapers and made demands of the government which had gone unanswered.  As Alexander prepared to launch another attack, Hawkman swooped in and throws an nth metal mesh net over the machine, disrupting its function.  He and Alexander struggle and the villiam manages to wing Hawkman with a pistol and reveals that he has a second machine that he will use to crush Hawkman.

As Hawkman is pinned by the rays, Shiera, who has been waiting outside, investigates.  She finds Hawkman pinned and Alexander out of the room and turns off the machine, freeing her partner. Hawkman re-traces his path and finds Alexander disentangling his first machine for use.  Moving in quickly, he close to Alexander and stabs him in the neck with a trident. With the villain down, Hawkman smashes on machine and takes another back to his own lab for study.  Alexander is believed killed in the incident (Flash Comics #2).

Assumption of his demise proved premature and Alexander appeared against several months later as an ally of Ian Karkull and his plan to disrupt history by assassinating future Presidents.  Alexander was assigned Congressman Lyndon Johnson but was intercepted by the Hawks before he complete his mission and was presumably sent to prison (All-Star Squadron Annual #1).

The final fate of Alexander the Great on Earth-Two is unknown.


Powers and Abilities

Alexander the Great was an extremely skilled physicist and engineer, arguably at a genius level.  He demonstrated this ability through creation of fantastic weaponry, notably a device that could increase gravitational forces at great distance and on a large scale.  He was financed by considerable wealth, the origins and extent of which are unkn

Weaknesses and Limitations

Crossart was an ordinary middle-aged human and captured easily as such.

Multiversity Villains


No version of Alexander the Great has been shown to exist in any timeline other than Earth-Two.




Reprinted in

Flash Comics #2

First Appearance , vs. the Hawkman

Golden Age Hawkman Archives Vol. 1

All-Star Squadron Annual #3

As an agent of Ian Karkull