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The Fishmen of Nyarl-Amen

Group information

Member names: Nyral-Amen (leader), others unnamed

Residence: Undersea realm of Nyral-Amen
Occupation: Warlords and soldiers
First Appearance (Golden Age): More Fun Comics #66 (March 1941)

Character History

The existence of the realm of Nyarl-Amen was largely unknown to the world of men prior to 1941, being the province of practitioners of the occult.  The people of Nyarl-Amen were noted to be hybrids of both fish and men.  For reasons unexplained, the people of Nyarl-Amen emerged after years of seclusion in that year with the leader of that people, also named Nyarl-Amen, approaching a U.S. Naval facility in the Hawaiian Islands.  As Nyarl-Amen approached, he is confronted by two soldiers, who he promptly kills with lightning from an enchanted spear.   He then summons dozens of his soldiers to over-run the base and retreats to the sea,  Shortly thereafter as the base on the verge of defeat, Doctor Fate arrives and repels the invading Fishmen by absorbing the electricity of their spears and returning it as walls of flame.  After ensuring that the base is stable, Fate plunged beneath the waves.

Scouring  the Pacific floor, he finds the ancient realm of Nyarl-Amen,  Slipping in unseen, he finds a kidnapped officer before a mystic totem of eyes being hypnotically compelled to reveal the secrets of the US military.  Fate quickly snatches the officer into hiding, breaking the spell.  He then directly confronts the ruler of Nyarl-Amen but is repelled when the Fishman erects a protective ring of mystic flames.  Retreating, Fate returns the officer to the surface and then descends for a final confrontation with Nyarl-Amen.  The two are evenly matched in mystical skill, resulting in a draw until the use more physical methods.  Nyarl-Amen brandishes a sword but a quick left hook from Fate subdues him, causing the Fishman to fall on his sword and die.  Fate them returns the surface and unleashes his full mystical might on Nyarl-Amen, destroying the city and everyone in it.

Whether Nyarl-Amen is truly destroyed or ever returned has not been recorded.

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Powers and Abilities

The Fishmen of Nyarl-Amen were hybrids of human and marine life, the exact nature of which are unknown.  They could breathe in both water and air and possessed sufficient physical rigor and strength to function at great depth of the ocean.  The heritage of Nyarl-Amen was rich in ancient forms of magical arts and their formidable fortress housed powerful mystical totems to protect them and aide their desire for conquest.  Their primary weapon was a spear with three prongs that released a form of electricity that could stop of the heart of a human with a single burst.  The full extent of their technology is unrevealed.

Weaknesses and Limitations

The leader of Nyarl-Amen possessed extensive magical powers but was neither invulnerable nor immortal, ultimately permitted his death.  The limits of his powers or that of the average Fishman are not known.

Multiversity Villains


The Fishmen of Nyarl-Amen have not appeared in any timeline but Earth-Two to date.





Reprinted in

More Fun Comics #66

1st appearance,  vs. Doctor Fate

 Wanted: The World's Most Dangerous Super-Villains #3, Doctor Fate Archives #1