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The Faultess Four

Group information

Member names: Sieur Satan, Serge Orloff, Duriel, Smythe

Residence: Mobile
Occupation: Professional Criminals
First Appearance (Golden Age): Flash Comics #1 (January 1940)

Character History

The origins of the criminal known as the Faultless Four are largely unknown.  It is unclear how long they had been active as a group or as individual criminals prior to 1940.  How they knew each other and whatever casework they had previous to that time is also unknown.

The first recorded case of the Faultless Four was when they reached to Major Arthur Williams, attempting to lure him into committing treason on a military research project for an “atomic bombardier”.  After several months, The Four captured Williams and placed him a room with mirrors on the walls, floors and ceilings to erode his sanity and weaken his will.  Their goal was to get him to reveal the secrets of his project, which they would sell to foreign agents for millions. When he failed to break, they set out to mortally injure his daughter Joan in a drive-by assassination.  Smythe, the group’s criminal sharpshooter executed the deed and reported back that she was dead.   Serge Orloff, the group’s master surgeon, claimed he could still save her if Williams revealed the base of working on the bombardier but Williams remained adamant.  Unknown to the four, Joan had been saved by her friend, the newly empower Jay Garrick.   

To further intimidate Williams, Smythe returned to retrieve the body but ran into Garrick arriving at the same time.  Smythe inquired about Williams but was astonished the she opened the door, unhurt.  Claiming an error he fled but Garrick realized he must be one of the Four and followed him.  After threatening them to cease, Garrick in his new identity as the Flash search the house and found Williams, who he sped back with to Joan.   Zipping back to the Four, the Flash overhears their plans to stage a terrorist attack on Coney Island using aerial machine gun fire and in the confusion, re-take both Williamses.

The following morning, the Flash, having allowed them to think they were free to act, quickly intercepts the bullets when the aerial bombardment begins.   When Smythe has run out of bullets, the Flash races back and intercepts them before they reach the Williams’ home and then follow them back to their apartment.  Confronting them, Sieur Satan slips out and throws a switch, sending electrical voltage through the floor, killing his co-conspirators and he believes, The Flash.  The Flash was too quick however and follows him as he tries to escape by car.  As the Flash races alongside, Satan losses control and crashes the car into a ravine, making the end of the Faultless Four (Flash Comics #1).

Word of Sieur Satan’s death was premature as he re-appeared a year later in the charge of Ian Karkull, who had hatched a plan to murder future Presidents of the United States.  Satan was charged with the murder of Dwight Eisenhower, at that point a Colonel in the U.S. Army at Fort Lewis.  Using a vehicular drill bit to tunnel under the military compound, Satan was intercepted by the Flash.  The vibrations of the Flash countering the vibrations of the drill bit resulted in an explosion, destroying the vehicle and presumably Sieur Satan with it.  Whether that was true is unknown and whether Satan had truly died in their previous encounter or if he had been resurrected by Karkull is unknown (All-Star Squadron Annual #3).

Whether Earth-Two had truly heard the last of the Faultless Four remains unrevealed.
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Powers and Abilities

The Faultless Four were a collection of accomplished scientists and criminal operators.  They had amassed sufficient success to arm themselves with multiple hideouts and employ operatives at a level to attempt to subvert the U.S. Military. The full range of the talents and resources have not been revealed.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Without their resources, the Four were middle-aged humans with no exceptional powers and could be injured/subdued as such.  Given Sieur Satan’s willingness to murder his colleagues, they were not possessed of a sense of loyalty or teamwork when threatened.

Multiversity Villains


The Faultless Four are thought to have existed in this timeline and have an essentially identical history to their counterparts on Earth-Two.






Reprinted In

Flash Comics #1

First Appearance and Origin

The Greatest Flash Stories Ever Told, Famous First Editions #8, Secret Origins of the DC Super-Heroes, The Great Comics Book Heroes, Golden Age Flash Archives #1, Flash Comics #1 Millennium Edition, The Flash: A Celebration of 75 years, The Flash: 80 Years of the Fastest Man Alive

All-Star Squadron Annual #3

Sieur Satan only, as a henchman of the Ian Karkull