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Profile image by Alex Garcia (Pen and inks) and David Stepp (Colors)

On Earth-Two, Atlantis was a continent inhabited between 10,000 and 20,000 B.C.  in the central Atlantic Ocean.  The origins of the Atlantean people are not well known but it is said that the diaspora of Atlantis colonized Egypt and Greece, or at least contributed to the establishment of their civilization (Action #18).   The people of Atlantis were highly advanced, with extensive knowledge of magic as well as science more advanced than other nation on Earth by thousands of years.  Whether this technology was the product of Atlantean ingenuity or derived contact with alien or extradimensional agents via Atlantean magic is unclear.  At some point, the bulk of the sorcerous knowledge of Atlantis was inscribed in a series of texts, one of which was the Book of Thoth, which was entrusted to Atlantean agents in Egypt, who hid in the Koptos river, guarded by a magical serpent (More Fun #58).  Whether other texts exist has not be established and how much of Atlantis’s history and knowledge is truly known is somewhat uncertain.

Near the end of its intact existence, Atlantis was ruled by Queen Atlantea. In 9638, B.C., a gun appeared, dropped through time by 20th century murderer Eric Pomar who had slain the inventor of a “time chute” that he had used to dispose of the murder weapon.  Pursing the weapon through time to acquit the falsely accused Ted Weldon, Green Lantern arrived and was immediately accosted by gun-wielding soldiers.  Confused as to his location, Green Lantern played along until he was taken before Queen Atlantea who revealed her attention to declare war on all of civilization and conquer the planet.  She insisted Green Lantern join her cause but before she could coerce his cooperation, earthquakes shook the capitol, ultimately sinking it into the sea along with the rest of the Atlantis.  Green Lantern, retrieving the murder weapon, return to the 20th century (All-Star Comics #53). Gath of Atlantis claimed that in the past, Earth had two moons and the loss of one precipitated the earthquakes the destroyed Atlantis (Action #18).  The existence of a second moon in Earth-Two’s history has not been confirmed, tho it has been documented that Earth-One had a second moon in a similar time frame (Justice League of America #155) so such is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Millions perished in the destruction of Atlantis but several pockets of inhabitants survived in a number of encapsulated environments, hidden from human contact for centuries.  The first contact with descendents of the original Atlantis occurred in the 17th century with Jon Valor, known as the Black Pirate.  During a violent storm, Valor and his son Justin are washed overboard and land on a volcanic island.  Seeing light, the follow it to discover an underground ruled by a cruel Seagrim, intent on wedding his son to the designated regent, Princess Undine.  Seagrim and his cohorts are huighly mutated, with fin-like facial features and green skin, the nature of which is unclear. Condemned to death for interfering in Atlantean affairs, Valor and Justin are aided by a lad named Enidnu, who ultimately unmasks as the Princess.  When an oracle fails to confirm a marriage between Undine and Seagrim’s son, the villains are undone and Undine send the Valors back to their ship with the gift of Poseidon’s ring, a connection to summon Atlantis to his aide if he ever needed them (Sensation #20).  Whether he ever used the ring or the its final deposition is unknown.

Sometime around 1920, an unnamed oceanographer stumbled upon some of the ruins of an Atlantean laboratory.  He studied it for years, eventually using the biotechnology he adopted from  the ruins to conduct experiments on his young son, allow him to survive underwater and engage in feats of great strength and speed. He also educated his son extensive on the zoology of the ocean, allowing him to communicate, if not command, a variety of different kinds of sea life.  The fate of the oceanographer is unknown.  The son grew up to become the hero known as Aquaman (More Fun Comics #73).

The first known encounter with the descendants of Atlantis in modern history occurred in 1940 when the Ophirean regent Setap contacted Zatara the magician, claiming to have a map to the ancient realm of Atlantis.  Chartering a boat, the two sailed into the middle of the Atlantic and Zatara was lowered to the sea floor in a bathysphere. There he indeed found an outpost of ancient Atlantis, guarded by underworld species of humanoids and sea serpents.  Evading them, he meets Gath, the leaders of this colony of Atlanteans and learns much of the continent’s history.   As he communes with the Atlantean, Setap is accosted by one of the sailors, Barnacle Will, who sees the prospect of Atlantean gold too enticing to resist.  The group converge on the colony and disturb Roor, an ancient mystical octopus who is a sworn for of Atlantis.  Roor kills Barnacle Will but is eventually defeated by Zatara, who departs the Atlantean colony while Setap chooses to remain (Action #18).  No further record of this colony exists. 

In August of 1940, the Book of Thoth was found by an unnamed wizard, who used its spells to fleece wealthy men in London before being stopped by Doctor Fate.  Rather than risk it’s re-discovery, Fate reduced the book to dust and scattered the dust into the sea. Whether that was the end of it is unrevealed (More Fun #58). 

In 1942, Zatara encountered another colony of former Atlanteans off the coast of Florida.  This group had developed an underwater city, though the lacked the ability to breathe underwater unaided.  This city recaptured much of the architecture of the original Atlantis and was ruled by Nargo, an evolved mutant Atlantean with enormous mental powers housed in a larger than normal brain.  The aging Nargo followed affairs in the surface world and identified a surgeon who could help him resolve a condition that was killing him.  Kidnapping sailors as ransom, Nargo convinced the surgeon to come but Zatara also tagged along.  After eventually overcoming Zatara, the surgical anesthesia allowed Zatara to gain the upper hand and in the battle for supremacy, the city was destroyed and Nargo seemingly killed in the process.  Nothing more of this colony is known (Action Comics #47). 

In 1943, Batman and Robin were investigating the disappearance of ships in the North Atlantic and found a whirlpool that pulled them into another underwater colony of Atlantis. Ruled by Emperor Taro and Empress Lanya, the government of the colony has been deceived by Nazi Admiral Von Buritz into believing that the Nazis are in a righteous war against the Allies.  The whirlpool is how the colony refreshes its air supply and the Nazis were using the outpost as a military base and the whirlpool to damage ships.  Batman and Robin reveal the Nazis are the true aggressors and obtain guarantees of protection of ships from the whirlpool from the Atlanteans (Batman #19). Whether this remained the case and whether the Nazis used this knowledge of Atlantis further has not been revealed.

In early 1944, espionage work by Major Steve Trevor led to the discovery of largest part of Atlantis that survived the Cataclysm. A large women intercepts Trevor while he seeking to collect pieces of a document that contained a top-secret formula for a weaponized gas that weakened whoever was exposed.  The woman offers the document in exchange for a flight home, which turns out to be a vent in the ocean leading to Venturia and Aurania, the two largest remnants of the Atlantean continent.  Venturia was ruled by the autocratic Clea while Aurania was ruled by the more benevolent Eeras.  Eeras is revealed to be Trevor’s passenger who was seeking the formula to aid a war between Venturia and Aurania.   Upon landing, Trevor and Eeras are swarmed by Clea’s forces who take them captive.  Wonder Woman pursues the missing Trevor and arrives in Atlantis herself, also being captured by Clea.  Wonder Woman escapes and rescues Trevor for a gladiatorial pit where he is condemned to fight to his death and as the two fight their way out, Eeras forces have used the formula for the devitamizing gas to subdue the Venturians, capturing clear and sending the captives home.


Clea was wily, however and had her daughter Ptra switch places with her.  Believing Clea captured, the Auranins lowered the guard and were caught by surprise when Clea raised an army of captured sailors from the seas nearby.  Aurania is over run but the capture of American sailors alerts Wonder Woman to the situation and she arrives to once more aid Eeras to hold the throne.  She takes Clear and Ptra to Transformation Island in hopes of reform.  Clea eventually escapes when Wonder Woman brings Eeras daughter Octavia to the island but the Atlantean women and Wonder Woman are captured by the males of Atlantis (or manlings) who, while physically much weaker than the females, have ceased control.  Clea aligns herself with them males but is again defeated by arriving forces led by Trevor and the Holiday girls . Princess Octavia was installed as ruled of Venturia and her mother retained regency of Aurania. (Wonder Woman #8). Clea is returned to transformation island and the fate of Ptra is unknown.

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Description of the geography of Venturia and Aurania as provided by Queen Eeras to Steve Trevor in 1944 (Wonder Woman #8)

In November of 1944, the Venturians, tired of serial monarchies, overthrew Octavia and installed anarchists, at alliance of manlings and lower tier Atlantean women.  These leaders proved no better than the monarchies and the intervention of Wonder Woman established a true democracy with Octavia as president (Sensation #35). In 1946, a manling scientist named Manilus develop a process to vastly increase is intellect and overthrew President Octavia and luring Wonder Woman to Atlantis, coerced her as a captive bound with her magic lasso to aid in  the capture of Queen Eeras.  Manilus is then crowned Emperor of Atlantis until the Wonder Woman’s captor inadvertently cause the loss of one her bracelets, causing to go berserk.  Her full power unleashed, the Amazon quickly dethrones Manilus and only the timely arrival of the Holliday Girls subdues her long enough to restore her bracelets before she kills Manilus’ forces.  The rulers of Atlantis are then restored to their offices (Comic Cavalcade #18).

An additional two survivors were identified later – one in 1946 by Hawkman and Hawkgirl, who discovered Atlantean descendants on a tiny volcanic island.  Unlike other Atlantean colonies, this one had degenerated into primitivism in which two groups, one in the dry heart of the volcanic island and one near the sea, were constantly at war with each other.  Believing the Hawks to be an ancient legend, each declared war on each other until the two heroes taught them they are better served living in peace. In the second, Wonder Woman discovered a colony of highly advanced Atlantean men who had fled Atlantis before the cataclysm and set up an undersea colony with a paranoid government.  Believing advancement in the modern world to be a threat, they attacked a submarine launched by the U.S. Navy in 1953, leading Wonder Woman to engage them and ultimately convince them to trust the other governments of the world in exchange for promises of protection should things go awry (Wonder Woman #57).


Little is known of the fates of most of the Atlantean colonies.  In the 1970’s, through events as yet undescribed, the nations of Aurania and Venturia returned to the surface world and Clea, escaped from Transformation Island, had returned there to seek the throne.  In this instance, she was also allied with King Kull from Earth-S and his Earth-One agents the Penguin and the Blockbuster, drawing the attention of Superman of Earth-One and Wonder Woman of Earth-Two, who defeated the assembled villains (Justice League of America #135).


The further history of Atlantis on Earth-Two remains unrecorded.


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