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Dr. Doog

Personal information

Name: Unknown

Residence: Usually Mobile
Occupation: Scientist,  Professional Criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age): Adventure Comics #61 (April1941)

Character History

Nothing is known of the criminal scientist known as Dr. Doog prior to his encounter with Starman in early 1941.  His true name is unknown, though it may be “Doog” or a pseudonym as “Doog” is the reverse spelling of “Good”.   Ensconced in a mountain lair, Doog began a campaign of terror as the leader of the Mysterious Brotherhood of the Electron.  Using an ultradynamo outfitted with advanced technology from the kidnapped Professor Abraham Davis, Doog accelerated generators until they caught fire, disrupted communications and induced train and airplane engines to fail.  FBI and military leaders were at a loss to thwart the Brotherhood’s endeavors until FBI Agent Woodley Allen contacted the new hero known as Starman.

On Allen’s instructions, Starman combed the country looking for aberrant electrical signals and identified one coming from Doog’s mountain hideout.  Melting his way through the doors, Starman coerced a henchman to lead him to Doog but a death ray killed henchman before they got too far.  Wandering the cavern, Starman found Davis and was intercepted by Doog himself.  Doog attempted to use his powerful hypnotic powers to immobilize Starman while he opened the floor between his feet.  The ploy failed as the Gravity Rod kept the hero aloft and Doog fled while his lackeys piled on.  Dispersing them, Starman pursued Doog into his inner laboratory where Doog attempted to unleash the ultradynamo.  While powerful, the dynamo was repelled and destroyed by the cosmic forces marshaled by Starman and Doog attempted to escape, only to fall into his own open floor.  Assuming him dead, Starman left the hideout with Professor Davis and melted the entrance to prevent further access.  Abrams swore he heard Doog laughing but Starman was certain the villain was finished (Adventure #61).

Starman was proven wrong several months later when Doog re-established a new base as part of a team of villains organized by Ian Karkull to slap individual figures that as Karkull had divined, would eventually become US presidents.   Doog was tasked with the murder of James Carter and set up his dynamo in a tower in Georgia.  Hot on his trail was the JSA founder Hourman who crashed into Doog’s laboratory.  Hourman held his own against the might of the ultradynamo but the tide turned with the arrival of Starman, in pursuit of Doog after learning of his survival.  The two heroes bested the aged scientist and left him bound for the authorities.

The ultimate fate of Dr. Doog and his legacy on Earth-Two remain unrevealed.

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Powers and Abilities

Dr. Doog was a highly accomplished scientist with an expertise in electromagnetic physics and engineering.  He also possessed the ability of hypnosis, though it is unclear whether this ability is the product of training or inherent ability.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Separated from his henchmen and his devices, Doog was aged human who posed a less than average physical threat.

Multiversity Villains


Prior Earth-0

Dr. Doog is known to have existed in the Post-Crisis timeline and his history appears largely similar.  His ultimate fate in this timeline is likewise unknown.



Issue #


Reprinted in:

Adventure Comics #61

First Appearance, vs. Starman

Starman Archives #1, Millennium Edition Adventure Comics #61, Justice League of America #94

All-Star Squadron Annual #3 -  1940's

Set in the 1940's