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The Sky-Pirate

Personal information

Name: Unknown

Residence: Usually Mobile
Occupation: Professional Criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age): Green Lantern #27  (October/November 1947)

Character History

The Sky Pirate first appeared in the skies over Gotham City in the summer of 1947. Nothing is known of his origins or how he had amassed the financing for the expensive equipment he used in his early crimes. His first public crime was recorded when his airship, The Flying Dutchman, anchored alongside the penthouse apartment of a Gotham aristocrat. Casting a nearly invisible net lined with grappling hooks to the side of the building, the Sky Pirate manufactured the illusion of running across the air itself. With accomplices is pirate attire, the Sky Pirate robbed the wealthy guest at the penthouse party of cash and jewelry. Meanwhile, Alan Scott and Doiby Dickles observed the odd ship and quickly investigated. Quickly intervening, Doiby engaged the Pirate's thugs while the Green Lantern pursued the Sky Pirate himself. After some initial skirmish, the Pirate lured Green Lantern onto his netting and shot him with a flintlock pistol. Expecting a ball of lead, Green Lantern was caught of guard by the knockout gas coming out of the barrel. In the meantime, the Pirate's henchman had subdued Doiby and the ship was off with it's booty.

    Rather than kill the hero and his sidekick out right, the Sky Pirate lashed them to the hands of a Gotham clock tower just before noon. As the clock hands moved closer together, the heroes were in danger of being crushed against each other until Green Lantern used his ring to jam the mechanism driving the clock and then free himself.  While the heroes resolved their plight, the Sky Pirate had made a target of renowned miser, J. B. Jasper. The miserly millionaire lived in a penthouse in downtown Gotham and made a tempting target for the airborne criminal. Playing to the miser's well known love of money, the Sky Pirate dropped a large back of money into the penthouse rose garden. When Jasper grabbed the bag, he was hooked and hauled up to The Flying Dutchman like a fish.  Once on board, the courtly pirate offered the millionaire's release for the simple task of signing over his fortune. When the millionaire refused, the Pirate threatened to kill him. As he was about to force the elderly miser to his death, Green Lantern appeared off the side of the ship. Rather than be caught, the Sky Pirate pushed Jasper overboard. Rather than let the miser die, Green Lantern was forced to let the Sky Pirate escape.


The Flying Dutchman immediately became engulfed in clouds and seemingly disappeared. After rescuing Jasper, however, Green Lantern noticed a cloud moving against the wind and followed it to a high peak. Hidden in the clouds, he found the Sky Pirate's hideaway, a natural cave high in the mountains of the Catskills. As Doiby engaged the thugs once more, Green Lantern pursued the Sky Pirate onto an elevator. As the two grappled, the Pirate got stronger and stronger as the elevator rose higher and higher. Hitting on the idea, the Green Lantern jammed the elevator controls into the down position, rocketing the elevator into the depths of the mountain. As they descended, the Sky Pirate weakened and panicked, become more and more withdrawn as they sank lower and lower. The Sky Pirate, as it was later learned, had Terraphobia, a fear of being grounded. His fear had driven him to a life of crime high above the lands. After his collapse, the Sky Pirate was turned over to the authorities for his subsequent arraignment (Green Lantern #27).

    The Sky Pirate was not long for prison and soon escaped and re-assembled his gang. After learning the outcome of a fateful expedition in the Himalayas, the villain hit on an idea to rid himself of the primary obstacle to his plans. Disguising himself as the psychiatrist Dr.  Ticky, the Pirate convinced the Green Lantern that recent difficulties in maintaining altitude were psychological in nature, a result of altaphobia or fear of heights. In truth, the Sky Pirate had generated a machine that caused massive downdrafts that interrupted Green Lantern's flight in several cases. With his nemesis afraid to leave the ground, the Sky Pirate took up pursuit of explorer Arthur Paxton. Paxton and explorer Ned Barnes had discovered a rare metal, an antigravity metal, in the rocks high on Mount Everest. As Paxton explained this to Barnes daughter (Barnes had died on the expedition), the Sky Pirate made an entrance and after a brief skirmish with the Green Lantern, kidnapped the explorer.

    As the Sky Pirate made for Mount Everest, Doiby Dickles found a note from Paxton revealing a hideout for the Pirate's gang on the 68th floor of the Gotham Building. There the heroes discovered the Sky Pirate downdraft machine and recognizing that Green Lantern's "altaphobia" was merely a hoax, took off in hot pursuit of the villain. When the hero arrived, the Sky Pirate was quickly mining the rocks for the novel metal. When his excavations were interrupted by the arrival of Green Lantern, Betty and Doiby Dickles, the Pirate and his men turned their attention to the interlopers. Handicapped by his civilian tagalong, Green Lantern was overcome and the trio tied to a large piece of anti-gravity metal. As they rose out of sight, the Sky Pirate finished off his operation and set sail.

    Struggling against the dwindling oxygen, Green Lantern set everyone free and the trio returned to Gotham. Quickly barging into the Gotham Building, the hero found the Sky Pirate and gang counting his loot. The overconfident criminal had assumed the hero dead and returned to his comfortable suite. Caught off guard, the criminals were no match for Green Lantern and quickly rounded up. The Sky Pirate was again turned over to the authorities (Comic Cavalcade #25). At some point, either between or after the two recorded cases, the Sky Pirate was pulled into the timestream by Per Degaton to help his battle against the All-Star Squadron in 1942.  Following Degaton's defeat, his accomplices were returned to their proper times and likely had no recollection of their involvement in the case (Justice League of America #193, All-Star Squadron #1-3).

    As of this writing, the ultimate fate of the Sky Pirate remains a mystery.

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Powers and Abilities

The Sky Pirate possessed no super-powers but was a skilled pilot and swordsman. He possessed an arsenal of pirate-based paraphernalia, including a massive customized skyship and a flintlock revolver that fired both chemical as well as traditional bullets.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Weaknesses and Limitations: The principle weakness of the Sky Pirate was his pathological fear of the ground, Terraphobia. Prolonged time on the ground or any time in subterranean places renders the villain too frightened to be effective.

Multiversity Villains


Prior Earth-0

The Sky-Pirate of this timeline is thought to have a largely similar history as his Earth-Two counterpart but this has not been verified. Another criminal, Myles Lydecker, had a similar motive in the late 20th century (Black Condor #2-3) but any relationship to the Golden Age version is unclear.




Reprinted in

Green Lantern #27

First Appearance, vs. the Green Lantern


Comic Cavalcade #25

Vs. the Green lantern


Justice League of America #193

Set in the 1940’s, vs.  the All-Star Squadron

Showcase Presents All-Star Squadron Vol. 1

All-Star Squadron #1-3  

Set in the 1940's, assembles villains from various times and battles the All-Star Squadron

Showcase Presents All-Star Squadron Vol. 1