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Personal information

Name: Unknown, possibly Kulak

Residence: Usually Mobile
Occupation: Conqueror, sorcerer
First Appearance (Golden Age): All-Star Comics #2  (September 1940)

First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): All-Star Squadron #20  (April 1983)

Character History

Kulak originated in the realm of Brztal, tho whether this is a planet or otherdimensional realm is not clear.  At some point,        he was entombed by an ancient, but unknown civilization on Earth.  Kulak placed a curse on the tomb, vowing to annihilate any civilization that profaned it.  When it was discovered in the lae 1930’s on Earth-Two, a parchment was recovered that proclaimed Kulak’s warning. When it was taken to museum, Kulak appeared to retrieve it, injuring a museum guard.  As Jim Corrigan arrived to hear the case, he realized there were otherworldly aspects to it and summoned the Spectre.  Kulak immediately appeared to challenge the Spectre and immobilized him. 

Setting forth to keep his promise, Kulak summoned up waves of catastrophes, beginning a whispering death that caused raging hatred in humans, driving them to attack each other.  This was dispelled by the liberated Spectre but followed by waves of locusts which the Spectre translocated into space. Finally, Kulak causing the oceans of the world to rise and flood civilization.  The Spectre attacked and Kulak uttered an incantation that began to dissolve the Spectre’s form.  Calling on the Almighty, the Spectre was given the Ring of Life which Kulak could not abide.  The sorcerer fled but not before summoning the undead legions of Brztal, who the Spectre had to systematically destroy to resume pursuit.  Having somehow lost the Ring of Life, the Spectre leaped at Kulak anyway, interrupting an incantation that Kulak then lost control of, seemingly consuming the sorcerer.  With Kulak apparently destroyed, the oceans returned to their beds and the Spectre returned to the form of Jim Corrigian (All-Star Comics #2).

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Kulak was not destroyed and at some point, at obtained the Ring of life for himself.  He was found by the Spectre and the two battled for a week before Kulak gained the upper hand (All-Star Squadron #20).  He reached out and seized control of the Spectre, forcing the hero to guard his tomb while he mustered his energies.  Realizing their missing member, Doctor Fate set out in pursuit of the Spectre and found him at Kulak’s tomb.  After a brief battle, the Spectre cast Fate back into the dimensional void but the awakened Kulak further subdued the Spectre and tore open a  hole in reality to assault the Earth.

Kulak’s assault on Earth-Two was met by the assembled might of the Justice Society.  While the heroes got little traction, the arrival of Sargon the Sorcerer who possessed the Ruby of Life had an immediate impact. The resonance between the Ruby and the Ring of life repelled Kulak, who returned with the Spectre under his command.  As the JSA battled the Spectre, Sargon fetched Dr. Fate from the void where the Spectre had flung him and the two re-entered the fray. Kulak was delighted at the opportunity to seize the Helm of Nabu from Fate but quickly learned that the helm had two, not three, eye holes and the third eye was reflected back onto him, sending him hurtling into the void he had planned for Earth.  The Spectre was then restored and Fate returned to using the half-helm he had previously (All-Star Squadron #27-28).

Whether Kulak ever returned to Earth-Two has not been recorded.

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Powers and Abilities

Kulak is a cosmic level entity with vast magical powers.  He has demonstrated an ability to go to toe to toe with the Spectre and open rifts to other realms.  The destructions of entire civilizations have been credited to Kulak.  Powers included, tho are likely not limited to, psychological manipulation on a planetary scale, unleashing biblical level plagues such as floods and locusts and summoning legions of undead.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Kulak’s limitations appear primarily psychological.  An arrogant and presumptive thinker, Kulak often underestimates his enemies and losing control of spells has been the primary means of his defeat.  Much of his power is also focused through his third eye and if obstructed or injured, his powers can be limited.

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Prior Earth-0

The history of Kulak in the Post-Crisis timeline is thought to include most of the same elements at the Earth-Two timeline.  In the mid-1990's, Kulak again manifest on the Earthly plane, this time in a much diminished form.  Appearing as "Edmund Kulak" on a television program, he used the whispering death broadcast over the airwaves to turn the public against the JSA til he was eventually defeated (Justice Society Vol. 2 #8-10).  The fate of this Kulak is likewise unknown.





Reprinted in

All-Star Comics #2

1st Appearance, vs. the Spectre

All-Star Archives #0, Flashback Comics #13

All-Star Squadron #20

Prologue – vs the Spectre


All-Star Squadron #27-28

Vs. the All-Star Squadron