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Knodar, The Last Criminal

Personal information

Name: Unknown

Residence: Usually Mobile
Occupation: Professional Criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age): Green Lantern #28  (October/November 1947)

Character History

Born in the 25th century of the Earth-Two timeline, little is known of the early life of the criminal known as Knodar, including whether his name is Knodar or if that is a name he created for himself.  By the time he reached adulthood, Knodar had fully committed himself to a life of crime, an anachronism in 25th century life where a peaceful, orderly society had removed all criminal impulses from almost every citizen.  For crimes as yet unknown, Knodar had been sentenced to imprisonment and public display as an oddity and object of ridicule.  Knodar’s keeper, a man named Dalmyr, got too close to Knodar’s cell one evening and the criminal lifted his magitron, a replicator device that could manufacture anything the holder could imagine.  Knodar’s quickly creates a time catapult and flings himself 500 years into the past, arriving in 1947.    He immediately starts using the magitron to create a variety of futuristic devices to commit crimes and recruits a gang of henchmen to help him.    When the police summon Green Lantern, the henchmen panic, revealing their fear of the hero.  Knodar uses the magitron to summon Green Lantern and the henchmen promptly kill him, dumping his body into the apartment of Alan Scott and Doiby Dickles.  Suprisingly, Alan Scott finds the body but has no recollection that he himself is Green Lantern.

Finding a spare Green Lantern costume in his closet, Scott decided to “disguise” himself as Green Lantern to intervene in Knodar’s bank heist but is quickly captured.  Meanwhile, Dalmyr has used the time catapult to follow Knodar and hails Doiby Dickle’s cab in pursuit.  Seeing Knodar pull ahead, Dalmyr uses the magitron to place wings on the cab, which he abandons when he sees a replica of Knodar’s prison fortress in the mountains.  Charging in, he is quickly subdued and he and Green Lantern and bound to giant gears, a death trap to crush them both to death.  As Knodar abandons them to conduct his next robbery, the Gotham Treasury, Dalmyr urges Alan Scott to use  Green Lantern’s ring, an act that restores their memory.  Making short work of the gears, Green Lantern and Dalmyr catch up to Knodar and  his men at the Treasury and quickly overcome them.  Dalmyr returns to the 25th century with Knodar and his weaponry in tow (Green Lantern #28). 

Knodar Resize

 From this point forward, Knodar became increasing obsessed with defeating Green Lantern.  Within months (20thcentury time) of his initial encounter, he had once again appeared in Gotham, this time switching places with Green Lantern and capturing a hapless Doiby Dickles.  When Dickles answers his question that train robber Jesse James was history’s most brazen criminal, Knodar resolves to be a greater train bandit.  Meanwhile, Green Lantern finds himself with Rhya, an educator charged with reforming Knodar.  After convincing her that he is the real Green Lantern and not Knodar in disguise, they realize the criminal must once again be plaguing the 20th century and travel back to 1948 via power ring.  They arrive in time to catch Knodar robbing a large passenger train but are subdued when Knodar’s uses a metal controller to swat Green Lantern with a large pipe.

Changing tactics, Green Lantern switches to his civilian identity and he and Rhya join the next train as passengers.  Predictably, Knodar attempts to rob it and when they rise to thwart him, they are captured and left in a death trap in which a passing train trips a wire that electrocutes them.    As Knodar heads to the railroad office intending to up Jesse James train heists by stealing an entire railroad, Green Lantern managed to free himself and takes up the chase.  Cornered in a railway office where their weapons neutralize each other, Green Lantern subdues Knodar with simple fisticuffs.  With criminal unconscious, he transports Rhya and her quarry back to the 25th century (Green Lantern #30).

Within months Knodar was again back in the 20th century, this time somewhat by accident.  Stealing a centuries-old time machine, he set course for the 23rd century where he intended to hook up with a notorious female criminal, the Black-Eyed Bandit.   He overshoots his marks, arrive in the summer of 1948 and in the middle of Gotham’s “Golden Jubilee” celebration.    Mistaking starlet Ann Hunt for the Black-Eyed Bandit, he drags her along on a crime spree stealing the prizes set aside for the jubilee.  At his first  target,  a giant golden key, he  is intercepted by Green Lantern.  Shocked at the heroes appearance in what he believe the 23rd century, he is delighted when Ann Hunt inadvertently subdues the hero with the key.

For his next heist, Knodar and his “accomplice” target the Grand Jubilee Ball, a costume party of Gotham’s elite.  Claiming the key theft was a prank, he is invited as a guest of the mayor and unaware that Green Lantern and Doiby are in attendance in disguise, begins to rob the attendees.  When Green Lantern reveals himself, a brief scuffle ensues before Knodar escapes to his accomplice in the car below.  They drive to a museum where Green Lantern and Doiby are ambushed and subdued.  While Knodar gloats over a death trap he has created for them, Ann Hunt slips out and steal his metal control wand and subdues the futuristic crimimal.   She then frees Green Lantern, who sends Knodar back to the 25th century.  Knodar is returned to his cell, convinced that he has been in the 23rd century the whole time (All-American Comics #100).

Further encounters with Green Lantern have not been recorded.  Knodar’s next documented appearance was decades later during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Taking advantage of the carnage, Knodar travels back to the 20th century and while only a year has passed in his time, nearly 40 have lapsed in the 20th century.  Arriving in Los Angeles, he assembles a gang of time-displaced gangsters from the 1930’s to begin a series of robberies only to run afoul of the Star-Spangled Kid and heroine Jonni Thunder.   Corraling Knodar on a movie set, they defeat him by dropping a wooded prop on him that looks like a metal airplane, which Knodar’s metal controller won’t deflect (Infinity Inc. #23-24). 

Whether Knodar had other run-ins on Earth-Two is unrecorded and his ultimate fate is unknown.

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Powers and Abilities

Knodar had not inherent abilities but had access to extensive 25th century technology, the most primitive of which was incredibly advanced by 20th century standards.  His favored items included a metal-controlling wand and a "magitron", a replicator device that could conjure most anything he could imagine.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Bereft of his advanced technology, Knodar was easily captured.  He did not appear to be particularly clever or creative, relying on the fact that his equipment would be vastly more powerful than anything present in past centuries.  He was also an incurable kleptomaniac, a significant psychological abberation by 25th century standards.

Multiversity Villains


Prior Earth-0

The Knodar of this timeline is thought to have a largely similar history as his Earth-Two counterpart but this has not been verified. He made an appearance at Roulette's Fight Club as a spectator (JSA #28) and had a brief run-in with Batman and Superman in the late 1990's (Batman and Superman: World's Finest #2). 




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