History of the Comics Archives

First Home Page for Comics Archives

The origins of the Comics Archives web site lie in a former usenet group rec.arts.comics.dc.universe, where it started as a series of reprints notes of my own devising.  Over time, the notes were fleshed out and titled the JSA Fact File and offered to the public on the usenet group on June 18th, 1995.  The original post is here:


I authored the document with some of the original editorial assistance of Douglas Atkinson, Mark Coale, Iain Neil McNair and Robert Gansler.  Craig E. Canevit, then at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, created the first web-based home for the Fact File on July 5th of that year.

Over the next year, I taught myself rudimentary HTML and created the first version of the Comics Archives web site on the web service formerly known are ExecPC.  An archival version of the first web site is found here:


Over time, the content of the site has expanded, contracted and been re-organized but the core components – focused on the Justice Society of Earth-Two, their adversaries and allies – has remained consistent.  In this latest version, the site fuses my original notes with the new iteration of my hobby, commissioning original art to better reveal the characters in this beloved timeline.