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The Evil Three

Group information

Member names: U-Ban, Mala, Kizo

Residence: Mobile
Occupation: Professional Criminals
First Appearance (Golden Age):  Superman #65 (July 1950)

Character History

The three brothers U-Ban, Mala and Kizo were scientists on Krypton-Two at the earliest parts of the 20th century.   Members of the Ruling Council of Krypton, a body of ten technocrats let by Jor-L, they secretly used access to government resources to obtain extensive supplies for their illegal experiments developing technology  they could use to subjugate the rest of Krypton.   The ultimately developed a device that could remove all water vapor from the air but were discovered by Jor-L, who was following up on some unusual requisitions he found during a routine audit.   The three brothers overcame Jor-L and revealed their plans of conquest, activating the machine and watching the citizens of Krypton gasp for breath.  While the three took to the airwaves to make their demands, they lost track of Jor-L, who freed himself and quickly deciphered a way to inactivate their device.  With air restored, the Kryptonians stormed the brothers' lab and carted them off to jail.  As Krypton had no death penalty,  U-Ban and his brothers were placed in suspended animation and loaded into a rocket ship to keep them in space until such time as a better solution could be found.  Jor-L had inadvertently done the brothers a service however as Krypton exploded a few years later, killing almost all of the inhabitants.  Their ship drifted for decades before being struck by a meteor, sending the damaged ship towards Earth.

In Metropolis in mid-1950, the ship crashed in the center of the city with force of a meteor.   As buildings topple, Superman rushes to the scene, only to find three survivors of the apparent crash without injury.  Astonished, he seeks to engage them but they run off at super-speed.  As the race across the city, the three brothers learn that Kryptonians on Earth can fly and as they clumsily leap into the sky, Superman manages to snag U-Ban by the heel.  Assuring them he means no harm, the Kryptonians introduce themselves to one another.  They explain their history to Kal-L, who reveals that he is the son of their nemesis Jor-L.  They in turn vow to conquer the Earth as they once did Krypton.  As Superman challenge them, U-Ban uses a super-shout to destablize a ner by building, allowing them time to escape.
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After a restless night, Superman , as Clark Kent, arrives to the Daily Planet to find his co-workers frozen in place.  Changing to Superman, he learns the entirety of Metropolis is likewise paralyzed and seeing the Evil Three racing around the city, he knows they must be the source.  Using his super-hearing, he follows a low-frequency sound to a machine on a distance mountain top. Destroying the machine restores the citizen of Metropolis and Superman returns to challenge the brothers from looting labs around the city..  The Kryptonians agree that only a battle royale will  settle the score and they adjourn to an uninhabited island to fight it out.  Superman, more experience with  his powers, holds his own against the three but cannot get the upper hand, even as the battle creates seismic impact measurable all over the world.  Realizing brawn enough is not the answer, Superman use his super-ventriloquism to trick the brothers into believe each had insulted the other, resulting in their fighting among themselves.  When they eventually exhaust themselves, a recovered Superman returns and uses Jor-L formulas to recreate their rocket prison.  He sends them into space, hoping never to see them again (Superman #65).

Such  was not his luck however, as a few years later in 1954, the ship bearing the three brothers is again struck by a meteor and crashes it, free the three.  While two brother decide to use their new-found freedom to escape, Mala insists on seeking vengeance against Superman.  Returning to Earth, Mala decides to impersonate Clark Kent, not realizing that "Superman's Friend" is in fact, Superman himself.  Thinking he has disposed of Kent, Mala arrives at the Planet but his quick temper and undisguised powers raise suspicions.  The following day, Mala goes on a crime spree, stealing the Earth's monuments.  Superman intervenes but Mala's threats of destruction allow him to escape. 

Returning to his Clark Kent impersonation, Mala and Lois are ambushed by local thugs, causing "Clark" to reveal his super=powers.  Mala quickly claims that "Clark Kent is Superman" not realizing he has inadvertently revealed Superman's secret.  Superman meanwhile is attempting to restore the stolen monuments to their correct locations.  "Clark Kent" offers Lois the scoop of being revealed as Superman but instead reveals he is Mala and kidnaps her into space.  Superman returns and gives chase and Mala appears to counter him by flinging the globe containing Lois toward the Earth.  Superman catches her but they find an Earth with monuments but no life.  Superman soon realizes  that the Earth is fake and destroys it, returning to find the Mala has summoned his two brothers to Metropolis. 

Swearing to destroy the Earth, robbing Superman of a home a second time, the three brothers are enraged to see Superman approached in a bubble-shaped craft.  The quickly rush inside to confront him but find only a stuffed dummy and themselves trapped inside.  Before they can break free, Superman arrives with a basket held at some distance.  He empties that basket and uses his super-breath to blast into the surface of the craft, revealing into be fragments of Kryptonite that weaken and traps the brothers.   Superman then hurls the shift into the depths of space with the admonition to never return (Action Comics #194).

The fate of the Evil Three have never been revealed.

Powers and Abilities

Each of the Evil Three was a full-blooded Kryptonian, indicating they all the powers and abilities as any other Kryptonian - super strength and speed, flight, x-ray vision, super breath, and invulnerability.

Weaknesses and Limitations

The Evil Three also possessed  the typical weaknesses of Kryptonians, notably a loss of vigor in the presence of radioactive fragments of  their homeworld, otherwise known as kryptonite.  Either a function of their long sleep or inexperience, they were not quite a match for Superman as he was able to stall, if not defeat, the combined three.  Presumably they also share a Kryptonian sensitive to magic but whether this is absolutely true has not been revealed.

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Whether U-Ban, Mala and Kizo exist in any other timeline is unrevealed.





Reprinted in

Superman #65

1st appearance,  vs. Superman

 Superman in the Fifties, Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2004)

Action Comics #194

Vs. Superman, mainly Mala appears

Superman Annual #4, Superman  #217