The Comics Archives is an academic effort to provide historical and contextual information about the comic book super-hero team the Justice Society of America and its associated settings and supporting casts on Earth-Two.

Like many such efforts, it stands on the shoulders of giants.  The Archives are particular inspired by Dr. Jerry Bails, an American popular culturalist widely credited with restoring interest in the Earth-Two continuity and founding fandom as we now know it.  In addition to being an inspirational example, Dr. Bails generously donated copies of many of his published works to this effort in its earliest days for which I am profoundly grateful.

Other forefathers of this effort include Craig Delich, long-time collaborator Bails and author of the All Star Comics Revue and Roy Thomas, writer of the revival series The All-Star Squadron and editor of Alter-Ego and other related collections such as the All-Star Companion series. We are likewise inspired by the efforts of Michael L. Fleisher, well known for his 1970’s re-imagination of the Spectre but also the author of extensive encyclopedias on Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

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The bulk of the material reviewed on this site stems from the publication of DC Comics Inc.  All characters depicted are the sole trademarks of DC, it's parent companies and approved subsidiaries.  Depiction of these characters are for academic summary of published works and no endorsement of these perspectives is extended to this site by DC Comics, who hold sole authority to consider prior work in production of future work based on these characters.  These summaries are offered only to educate users on historical depictions of these characters and provide mechanisms by which to conduct further inquiry on their own.

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