This section provides information on the variation of character interpretations both pre-Crisis and in iterations since Crisis.  Focus is on characters defined by their given name (Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, etc.) rather than code name (Green Lantern, Flash).  Emphasis is on interpretations where the character had a major role versus a cameo or non-essential story role to minimize clutter. 

The Red Tornado


Though the JSA assumed the Red Tornado destroyed after the battle with The Hand, he had in fact been blown through a dimensional rift into the Earth-One Universe.  He reappeared to the Justice League a few months later (Justice League of America  #105-106) and joined the team. He also had been given new features that were more human and adopted the secret identity “John Smith” through which he developed a romantic relationship with Kathy Sutton.  He found he could not easily return to Earth-Two (Justice League of America #107) and later settled in with a new costume (Justice League of America #110). Less than two years later, Red Tornado’s body was again destroyed over Midway City in a battle with Nekron (Justice League of America #129).  When the Justice League opened the gates to the afterlife in a battle with Count Crystal, The Red Tornado’s spirit escaped and appeared in a re-formed body (Justice League of America #145).  That was initially a ruse by the Construct but the real Red Tornado eventually re-emerged and became an active member of the League (Justice League of America #146).

That winter,  passing aliens accidently dropped mystical artifacts around the earth, including on the Middle East were it was found by a little girl, orphaned in the war-torn region.   When the Justice League attempted to retrieve it, the girl attacked them but seeing she was frightened and alone, the Red Tornado appealed to her as “one lonely creature to another” and won her over.  The girl, Traya, would eventually become the Tornado’s adopted daughter (Justice League of America #152).  The Red Tornado remained an active member of the League for several years.


In the early 1980’s, Professor T.O.Morrow returned and in an effort to disassemble the Tornado, learned a powerful truth:  That he was in fact the an alien Tornado being, the two beings – the Tornado Tyrant and the Tornado Champion – were released and the Champion revealed his true nature to Firestorm.  Using the hero’s matter-rearranging powers, a new body for the Tornado was created, capture both his elemental forms at the cost of his memory (Justice League #192-193).  In the mid-1980’s, when Aquaman re-formatted the League into a smaller Detroit based, The Red Tornado left to explore his life as an individual (Justice League of America #232)

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Anti-Monitor destroyed the Red Tornado’s body, unleashing the full elemental potential of his true self.  He was then used as a weapon against the heroes in the final days of the Crisis but his true fate on Earth-One remains unknown.

Prior Earth-0

In the immediate Post-Crisis Timeline, the Tornado remained in his elemental form for an extended period of time.  He separation from humanity caused him to become detached and aloof, leading him to become the dominant air elemental on the planet.  The pollution in the air deranged him, pulling him into conflict with Firestorm and Captain Atom (Firestorm Vol. 2 #92-93, Captain Atom Vol 2 #16-17).  Eventually, the tornado entity was homed in a new android form (Captain Atom Vol. 2 #38-43), leading the original personality of the Tornado re-forming.  After re-joining  the Justice League (Justice League Vol. 2 #7), he began to restore his relationships with Traya and Kathy Sutton.  His body was destroyed in the lead up to the Infinite Crisis (Infinite Crisis #2) and his current fate in this timeline remains unclear

Red Tornado Multiversity 2

A Red Tornado Android is part of the Nazi-allied New Reichsmen but the nature of it's existence is unknown (Multiversity: Mastermen #1).


The Red Tornado of the Earth-11 timeline, consistent with the female dominated culture of this world, assumed a feminine form (The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman).


The Red Tornado of this timeline has been fused with the android Amazo by T.O.Morrow, resulting in the death of the Red Tornado.  With the world's crime largely resolved, the Justice League used "Red Amazo" for gaming exercises (Multiversity: The Just #1).

MV3 Red T

The history of the Red Tornado in  this timeline is though to be generally similar to his history in the Post-Crisis Earth-0 timeline.  In the mid 21st century, the personality of the Tornado has been freed of the need of android housing and his cyclone form manifests in a form similar to his original uniform.  He was believed dispersed at the battle at the Gulag in Kansas but given his ability to reform, it is unlikely this is permanent (Kingdom Come LS).


The Red Tornado is a member of the Justice League of Earth-23 tho nothing is known of his nature (Multiversity #1).


A version of the Red Tornado exists along the government agents of this world, appearing more as a yogi or djinn than an android.  The origins of this version of the Red Tornado or the source of his cyclonic powers are unknown.  He survives the final battle with Zod but his final fate is unrevealed.

MV4 Red T