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Personal information

Name: Russell Keen

Residence:  Washington, DC.
Occupation: Scientist, criminal
First Appearance (Golden Age): Comic Cavalcade #27 (June 1948)

Character History

Nothing is known of the like of Russell Keen before he became the President of National Railroads in Washington DC.  In 1948, hos railroad fell apparent to an extortion scheme that robbed the railroads of electric power, halting transit on every railroad on the Eastern Seaboard.  Serendipitously, on one of the trains were Steve Trevor and Diana Prince en route the capitol.  While Trevor and several other dignitaries conferred with the conductor, Prince slips out and re-appears as Wonder Woman.   Grabbing the front end of the locomotive with a large chain, she pulled the train at high speed all the way to Washington Terminal.

There she and Trevor meet Keen, President of the Railroad and learn he is being extorted by someone calling themselves "Anti-Electric".  Later when they visit Keen's office, Anti-Electric appears on a television screen and demands that 90% of all railroad stock be handed over.   Diana attempts to call the Pentagon but learns that Anti-Electric has also seized power in the telephone system, demand that also be turned over to him.  Leaving for the airport as Wonder Woman, Diana witness a plane sputter on take off and begin to crash.  She quickly caught it in time, learning that Anti-Electric was also extorting National Airport.   Meanwhile Keen has assembled captains of industry to capitulate to Anti-Electric's demands.

Determined to defeat him, Diana retreats to one of Paula's Secret Laboratories and develops a tracking device.  Following it she finds an old farmhouse with a gaggle of farm girls inside.  When she questions their veracity, they subdue her with her own lasso beneath the house to Anti-Electric's secret lab.  Compelled by her lasso, she is forced to transmit broadcasts claiming that it is she that is Anti-Electric, discrediting her with U.S. officials.  Only Steve Trevor believes in her and tracks the broadcast to its origin - Anti-Electric's farmhouse.

Arriving, Trevor is met with the same farm girls who lead him to Wonder Woman and promptly subdue him as well.    They take him to Anti-Electric who threatens experimentation on Trevor by using the electricity nullification device to stop conduction in his brain.  Wonder Woman is bound to the device and offered freedome if she would masquerade as Anti-Electric and run the scam in his name.  In a rage, Wonder Woman strains are her bonds and while the lasso is unbreakable, the machine was not and it was torn to pieces under her strain.  Loosening the lasso frees the Amazon, who promptly uses to capture Anti-Electric and reveal him as Keen, who had been driven by greed to control all transport and utilities in the nation if not the world.  He is carted off to prison and the farm girls sent to Transformation Island to reform (Comic Cavalcade #27). The transition from electrical to diesel in US rail system in the years that followed likely rendered his technology obsolete.

The final fate of Anti-Electric is unknown.

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Powers and Abilities

Anti-Electric was a talented business man and electric engineer.   He had risen to a level of considerable power in the railroad industry, a credit to his managerial, political and organizational acumen.  He was scientifically skilled enough to develop a device that could nullify electrical conduction over a distance of many miles. 

Weaknesses and Limitations

Anti-Electric was a middle-aged man of limited physical acumen and separated from his technology was an easy captive to Wonder Woman.

Multiversity Villains


No version of Anti-Electric has been verified to exist in any timeline but Earth-Two.





Reprinted in

Comic Cavalcade #27

1st appearance ,  vs. Wonder Woman

 Golden Age Wonder Woman Omnibus Vol. 4