WANTED: Earth-Two's Most Dangerous Super-Villains


Personal information

Name:Numerous (Hath-Set, Anton Hastor, possibly others over time)

Residence: Usually Mobile
Occupation: Varied
First Appearance (Golden Age): Flash Comics #1

Character History

The exact origins of Hawkman’s first nemesis on Earth-Two are not entirely known. The first records of his existence date to Ancient Egypt where, known as Hath-Set, he was a high priest of Anubis in conflict with a rebellious prince, Khufu and his lover Shiera. While  the origins of their conflict are unclear, it reached a point where Hath-Set had amassed great armys in the service of Anubis and sought to expand his power with knowledge possessed by Khufu.  Unwilling to aide the evil priest, Hath-Set attacked the sanctuary of Khufu, overwhelming and capturing  the two.  Using a ceremonial glass knife, he murdered the two but not before Khufu cursed him that he will kill him in again in a future life. (Flash Comics #1).

In the early 20th century, Hath-Set was indeed re-incarnated as Anton Hastor, a brilliant prodigy recognized for his talent in physics and electrical engineering.  In 1929, he was viewed as second only to Edison and invited to join an elite scientific Brain Trust that he ultimately scorned to pursue his own endeavaors (All-Star Squadron #12).   In 1940, Hastor had amassed sufficient resources to establish a small fortress outside of New York City  in which he built enormous electrical generators that he plugged into the city’s power grid and overpowered it.  As a result, electric trail rails burst into flame, incinerating the cars and the people inside.  Shiera Saunders witnessed this and fled a train depot, running in Carter Hall, the reincarnation of Khufu, who recognized her as reincarnated Shiera.  Hall donned a Hawk costume and took flight, tracking the dynamo’s to Hastor’s hideout, where he made short work of Hastor’s dynamos.

Having deduced that he himself was the reincarnated Hath-Set, he realize that Hawk must have been Khufu and using a call of ancient blood, summoned Shiera to sacrifice her as he had in ancient times.  When Hall returned home and found her missing, he swiftly restored to Hastor’s lair, rescuing Shiera and shooting, presumably killing, Hastor.  As the fortress was engulfed in flames, the newly christened Hawkman wondered to himself if he had seen the last of Hastor (Flash Comics #1).

Somewhat prophetically,  Hastor remerged in late 1941 when a giant alien in a Flying Eye threatened to subjugate that world.  As the All-Star Squadron engaged this new threat, Hawkgirl and the Atom were captured and learned the true identity of the alien: Anton Hastor.  Hastor explained that he had survived in the destruction of his refuge by dragging himself in water-filled tunnel beneath it, where flames could not follow.  From there he healed him wounded body and sought the Brain Trust, which had created the powerful Eye to convince the warring powers of the world to submit to common peaceful authority.  Tricking the well-meaning scientists, Hastor hijacked the Eye for his plans for world domination until the arrival of Hawkman who, along with Hawkgirl, engaged in battle with Hastor on a mystic plane that forced his ka deep with his consciousness, leaving him paralyzed.  (All-Star Squadron #10-12).

The ultimate fate of the Hath-Set and any subsequent incarnations on Earth-Two are unknown.

hath-set inks

Powers and Abilities

The precise range of Hastor's abilities are unclear.  He has enormous acumen in matters both scientific and arcane, a mixture of his life experiences and his practice of the dark arts of Anubis, Egyptian God of Death.  In the 1940's, he displayed particular scientific acumen in the study of electricity, and when he re-appeared later, he had mastered a variety of mental powers to include force projection.  He could also manipulate himself on an astral plane and directly battle or influence events from the realms.   Finally, while ultimately mortal, the core essence of Hastor could not precisely be destroyed by mortal means, as mortal death would simply re-incarnate him in an another form.

Weaknesses and Limitations

While possessed of considerable supernatural knowledge and to some extent, abilities, Hastor in any given form to date is mortal and can be injured and/or killed as such.

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Prior Earth-0

The history of Hath-Set in the timeline best known after the Crisis on Infinite Earths is thought to be largely similar to his Earth-Two timeline.  On this earth, his traditional adversaries Hawkman and Hawkgirl joined the JSA in Limbo to stave off Ragnarok.  He instead, now reincarnated as Helen Rock or Helen Astar, targeted first the Silver Scarab Hector Hall, who claimed was born with no soul (Infinity Inc. #30, 34, 42-44) and later versions of Hawkman that emerged after the Zero Hour Event (Hawkman Vol. 4 #12, Hawkgirl #63-66).  His last recorded outing in this timeline occurred in the aftermath where he used the remains of all of the Hawks previous bodies to create a portal, bringing them to Queen Shrike, his ancient bride and mother of Hawkgirl.  He is killed in the melee and the Queen eventually defeated by the arrival of Zamaron warriors (Brightest Day LS).

Current Earth-0

Hath-set is thought to have a similar history as other Earths.  He is known to have encountered Hawkman and Hawkgirl in the late 1940's when their reincarnation cycle had been broken and they were on their last lives.  He was apparently killed in the collapse of a train bridge but as always, Hath-Set invariably lives again somewhen. (Hawkman Vol. 5 #26-29).




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