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Dr. Iker

Personal information

Dr. Hans Iker

Residence: Mobile 
Occupation: Scientist, Former Professional Criminal 
First Appearance (Golden Age): Adventure Comics #64 (July1941) 
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): JSA #5 (October 1999)

Character History

   Dr. Hans Iker first came to public attention in the late 1930's as an eccentric member of the Newark, New Jersey Science Club. Known for his odd theories about extradimensional matter, Iker was ridiculed and cast out of the club, led by Dr. Simon Orr. In 1941, a robbery at a major bank in Paterson attracted the attention of both the police and the scientific community around New York City. In broad daylight, gray elfs robbed the bank, killed a guard and teller. When confronted with the authorities, the elves simply dissolved into gray mist and floated away. Unknown to authorities, the mists slipped into a pipe of a dark car, re-materializing on the inside. There they consulted with their secret master, who plotted their next move.

    At the next meeting of the Science Club, Orr was confronted about the existence of the disappearing elves but scoffed. A suggestion by Rex Tyler that the Club investigate w as met with derision. Bursting in on the meeting, Iker supported Tyler but was quickly rebuffed and escorted our. Reminded of his ire at his first expulsion, Iker and his creations laid a trap for Orr. Concerned about Orr's safety, Tyler changed to Hourman and pursued him. On a deserted road outside of town, Orr's car was waylaid by Iker's dwarves. The rhyming minions, now joined by a giant brother, defeated Hourman and fled with Orr. After a brief altercation with the confused authorities, Hourman tracked Iker back to his lair and destroyed his device. Iker's mind collapsed under the strain of seeing his "creations" defeated and he was easily apprehended. In the aftermath, Orr determined that the beings were generated from "5th dimensional matter" (Adventure Comics #64). Based on eventual discoveries about the 5th dimension, it now seems likely that Iker's servants were not his creations at all but mischevious residents of that realm.

        The activities of Dr. Iker of Earth-Two since the 1940's have yet to be recorded. Whether he survived or produced heirs to his criminal legacy is a subject of speculation.


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Powers and Abilities

Dr. Iker was a scientist of considerable skill with expertise in transdimensional sampling devices. He has evidenced ability to obtain and manipulate extradimensional matter. His first effort gave him limited control over what appear to be 5th dimensional imps. Over his lifetime, he has expanded his mastery of science to include a number of biophysical and bioengineering disciplines.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Dr. Iker is a normal human with no special powers and represents little physical threat.

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Prior Earth-0

 The early history of Dr. Iker in the post-Crisis Earth-0 time line is very similar to his known history on Earth-2.  He was likely placed in psychiatric care after his first or perhaps final encounter with Hourman. He has made reference to a case against Hourman in 1942 involving "cloned" dwarves, likely an attempt to re-create his previous efforts. The particulars of this case have yet to be revealed. At some point after this case, Iker was sentenced to twenty years in prison. During his time, he was contacted by Rex Tyler who offered to give him oppurtunities to advance his scientific career in legal ways at Tyler Chemcial. Upon his parole, he assumed a position at Tyler where he remains to this day. Although well over 80, Iker remains an active participant in the Biotechnology division of Tyler Chemical (JSA #5).




Reprinted in

Adventure Comics #64

First Appearance , vs. Hourman