This section provides information on the variation of character interpretations both pre-Crisis and in iterations since Crisis.  Focus is on characters defined by their given name (Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, etc.) rather than code name (Green Lantern, Flash).  Emphasis is on interpretations where the character had a major role versus a cameo or non-essential story role to minimize clutter. 

The Golden Age Hourman

New Earth/Earth-0 - The early history of the Hourman of Earth-0 is thought to be largely similar to his Earth-Two counterpart, minus incursions to Earth-10 in the 1940's and interactions with Earth-Two characters that no longer exist in this timeline. After the intitial Crisis on Earth-0, the JSA entered Limbo to stall the coming of Ragnarok and Hourman joined them (Last Days of the Justice Society #1).  Rick Tyler then continued the legacy of Hourman as a member of Infinity Inc.

When the JSA emerged three years later, Rick Tyler had given up the role of Hourman and contracted some form of blood cancer (presumably a form of leukemia), apparently due to the Miraclo (Justice Society of America #2). Hourman himself gave up Miraclo and attempted to find some solace in a drug addicts' therapy group (Justice Society of America #5). One of Tyler's former colleagues in the All-Star Squadron, the super-speedster Johnny Quick, had become involved in marketing the idea of "releasing the metahuman potential" in individuals with the affected genes. He convinced Hourman that his powers came from a metagene, and that the metagene could be activated without Miraclo by reciting the phrase "Man of the Hour." Hourman found then that he maintained all the strength, speed and endurance of before without the drug (Justice Society of America #8). He then returned to semi-activity, including a stint with the Justice League Task Force (Justice League Task Force #10-12).

    During another spatial temporal crisis known as Zero Hour, Hourman joined the JSA in its initial strike against Extant. During the battle, he and Doctor Mid-Nite engaged Extant in hand-to-hand combat and were aged swiftly and dramatically, more than their JSA comrades and far past what would have been their correct chronological ages. (Hourman, like most of the JSA members, had not aged normally; a combination of chronal energy absorbed during the battle with Ian Karkull, and the time the JSA spent in Limbo, had left him much younger than he ordinarily would have been.) Hourman died almost immediately from the strain (Zero Hour #3). He was laid to rest along with the other slain members of the Justice Society in a brief memorial service (Showcase '95 #1).

  Shortly thereafter, an  android Hourman arrived from the 853rd century and established a career with the Justice League and later a reformed Justice Society.  Ultimately, the android sacrificed himself by replacing Rex Tyler at the battle with Extant, disguising himself with a hologram to save both of his predecessor Hourmen. (Hourman Vol. 1 #25). Cured of his illness, Rick Tyler returned to action as Hourman in the current Justice Society of America. Rex Tyler lives in semi-retirement with his wife Wendy but will come to action if needed.

Hourman 5


Earth-21 - The early history of Hourman of Earth-21 is similar to that of New Earth/Earth-2 version up until the HUAC hearings of 1951. While most of the JSA accepted the committee's admonishments and disappeared, Hourman remained active, attracting the ire of the police. Encountering the police on patrol, Hourman was tracked to the roof of a nearby building and in the ensuing struggle, fell to his death with four of his police assailants. It was later revealed that Hourman had survived his fall and was being held in a metahuman facility for study by the US Government (DC: The New Frontier LS)

Earth-22 - The history of Rex Tyler of Earth-22 is thought to be largely similar to his counterparts on Earth-0 and Earth-2. In the early part of the 21st century, a new Hourman of unknown origin was a member of Superman's final incarnation of the Justice League and had powers parallel to those caused by Miraclo but had no dependence on the drug for the effects. He was observed at the final battle with the second generation metahumans in Kansas but his survival (or not) has not been recorded. Given that the survivors were the minority, it is unlikely he survived.

Earth-40 - The Rex Tyler of Earth-40 discovered Miraclo in the early 1940's, much like his counterparts but on Earth-40, all costumed activists worked as operatives of the federal government that new their names and identities and provided orders and missions. Tyler adopted the nom du guerre of "The Clock" and was a core member of every recorded mission of the Earth-40 analog of the Justice Society (JSA: The Liberty File). The last recorded mission of that group, and The Clock's involvement therein, was the defeat of the Kryptonian warlord Zod, masquerading as operative Clark Kent (JSA: The Unholy Three LS)

Hourman 6