This section provides information on the variation of character interpretations both pre-Crisis and in iterations since Crisis.  Focus is on characters defined by their given name (Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, etc.) rather than code name (Green Lantern, Flash).  Emphasis is on interpretations where the character had a major role versus a cameo or non-essential story role to minimize clutter. 

The Golden Age Wonder Woman


The Wonder Woman of Earth-One is Princess Diana is from Paradise Island, one of two clay children formed by Hippolyta - Diana and Nubia (Wonder Woman  Vol.1  #98, #105, #204).  She rescues Steve Trevor and earns the right to go to the outside world in a fashion largely similar to her Earth-Two counterpart and is a founding member of the Justice League (Brave and the Bold #28).  Her career bore many similarities to her Earth-Two counterpart including a relationship with Steve Trevor and adversaries such as the Cheetah, Dr. Pyscho and Giganta.  Differences include a less military associated career and two years as an ordinary mortal under the tutelage of I, Ching (Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #178-203). In the 1980’s, she abandoned the eagle motif on her breastplate to be replaced with a more feminist “WW” motif.(Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #288).  As Crisis loomed, she married Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #329) but is defeated and reduced to clay (presumably deceased) by the Anti-Monitor(Crisis on Infinite Earth LS).

Prior Earth-0

Wonder Woman of the Post-Crisis timeline is Princess Diana from a revision of Paradise Island known as Themiscrya (Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #1).  While she returns to Man's World with Steve Trevor, he is a much older man and there is no romantic interest.  She serves as ambassador from Themyscira and eventually joins the Justice League, though she is not a founder.  Like her counterparts, she has antagonists in the form of Cheetah and Dr. Psycho, tho the details are somewhat different.  Like her Earth-Two counterpart, she has a particularly antagonistic relationship with Ares, God of War. Key events in her life are her temporary replacement by the Amazon Artemis (Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #91-92) and the death of her mother at the hands of the forces of Imperiex (Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #172). One of most seminal events was when Maxwell Lord used his mental powers to assumed control of Superman and when under the Lasso of Truth explained that the only way to stop him was to kill him, Wonder Woman broke his neck (Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #219), tarnishing her reputation worldwide.  While she was separated from the community for some time, she returned to prominence by the time of Infinite Crisis and in the Blackest Night event, briefly joined the Star Sapphire.  Her fate in this timeline is unknown.

Wonder Woman MV1

Princes Diana is a willful child of Hippolyta on Paradise Island who absconds with Steve Trevor on a unauthorized excursion to Man's World before returning to face the judgment of her sisters as assume the role of Wonder Woman.   Her presence in Man’s World inspired dread and resentment in the world’s military community, a culture exacerbated by the involvement of Ares and his agents.  When her mother is murdered by Paula Von Gunter, she becomes queen of the Amazon and ultimately repels an invasion of Paradise Island by soldiers under the direction of Maxwell Lord (Wonder Woman: Earth- One #1-3).


The Wonder Woman of Earth-2 is  Diana of Amazon Island and daughter of Hippolya.  Her home is destroyed by soldiers of Darkseid and she ultimately joins the Wonders of the World in a final stand against them, dying to create a distraction for Batman’s ultimate weapon (Earth-2 #1).

The evil Wonder Woman of Earth-3 is alternatively a renegade amazon or empowered version of Lois Lane. She assumes the criminal role of Super-Woman, a founding member of the Crime Syndicate. In some forms, she has a dysfunctional relationship with Owlman and carries the nihlist’s child (Forever Evil LS).
Wonder Woman MV3

On the gender-reversed world of Earth-11, the role of Wonder Woman is occupied by Wonder Man, Prince Dane of the men's paradise of Elysium.  After killing Maxine Lord on Earth-11, he was expelled from the Justice Guild. Claiming discrimination against men, he and his Amazonian men attacked the United States until the were defeated by the Justice Guild (The Search for Ray Palmer: Superman/Batman #1).  In penance, he was held in the Guild holding cells until released by the Roman God Janus.  Unrepentant, he is drawn again into conflict with Justice Guild and the Wonder Woman of Earth-0.  The outcome of that conflicts is unknown (Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #


Diana of Themyscira of Earth-12 has a history largely similar to that of Earth-0.  In this time, the Justice League encounters their counterparts on Earth-50, a Justice League that became autocrats when they felt they were losing an incremental war on evil.  In the early 21st century, a second visit to Earth-50 revealed a war between Lord Superman and Lady Wonder Woman and human forces led by Lord Batman.  She fell in love with  this Earth’s Batman, remaining behind to help his cause.  When he is killed by Lady Wonder Woman, the Earth-12 Diana kills her in revenge and ultimately married Lord Superman to produce an unsteady peace.  When the Brainiac of Earth-50 makes contact with the Brainiac of Earth-12, Diana returns to homeworld followed by the Justice Lords who are finally defeated.  While she longed to return to Earth-50 to rebuild, the natives of that world bid her stay on Earth-12 that they may move on to a new chapter (Justice League Beyond #17-18).

Wonder Woman MV2

Diana of Earth-19 is the last surviving Amazon of Amazonia, captured when British Royal Marine Steve Trevor discovered them Amazons and killed all of them, bringing Diana back as a spouse and captive.  She eventually rebels and helps defeat Trevor and the wicked regime of King Jack, secretly Jack the Ripper that has killed the entire Royal Family.  She married Prince Charles, Jack’s brother, and becomes Queen of England.  (Wonder Woman: Amazonia).


The Wonder Woman of Earth-21 had by all accounts an essentially identical early history to her Earth-Two counterpart. After the dissolution of the JSA, she acts a a free agent, largely in the US interests but sometimes of her interpretation (such as liberating Vietnamese women).  Her final fate on this Earth is unknown. (DC: The New Frontier LS).