This section provides information on the variation of character interpretations both pre-Crisis and in iterations since Crisis.  Focus is on characters defined by their given name (Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, etc.) rather than code name (Green Lantern, Flash).  Emphasis is on interpretations where the character had a major role versus a cameo or non-essential story role to minimize clutter. 

The Justice Society of America

Prior Earth-0

The Justice Society of America in the Post-Crisis timeline shared many similarities with its Earth-Two counterpart but is heavily influenced by the subtraction of Superman and Batman from its history.  In a new twist to their origin, the JSA failed to prevent the German Valkyries from murdering Franklin Roosevelt.  The Spectre intervened directly with God, who eventually relented and returned Roosevelt to the living but the cost was his eventual death before victory could be obtained in World War II (Secret Origins Vol. 2 #31).  Additional casework, such as a battle with Vandal Savage ~1950 (Justice Society of America Vol. 1) and the Stalker (The Justice Society Returns LS) may or may not be replicated on Earth-Two.

How the removal of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman from JSA history has impacted the course of events are not entirely clear.  The “energy” of these characters was “balanced” by  the emergence of other characters such as Iron Munro (Superman), Flying Fox (Batman) and Fury (Wonder Woman) that were never actually members of the JSA so far as is known (Young All-Stars #1).   Some cases appear to have switched Wonder Woman for Miss America (Joan Dale) when she became JSA secretary in 1942 (Young All-Stars Annual #1).  In other stories, perhaps later in the War, Queen Hippolyta traveled back in time and joined the JSA as Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #128).  She continued this role for decades, replacing Wonder Woman in JSA/JLA team-ups.  How the removal of Batman and Superman impacted important cases like Calvin Stymes and the Stream of Ruthlessness (All-Star Comics #36) has not been revealed.

After the Crisis on Infinite Earth’s in this timeline, the JSA entered limbo to forestall Ragnarok (Last Days of the Justice Society Special #1) and remained there for several years in an eternal battle with Surtur.  While they were gone, Star-Spangled Kid was killed in battle with the new Harlequin. During the battle with the extradimension conqueror Abraxis, the JSA was liberated and replaced in Limbo, returning home (Armageddon: Inferno #4).  From there they returned to some degree of activity (Justice Society of America #1-10) but when drawn into battle with Extant, were soundly defeated.  Hourman, Atom and Dr. Mid-Nite were killed, Dr. Fate and Hawkman dispersed and most of the rest aged into infirmity.  Over the next several years Starman was killed stopping the Mist and Sandman was killed escaping Mordru.   The Flash, Wildcat and Green Lantern were all the remained of the original JSA.

As  the 21st century dawned, a new JSA formed to battle the sorcerer Mordru (JSA #1).  These included the surviving members (Flash, Wildcat and Green Lantern) as well as inheritors such as the new Starman (Jack Knight), Power Girl, Atom Smasher, Sandy Hawkins and a new Hawkgirl.  This new JSA remained active for at least ten more years with many new legacy members joining, when the Flashpoint event closed off this timeline from view.  What the final fate of this version of the JSA is unknown.

Earth ) JSA

On the world designated Earth-2, many of the individual associated with JSA are referred to as the Wonders of the World (Earth 2 #1).  On this world leading members Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were killed to defeat the forces of Darkseid.  Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and others emerged in the aftermath of this battle, assuming the familiar identities of the Flash , Green Lantern, etc.  In the years that followed, Earth-2 was destroyed and a new planet colonized as home (Earth-2: Society #1).  A semblance of normalcy had returned by the late 2010’s and no further adventures have been recorded.


The Justice Society of Earth-21 is thought to largely mimic the history of Earth-Two at least up until 1951, when they were asked to step aside by the HUAC.  Their later activities and whether they ever returned to duty is unknown (DC: New Frontier LS)


The history of the Justice Society of Earth-22 is thought to be largely similar to the Earth-0 timeline, up until 1951 when they were disbanded by the HUAC.  Major variations are that Joan Dale remained active as Miss America and there was no Wonder Woman in this timeline.  A major battle with the Ultra-Humanite, in the body of the Americommando (Tex Thompson) occurred in 1950, resulting in the death of several members of the All-Star Squadron (the Golden Age LS) .  Per the Superman of Earth-22, the JSA never reformed on this world, though some members, like Green Lantern, remained active. Others, like the Sandman and Dr. Mid-Nite, are confirmed deceased (Kingdom Come LS).  The full history of JSA members in this timeline is unknown.


On Earth-38, the Justice Society history is thought to largely resemble Earth-Two at the outset.  Over time, history drifted as Green Arrow is known to be a member and Dick Grayson assumed the role of Batman, not an elder Robin and was eventually killed in that role.  The full history of the Earth-38 JSA is unknown.

Earth 22

On Earth 40, members of the Justice Society are government agents, the full nature of the agency being unknown.  Core members include Bruce Wayne (The Bat), Rex Tyler (The Clock), Ted Grant (The Cat) and Charles McNider (The Owl).  The Cat is killed in an early case with another agent, the Whistling Skull (Liberty Files, The Whistling Skull #1) in 1940.  The three remaining members get involved with a case of a Nazi superman, which turns out to be a Martian alien. During this case The Owl is killed by a Nazi Cleaner known as the Scarecrow and Terry Sloane becomes Mr. Terrific when the Scarecrow kills his fiancée.   When confronted, telepathic context with The Bat reveals that the Martian has been deceived by Nazi agents and essentially ends the war overnight (JSA: The Liberty Files LS).  After the war, super-agent Clark Kent joined the team among others and were pursuing ostensibly Russian super agents.  In the process agents Pemberton, Shiera Sanders, Sandy Hawkins and Johnny Thunder are killed by an unknown adversary. In reality, they learn the Clark Kent is a Kryptonian named Zod who kills The Lantern (Alan Scott) draws the heroes to Chernobyl to a battle resulting in the deaths of more agents, The Hawk and the Atom.   Zod is eventually defeated and blasted into space. The survivors plot more adventures but these remain unrevealed (JSA: The Unholy Three).  Given that 21st century Earth-40 is ruled by Vandal Savage and a cadre of super-villains, it is unlikely a form of the JSA remains active on  this world (Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes).

Earth 40