This section provides information on the variation of character interpretations both pre-Crisis and in iterations since Crisis.  Focus is on characters defined by their given name (Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, etc.) rather than code name (Green Lantern, Flash).  Emphasis is on interpretations where the character had a major role versus a cameo or non-essential story role to minimize clutter. 

The Huntress

Prior Earth-0

In  the merged world designated Earth-0 after crisis, Helena Wayne no longer existed.  A different individual - Helena Bertinelli - assumed that role and had an essentially identical mode of operation.  No relationship between this character and the Earth-Two Huntress exists.


In the Earth-2 timeline, Helena Wayne is also the daughter of Bruce (Batman) Wayne and Selina (Catwoman) Kyle.  When Earth-2 was invaded by Apokolips, she adopted the code-name Robin to join the struggle alongside her father.  When Batman and Catwoman were both killed in battle, she joined the also-deceased Superman's cousin Kara (Supergirl) in pursuing Apokoliptian forces through a boom-rube and inadvertantly ended up on Earth-0, unable to return (Earth 2 #1).  The two heroines adopted new identities - Helena as the Huntress - and fought crime while trying to find away home.   Eventually successful, the Huntress returns to Earth-2 to find her grandfather carrying on the Batman legacy.  Initially angry, the eventually reconcile and when Thomas Wayne is killed during  the Convergence Event, Helena assumes the lead with Dick Grayson's son as the new Robin. She uses to use the name Batman, on the concept that Batman is a legend and the individual behind the name, regardless of gender, is less important that carrying forward that name (Worlds' Finest Vol. 1, Huntress Vol. 2, and Earth-2 Society Vol. 1).

Huntess MV1

The Huntress of this world is also named Helena and is a member of the society which has many parallels with Earth-Two.  Whether she is the daughter of the Batman of this world is unclear.

Huntess MV2