This section provides information on the variation of character interpretations both pre-Crisis and in iterations since Crisis.  Focus is on characters defined by their given name (Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, etc.) rather than code name (Green Lantern, Flash).  Emphasis is on interpretations where the character had a major role versus a cameo or non-essential story role to minimize clutter. 

Power Girl


The Kara Zor-El of Earth-One arrived on Earth in a similar manner as Kara Zor-L of Earth-Two and was adopted by her cousin, Superman (Action Comics #252).  Her training period was briefer than her Earth-Two counterpart, driven perhaps by his own early emergence into the life of a costumed adventurer as Superboy.  Adopting  the code name Supergirl, she also developed a secret identity as the adopted girl Linda Danvers in Midvale.   As she grew up, she left Midvale and entered Stanhope University and ultimately pursued a career in various media efforts such as a photographer or soap opera star.  Sher kind nature attracted a series of super-powered animals a pets, including Streaky, the Super-Cat (Action #261) and Comet the Super-Horse (Adventure Comics #293).  She became a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes with whom she was periodically active and had a romance with Brainiac 5 (Superboy #204).

As she reached her full maturity, Kara was a major figure in Earth-One’s superhero community.  When the Crisis on Infinite Earths swept across Earth-One, Supergirl was one of the first to directly engaged the anti-Monitor in direct combat.  While the Anti-Monitor initially got the upper hand of Superman, Supergirl rushed to her cousin’s defense, destroying much of the villain’s equipment but ultimately losing her own life in the process (Crisis on Infinite Earths #7).

Prior Earth-0

In the timeline most known Post-Crisis, Kara Zor-L or Kara Zor-El were thought never to exist.  As a result, Power Girl thought herself the descent of an Atlantean wizard named Arion (Secret Origins #11).  Overtime, inconsistencies developed in her memories, ultimately aggravated by the Psycho-Pirate, who claimed his known of the multiverse had identified her as an anomaly like himself (JSA Classified #1-4).  When Alexander Luthor reconnected a purported Earth-Two Superman with his cousin, her memories of Earth-Two were supposedly restored and she resumed her consciousness as the original Power Girl (Infinite Crisis LS)..  A cross over to Earth-2, an essentially identical world as the original, had another Power Girl with the exact same memories as the Earth-0/Two version indicating that if she and Superman were in fact survivors of the “real” Earth-Two, that it had been re-constituted without them. Her current fate in this timeline is unknown.

Power Girl MV1

The Power Girl of Earth-2 was also the cousin of Superman, originally from Krypton-2.  When their birthworld was destroyed, she was jettisoned to Earth and adopted by Superman and his wife Lois to raise as a daughter.  She eventually adopted the named code-name Supergirl and served a secret weapon for Superman.  As Darkseid gained the upper-hand on Earth-2, Superman was killed and in pursuing a boom tube, Supergirl was transported along with Batgirl to Earth-0 (Earth-2 #1).  Stuck in the new timeline, she adopted the name Power Girl (Worlds Finest #1).  She eventually made her way home and after helping fellow Kryptonian defeat the Apokolyptian abuse of her cousin’s clone Brutaal, assumed her place as the inheritor of the house of El (Earth-2 World’s End #16)


The Power Woman, an older version of Kara Zor-L is present on this Earth but her true nature is not clear.  It seems unlikely she is a multiversal transplant, unless it happens in the future of one of the known timelines.  She is a member of this earth’s Justice League and is thought to have survived the cataclysmic battle at the Kansas Gulag and remains an active member of this world’s super-hero community (Kingdom Come LS).

Power Girl MV2